I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 5

hi guys. so sorry for late update..
raman: we r going shopping today..
Khushi: u and ishu. Go first . I will join u after checking nani.
Raman: ok done.
Khushi leaves in her car meanwhile raman pick up ishu and they both go to the mall.
Khushi enters raizada’s mansion and dadi was sitiing in the sofa with her legs kept on a chair.
Khushi: how r u dadiji?
Dadi: pain is reduced.
Khushi: ok. I will change the plaster.
She removes the plaster and arnav came down from the stairs.
Arnav: hi khushi.
Khushi: hi..
That time door bell rings.
Raj holds garima and Was standing at the door.
Anjali opens it.
Anjali: dadi.
Dadi sees them.
Dadi: why did u come here get out of this house.
Garima: ma. please forgive me.
Dadi: I will never ever forgive u . how can u do this to ur own child. Khushi meanwhile was doing her duty with teary eyed.
Raj: ma. please.
Dadi: don’t u dare talk. U r not allowed get out.
Arnav meanwhile was watching them meanwhile his phone beeps.
He got a message from the detective with khushi’s photo.
khushi kumara gupta.
Working as ortho and gynecologist at xyz.
Arnav gets teary eyed.
He sees khushi there silently doing her job.
Arnav: bua . please go out na. she is not well at all. She got fractured.
Garima: what I didn’t notice at all. Ma. how r u?
Dadi: get out of my house I say.
Garima and raj cries and leaves. Garima and raj didn’t see khushi. as they could see only their backside.

Khushi finishes changing the plaster
Khushi: I will clean my hands and come. where is the washroom.
Khushi was directed to a room.
Khushi leaves.
Meanwhile arnav silently.
Arnav: dadi I found khushi.
Dadi: really? Where is she? How is she?
Arnav: she is in this house only.
Dadi: where.
Arnav: ur doctor. That is our khushi.
Dadi gets teary eyed..
Dadi: she is our khushi?
Arnav: yes dadi.
Arnav smiles. Meanwhile khushi comes to the hall.
Khushi: dadiji. If u have pain have this medicines .
Dadi: ok doctor.
Khushi: call me khushi. I will come and change within next 3 days. I have to leave . bye.
Arnav: dadi.
Dadi: no need to ask permission.
Arnav leaves.

He was following khushi’s car and she went to the mall.
She goes and finds that both raman and ishita was siting in the coffee shop and was having a eyelock by holding their hand.
Khushi goes to their table.
Khushi makes a sound and they both come out of it.
Raman: khushi…
Khushi: hi ishu . hi raman.
Ishu: hi khushi.
Ishu: can we go to do shopping.
Raman: yes come.
The trio goes to do shopping for their marriage.
Ishu and khushi was both more involved for selection dresses for ishu.
Khushi: for u red will be awesome ishu.
Ishu: really.
Khushi: u will look like an angel.
Ishu: ok. this dress is nice na.
Khushi:yes. take this as marriage dress.
Ishu: ok done. Ur selection is awesome.
Khushi: thank u. u selected all haldi dress everything na ?
Ishu: yes . already came with my mom and purchased that only marriage was pending and u selected it. now time for ur selection.
Khushi: ok.
Raman was watching them it was 1 hr since they entered the shop.
Ishu selects all khushi’s dress.
Khushi: thank u ishu.
Ishu: why?
Khushi: I have never felt anyone care on me this much. after raman and mom.
Ishita hugs her.
Ishu: don’t be stupid. I am ur bhabi and I have full right on u.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi selects for Yadav , aisha and meera.
Khushi: ok shopping over can we go to ma’s house.
Raman: yes. ishu. U didn’t meet Yadav and aisha na. u will love them a lot.
Ishu: yes. I want to meet them.
They trio later leaves to meera’s house.
The trio rings the bell .
Meera opens it.
Meera: wait one second. I will bring aarti.
Ishu smiles . she welcomes ishu with a aarti.
Meera hugs ishu.
Meera: now only u got time to come here.
Ishu: no ma. raman didn’t bring me.
raman: ishu.
Meera: aisha, Yadav come here.
They both come to the hall.
Aisha: bhai.. she hugs raman.
Yadav: dhi. He hugs khushi.
Ishita smiles.
Aisha: see raman bhai is loving me only.
Yadav: no see khushi dhi loves me. not u.
They both started fighting.
Khushi: stop stop. I want to introduce a person to u both.
Aisha: whom dhi?
Khushi: she is the person who raman is going to marry.
Aisha: wow. Hi bhabi.
Aisha hugs ishita.
Yadav to hugs ishita.
Ishita smiles seeing them.
Yadav: say me whose team r u?
Ishita: what team.
Aisha: me and raman bhai one team. Khushi dhi and Yadav one team.
Ishita: then ma?
Aisha: my team.
Ishu: then I am Yadav team.
Yadav smiles.
Yadav: wow she is my team. He makes faces.
Aisha: u…
She starts chasing him.
Ishita laughs at them.
Meera: they r always like this. come sit.
Ishita smiles.
Aisha and Yadav stops fighting.
Yadav: can we all play.
Khushi: wow yes. we will play.
Aisha: hide and seek.
Ishita: I am ready
Raman: type 1 or type 2.
Yadav: type 2. Covering our eyes with a cloth.
Khushi: ok done.
They all go out and play.
Arnav was watching this hidden.
He was very happy. His happiness was no bounds.
He later leaves.
After having dinner.
Khushi was with the kids.
Raman and ishita sits at the ouside the house where there is a small garden.
Ishita: raman I love ur world a lot. It is a small and a cute world.
Raman: u r also now a parto of this cute family and don’t take any formalities.
Ishita: u know I don’t know how my time passes spending with u all. I love u all a lot.
Raman: even I love u a lot ishu.
Ishita: omg. Pinch me. am I dreaming?
Raman pinches ishita.
Ishita: I am hearing this for the first time from ur mouth.
Raman smiles.
Ishita: I am worried for khushi raman.
Raman: even I am worried. I know how she might be feeling seeing her parents.
Ishita:will any parents be like them?
Raman: yes. they r the examples.
Ishita: I wish khushi should never go to them eventhough they realise.
Raman: yeah. Even I wont let her go to them.
Yadav and aisha then go to do home work meanwhile khushi joined raman and ishu.
Khushi: raman today I went to raizada na. I saw raja nd garima coming there.
Raman: then?
Khushi: dadi didn’t allow her inside. She restriced her and his husband and my brother rahul not to come there. She didn’t allow her to come inside.
Raman: u were happy na.
Khushi: I was happy as atleast dadi likes me and loves me in that family.
ishita: ok leave all that. come we will go home.
Khushi and raman drops ishu and goes to their home.
Raman sleeps peacefully but khushi is out of sleep.
She keeps on turning this side and that side.
Khushi: what is happening to me? why I am thinking about them again and again.
She didn’t get sleep whole night.

At morning.
Khushi wakes first and prepares coffee and wakes raman.
Khushi: I have a work and I am putting leave today also to hospital. I have works.
Raman:what is it.
Khushi: for ur wedding preparation only. So bye.
raman: ok, i am going out with ishu..

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