I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 20 and 21

hi guys. here with a new episode. sorry for the delay…

The story continues…

Khushi was sitting meanwhile her phone bumbs.
Khushi: hi killer.
Adarsh:hi sweety? How r u . very bad news for u. I am going to London.
Khushi: even a bad news for u . I am going to US to study.
Adarsh: oh my god. How u r reading this books yaar. it is really irritating.
Khushi: if u don’t like u shut up. I love studying.
Adarsh: ok cool. Will meet today? Will u join me a date.
Khushi: excuse me mr Sinha. I am married. I am already booked. What will my husband think if I am going out with u?
Adarsh: oh. U r developed this much khushi. great yaar.
Khushi: stop making kid of me. will catch up by evening. As today morning I am going shopping with arnav.
Adarsh: oh ok. enjoy.bye.
Khushi: bye.

Arnav comes inside the room.
Arnav: we will leave?
Khushi: sure.how r we going?
Arnav: car. Why?
Khushi: we will go for a long drive in bike then go for purchase.
Arnav: I don’t have a bike.
Khushi: I have.
Arnav: where?
Khushi: in raman’s house.
Arnav: u drive bike?
Khushi: I have pulsor with me arnav. why bikes r meant for boys only? Not girls?
Arnav: I didn’t speak like that.
Khushi: I will drive.
Arnav: ok. come we will go.

They both reaches raman’s house.
She goes inside and sees adarsh watching tv.
She goes and closes his eyes.
Adarsh: I know it is u khushi.
Khushi: hi killer.
Adarsh: hi saithan.
Khushi punches adarsh.
Khushi: i am not saithan.
Adarsh: I am not devil.
Arnav: hello I am here.
Adarsh: sorry. hi arnav. what u both r here?
Khushi: to take my rocky out.
Adarsh: oh my god. Warning arnav.
Arnav: why.
Khushi: I drive nicely only. Stop this nonesens adarsh. Come arnav we will leave.

She drags arnav out and takes her bike.
Arnav: I am sure khushi u will handle this. ?
Khushi: dontjudge anyone by seeing anyone size.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi wears her helmet.
Khushi: sit. Wear this helmet.
Arnav: u r only driving right.
Khushi stares at him.
Arnav: ok madam.done.
She starts driving fast.
Arnav:khushi slow down.
Khushi: sit silently.
Arnav: where will I hold. Its like I am going to fall.
Khushi: hold me.
Arnav: r u sure.
Khushi: arnav. please yaar. let me concentrate.
Arnav holds khushi.
Arnav: where r we going.?
Khushi: shoo. Surprise.
They were traveling for 1 hr.

At the other side..
Sanskar was sleeping.
Swara: utho sanskar. its time already. Get up. u r already sleeping for long time.
Sanskar: please shona. 5 mins.
Swara: sanskar. I want to see places. If u sleep like this then how will I go.
Sanskar: ok meri ma. I am getting up.
swara hugs sanskar backwards.
Swara: sannnnssssskkkkaaarr.
Sanskar: why r u now icing me? what do u want?
Swara: hmm. I want to know.
Sanskar: u want to know.
Swara: where we r going tomorrow. What is the surprise?
Sanskar: not now swara.
Swara: sanskar please. Please. U r my darling husband. no husