I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 4

hi guys.

khushi maintains her smile and doesn’t show any thing in her face.
Khushi: then.
Raj: she couldn’t bear the pain so we came here.
Khushi: ok. I think we should take a scan and see. She presses a bell.
Khushi: ramu ji take her to x ray and send me the reports immediately.
Garima: u r he girl na u were working at the 5 star hotel.
Khushi: yes ji.
Raj: u have this much top position.
Khushi:if u have a goal u can achieve anything. now god only knows who is coming to whom for help. Tauntingly.
Garima leaves to the x ray room.
Khushi: u can wait here or outside mr…
Raj: raj.
Khushi: mr raj.

Garima was taken to for x ray scan.
Raj was siting infront of her.
Suddenly the door opens.
Raman enters.
Khushi: hey…
Raman: what hey? Wont u be in home at all? Always in hospital.
Khushi: leave all that. did u buy what I asked for?
Raman: oh I forget.
Khushi: don’t u dare enter the house …
Raman: i didn’t do it wantedly.
Khushi: don’t speak.
Raman: I know my sweety will get angry with me so only I brought it.
Khushi: really.
Raman: yes.

Raman takes a gift pack from his coat.
Khushi opens it and finds chocolates.
Khushi: u r the best. I love u so much. thank u thank u. she starts eating as if she never have eaten that.
Raman: hello patient is there and u r eating like this.
Khushi gets into her senses. She gets eary eyed.
Khushi: is it ur manners to come to just inside my room?
Raman: I am ur brother and I have full rights..
Khushi: ok my dear brother. U go home and take rest. Will meet u tomorrow morning.
Raman: night duty?
Khushi smiles.
Raman: then u wont wake at afternoon also.
Khushi smiles.
Raman: eat ur dinner?
Khushi : no.
Raman: when r u planning to have at midnight 12 only na.
Khushi: no after attending this patient. U go home . bye.
Raman: bye.
Raman leaves.

Raman phones khushi ..
Raman: the person who was the patient ? do u know him. why u got teary eyes?
Khushi: nothing like that.
Raman: is he the hated man. The man who and his wife left u? say yes or no.
Khushi: yes.
Raman: I will see them.
Khushi: don’t do anything. will see later about it.
Raman: for u only.
Khushi: ok . I am busy with patients will talk about it laer. Bye.
Khushi cuts the call.
Raj was still looking at khushi.
That time garima enters.
Khushi sees the scan reports.
Khushi: nothing seriouse. Wear the stomach belt and take the pain killers I prescribe.
Garima nodded.
Later garima and raj left.

Raman meanwhile was very angry. That time ishita phoned him.
Ishita: where r u raman?
Raman: going to home.
Ishia: can u come na . I want to see u?
Raman: no ishu. I am very tired. I will see u tomorrow.
Ishita: ok bye.
Raman: will surprise u see ishu.
Raman keeps his luggage in his house and takes his car and goes to ishu’s house.
Raman: omg . I ave to climb through pipes haan.
Raman climb the pipes and gets into ishu’s room balcony. The door of the balcony was open only.

He entered the room and saw ishu sicerly reading the book without noticing any thing around.
Raman: ishu..
Ishu: maa one second. Intrestign part.
Raman: ok.
Ishu finishes it and looks and gets shocked to see raman.
Ishita blinks again checks if it is a dream or real.
Ishu: raman u here?
Raman: why. I should not come to my wife’s house.
Ishita: no u can. But u really shocked me.
Raman smiles.
Ishita: how was ur trip?
Raman: very cool.
Ishita: hmm. Raman u came for me only na.
Raman: no yaar. to see ur mother I came.
Ishita laughs.
Ishita: ok ok. then.
Raman: nothing. Just thought to meet u as u asked me na.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: u r impressing me a lot mr bhalla.
Raman: oh thank u. ok I will leave bye.
Ishita: how will u go.
Raman: through catching the pipes only.
Ishita: ok bye.
Raman: bye.
Raman leaves.

At the other side in a mansion called happy home. It was an beautiful apartment with a god interiors.. there is a clinic inside the home itself..
There a man on 28 calling a girl..
Sanskar: swara. Swara.
A girl came there as the boy called her..
Swara: what happened sanky.
Sanskar: we found her swara.
Swara: really.
Sanskar: yees. It is none other than ur gynecologist . khushi.
Swara: omg. She is… she is very cute yaar.
Sanskar: yes. I didn’t realise her.
Sanskar hugs swara.
Sanskar: I am very happy today..
Swara: my baby we found ur bua.
Sanskar: haan baby. I found my sister. I promise u when u come to this world u will get every happiness and a complete family.

Swara smiles.
Sanksar: swara.
Swara: hmm.
Sanksar: she will forgive us na?
Swara: it will take time until that we will be silent.
Sanskar: hmm..
Then next day.
Khushi comes at moring 6 am and starts to sleep.
Raman wokes a 10 and sees khushi sleeping in her room.

The time strike 2 pm.
Khushi didn’t wake up.
Her phone kept on ringing.
Raman took the phone. He see arnav as the name
Raman: hello.
Arnav: can I speak to khushi?
Raman: no she is sleeping.
Arnav: oh… I just wanted to ask her that when she will come to check my nani In home.
Raman: she will be there by 4.30 ok. what is ur name ?
Arnav: arnav and urs ?
Raman: raman bhalla. Khushi’s brother.
Arnav: ok fine bye.

Arnav cuts the call.
Raman: khushi wake up. it is 2 pm.
Khushi: raman let me sleep Na.
Raman: get up or I will pour water on ur face.
Khushi: pour it.
Raman: hey arnav called.
Khushi wakes up with a sudden action.
Raman laughs.
Khuahi: why r u behaving like this when I tell u arnav’s name.
Khushi: raman.
Raman: ok madam. He asked u when u will come to check dadi and I told u will be there at 4.30.
Khushi: good. I am hungry.
Raman: go and cook. I am also waiting for u .
Khushi: raman. too bad.
Raman: I made lunch. Come we both will eat together.
Khushi: ok fine.
they both have lunch together..

precap:arnav gets to know about khushi..

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    so raman knows now who raj garima r.raman joking that he came 2 c ishita’s mom.ha ha.swara preg n khushi is her gynecologyst.wow.how did sanskar find that its his sis khushi?swasan scene was nice

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