I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) promo 1

Hi guys .
thank u everyone for ur comments
this story base is arshi. i didnt add their scenes more as their bond will be developed as story develops..
so now here with a small promo. for the upcoming twists.

At a place far away from the city.
It was full of snow and the place is called leh.
The place always stay cool and it was well known for it nature.
(guys I don’t know anything about this place. But I love its name and I have never every went there. So if I say anything wrong about the place don’t take me wrong).
In a small independent house.

There we can see a girl writing a diary.
This is our 3 rd anniversary arnav. happy anniversary arnav. I love u a lot from heart. that girl is none other than khushi. but god has some plans arnav. we r not destinated to be together for the rest of life. I miss u arnav. I wish u live a happy life with ur new wife. I don’t know her name also. u should always be happy that is my one and only wish. I don’t want anything . don’t hate me so much arnav.

Meanwhile at the other side in delhi.

A man was sitting in the sofa and was watching the video of a marriage in the tv. It was none other than our arnav. arnav in anger breaks the tv.
Arnav: u broke ur promise khushi. u broke it. u went far away from me to such that place that u never come back. Why khushi. cant u see me. before dying one second did u think of me what I will do. u left me. its been 4 months khushi. today it is our wedding anniversary. Why r u not with me. why khushi? seeing me like this u r happy na. I will never ever move on in my life khushi. u should feel each and every second why u left me. I hate u now khushi. I hate u to the core.

So guys that’s it. it will be confusing only but once the story proceeds u will understand it.

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  1. Nice promo

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u sowmy

  2. And very sad separate of arshi

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u lsuri but they wont separate now

  3. Two arnav’s and two khushi’s …….???

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