I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 8 and 9

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Khushi was waiting for arnavwhere arrives.
He was shocked to see khushi..
Arnav: come in..
Khushi smiles and gets in..
Arnav: u r looking really awesome.
Khushi: thank u..
Arnav:can we leave.
Khushi: yes sure.
They both leave and reaches the venue..
Arnav and khushi both goes to the place.
All of them were sitting. Meanwhile adarsh comes with swadeenta..
Khushi: swaadhu..
She goes and hugs her.

Swadeenta: hi mississipi.
Khushi: hi mrs foodie.
Swadeentha: u never fail to call me by that name.
Khushi: if u call me that definitely I will also call u that..
Raman and ishita was there near khushi only.
Ishita: hi I am ishita..
Swadeenta: hi. Very glad to meet u.
Raman: bhabi agaya so u forgot bhaiya haan?
Swadeenta: not like that . u r my first preference. She hugs raman.
Raman: how is ur architecture job going?
Swadeenta: very awesome.
Khushi: can we settle down.
Swadeentha smiles.
All of them gets seated.
It was like swadarsh,ishra and arshi..
Meanwhile raj and garima sits near arshi..
Khushi doesn’t like to sit there but she adjusts. She sits messaging in phone.
Garima: arnav beta how u r ?
Arnav: fine bua. How r u both?
Raj: we r good. This is khushi right.
Arnav: yeah right. khushi.
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: this is raj and garima.
Khushi: yes I met them in hospital a few days ago.nice to meet u. she smiles and again continues her mobile work..

That time the award function starts and many awards were given and now the award for the best business man..
The nominies are mr arnav singh raizada, mr raj gupta,mr raman kumar bhalla, mr sahil sherma..
Lady: so the winner is mr raman kumar bhalla for the bhalla industries.
Raman got very excited. He hugs ishita in happiness.
He goes to the stage.
Khushi congragulates him by showing her hands.
Arnav: wow ur brother won , u r happy right.
Khushi: very happy.

Raman goes towards the stage and receives the award.
Raman: thank u so much for this award.. this is my first award for my success. This is very encouragive to me. ths gives me an force to me to achieve more. I would like to share this award with a person on this stage. That is my sister. khushi .
Khushi gets shocked ..
Raman: khushi come to the stage.
Ishita signs her to go.
Khushi gets up and goes.
She gets the award.
Raman: this award truly should rely on her as she is the one who is responsible to my growth. Thank u khushi so much for being there with me in my ups and downs.
Khushi smiles and hugs raman..
Lady: miss khushi convey something.
Khushi: I am feeling very happy that I am there with his success . I know his struggles he have faced and he has also been with me. we both have struggled a lot. Without him I don’t know how I might have been . he has been with me in every part of my life as an perfect brother. I don’t know if I would had an brother how it would be . i wanted to thank u raman for everything u have done this . thank u.
Raman hugs her.
Then both get down..
Khushi goes and sits near arnav.
Arnav: superb bond. I really admire ur both bond.
Khushi smiles..

Meanwhile the awards was over.
Adarsh hugs raman.
Adarsh: congrats buddy.
Raman: thank u.
Khushi and arnav reaches them.
Arnav congragulates raman.
Arnav: khushi can we leave?
Khushi: yeah.. raman u come with ishu. I would go first.
Raman: ok .
Khushi: come fast leaving adarsh and u can keep ur romance later adarsh.
Adarsh nods exactly like a child.
Khushi smiles and leaves.

In the car.
it started drizzling outside.
Khushi: stop the car please.
Arnav stops the car.
Khushi: I will go home by walking.
Arnav: r u mad? Walking alone at 10.00 pm.
Khushi: please I want to enjoy the rain. K bye.
She gets down .
Arnav: what happened to her suddenly?
He too gets down the car and locks it.
Arnav: wait I will also come. she was fully drenched.
He too gets drenched at it starts raining heavily.
Khushi: arnav u go now. I will reach home don’t worry
Arnav: no problem.
Khushi: but u r also going to get drenched.
Arnav: no problem why r u worrying. Don’t worry. U like to walk in rain.
Khushi: I love to walk.
Arnav couldn’t stop admiring khushi as she was really more beautiful.. but after sometime the rain stops as it was raining for past 1 hr .
Khushi notices a car coming. Arnav was walking little front.
Khushi:arnav move.
Arnav heard her voice and turned.

Arnav was fully drenched in mud water.
Khushi sees him. she starts laughing.
Khushi: oh my god. See ur face. this face suits u more mr raizada.
Arnav: don’t be so happy. u may also face this situation.
Khushi: how. She winks.
Arnav: laughing Is bad miss gupta.
khushi: oh really. What u will do?
arnav pulls hertowards him.
khushi: what r u doing?
He applies the mud slightly on her face by his hands.
Khushi gets shocked.
Arnav: now u r looking more prettier.
Khushi: happy. come we will go . its very late.
Arnav: no I am going to stay here.
He sits in the stone like something.

Khushi: what do u want. I will ask adarsh to drop u to the car. U come to my house. u will get allergy if u sit with wet clothes and this mud.
Arnav pulls her and makes her sit in his lap.
Khushi: what r u doing?
Arnav: watch the stars. See how they r twinkling. In a day due to sun it is not showing itself in morning right. it also feels hurted but forgoing it , it is smiling in night by twinkling ,eventhough it is hurted in morning continuously by sun. life is like that khushi. u should forgoe and be happy always . whatever the situation is smile. Ur smile can change ur life.
Khushi nods.
Arnav: I know u know that I am ur arnav . am I right?
Khushi nods.
Arnav: khushi I want to marry u? will u marry me?
Khushi gets shocked.
Arnav: I love u .
Khushi gets teary eyed.
Khushi : i…

Khushi: arnav..
Arnav comes out of thinking where he was about to hit another car. He applies break
Khushi: what r u driving? Where is ur mind
Arnav: oh my god why u disturb my dream. Oh my god what she would have answered. U car. U spoiled it.
Khushi: hello.
Arnav came back to senses.
Arnav: sorry.
Khushi: what she would have answered?
Arnav: no sorry. just dream. Come its time.
Khushi thinks.
He is thinking very weirdly.
They both reaches the home.

Arnav: bye.
Khushi: thank u for dropping.
Arnav smiles and leaves.

Arnav in car.
Arnav: she Is making me crazy within 10 days. why these weird dreams. Hope this dreams will come true

Ishita: raman tomorrow sharp 4.00 pm be ready.
Raman: I know engagement yaar.
Ishita: u will be my half husband right.
Raman: yeah.
Ishita: I am waiting for the day when I become ishita bhalla.
Raman: oh my god from that day I will be in custody right.
Ishita: raman stop it. u know I will miss my mom and dad more. I don’t know how I am going to stay away from them.
Raman: no problem ishu we all will stay together. They r my mom and dad also right. can I call them mom and dad?
Ishita gets teary eyed.
Ishita: stupid is it a question to ask. U can yaar. she hugs him. thank u .
Raman: I know how it feels when u r getting separated from ur mom and dad and I don’t want u to give that pain. Even if khushi get married also we will ask her husband to come and live with us.
Ishita nods.
Ishita: u r really such an amazing person raman. thank u.
Raman: ok go now ur father will then scold u.
Ishita: no he wont.
Raman: oh really.
Ishita: yes.
Raman: can I call him and tell . papa u r daughter is saying that she will come with me now itself and she don’t want to come to house itself.
Ishita: tell.
Raman: I will surely tell.
Ishita: comeon.
Raman phone Praveen.
Raman: hello uncle.
Ishita: hey cut the call. She takes the phone and cuts it.
Ishita: bye I am leaving. U r very naughty now a days.
She goes inside thehouse.
Raman smiles seeing her going in.

Meanwhile swara and sanskar’s home.
Swara: sanky , I need to have aloo paratha. Please do it now.
Sanskar: what aloo paratha. Now only u eat fulka na.
Swara: see u r giving ur wife everything counting. Not fair sanky.
Sanskar: ok. I will make. Stop ur tauntrams.
Swara: is this tauntrams mr john?
Sanskar: yes of course.
Swara: iwont speak to u. chotu wont also speak to u.
She goes to room poutingly and closes the door and watches tv.
After 10 mins she smells some sweet smell.
Swara: aloo paratha.. yummy..
Swara gets up.
She then remembers that she is angry.
She turns sitting opposite side from the door.
Meanwhile sanky came with a plate with aloo paratha.
Sanskar: I know about u shona. come and eat. I know u r craving to have it and u r just pretending to be happy.
Swara: nothing like that. I am going to sleep.
She lie down in her bed and turned her face opposite to sanky.
He keeps the plate on the table beside and sits near swara in bed.
Sanky: swara.
Swara didn’t respond.
Sanky: I am sorry. I told for fun. Sorry.
Swara: I am a burden for u na. I am torturing a lot na.
Sanky: who told like that. it is my reponsiblity to fulfill all ur demands. See this is not torture ok. get it. I was just saying for a fun and cant I play with my wife.
Swara: ok fine.
Sanskar: come get up. parathas r waiting for u.
Swara smiles and goes to take the plate. sanky nods no and takes the plate and feeds her.
Swara: u know sanky , I ,love this house more than that house. u know why?
Sanskar: why?
Swara: because here u r always there for me. I am feeling like I am the princess of this home.
Sanky smiles.
Sanky: and u r really my princess .
He hugs her.
Swara: thank u so much for everything. she kisses his cheeks. I know sanky u r depressed. I can understand why u r not smiling. everything will be fine. please smile. She will surely accept u. don’t worry. Sanskarr hugs her tightly.
Sanskar: what if she thinks that I am same like my parents. what if she thinks I am just acting?
Swara: she wont think like that. talk to her sanky. Everything will be fine.
Sanskar nods.
Swara: for ur kind information ur hugging me so tight. It is paining. Leave me.
Sanky: sorry. he releases her. chotu sorry. it pained u? sorry sorry.
Swara smiles.
Swara: chotu tells that its ok papa but u r not even fulfilling maa’s wish.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: u kept the plate aside without feeding me?
Sanskar: sorry.
He feeds her ..

The next day..
In raman’s house.
The house was fully decorated for engagement and our hero was standing there with an cream sherwani..
Raman: this sherwani is very tight.
Khushi: wait for a second raman always complaining. She adjusts the sherwani.
Raman: ok fine. u r going to wear this dress.
Khushi: u kept on pestering from morning about this and that and didn’t let me for a minute also to cange my night dress and now u r saying u r going to wear this.
Adarsh: instead of speaking these much words u can go and get ready now itself.
Raman laughs they both hifi each other.
Khushi: u too joined them na
They hear car sounds.
Khsuhi: bye I will leave.
She runs to the room to get ready.
Meawnwhile bride’s family come inside and ishita comes in a peach and cream mix lehanga. She was looking absolutely gorgeous.
Raman was awestruck.
Adarsh: close ur mouth mosquotie might go on.
Raman : adarsh ,, I will also get a chance one day.
Adarsh: best of luck.
Raman: have u invited swadhu or not?
Adarsh: she will come evening for mehandi as she has some work outside. Vaise ishita is looking very gorgeous na.
Raman: hey she is elder than u. respect her yaar. she is ur bhabi.
Adarsh smiles.
Adarsh: this much jealous u r .
Raman: who told I am jealous?
Adarsh: ur face shows.
Ishita does hiccups.
Ishita: what u both r speaking?
Adarsh: nothing bhabi. Raman is saying that u have put more make up.
Adarsh winks at raman and leaves.
Raman: adarsh I will kill u oen day…
Ishita: raman. really I am not looking good.
Raman: ishita he is an idiot . to pull my legs he told like that. u r very beautiful ishita.
Ishita: really?
Raman: yes.
Ishita: where is khushi.
Raman: seeing u all come only she ran inside.
Raman: she was in her night dress and was arranging whole thing from morning.
Ishita: I will go and help her.
Raman: bride and bride groom shouldn’t do any work. Come we will seat. I will ask adarsh to check her. u don’t worry.
Ishita sits with raman.
Ishita: raman.. what about sanskar and swara.
Raman: what about them?
Ishita:no they r .
Raman: ishita . these and all r past. No need to bring it again and I and khushi don’t have any problem for sanskar and swara to attend the marriage.
Ishita: no raman. I think these and all r misunderstanding.
Raman: it is not ishu . her mom and dad might be searching her as she is now having high status. Nothing else. If not why they didn’t search these many years? They will never ever change.
Ishita:then sanskar and swara?
Raman: if khushi accepts them I don’t have any objections ishu.
Ishita: ok cool down. I wont speak about that.
Raman: ok.
Meanwhile ishita recives a phone.
Ishita: shona tell me. why have u not reached today?
Swara: I am not feeling well ishu. I will join u tomorrow fro haldi.
Ishita: what happened to u?
Swara: no ishu. Actually sanky told me that he will take me for a long drive. I have 2 choice engagement and mehandi or long drive. I want long drive.
Ishita: not fare shona. ok fine go and u should come tomorrow.
Swara: sure . I will be there.
Ishita: ok bye.

Meanwhile everyone arrives.
Raman and ishita exchanges rings.

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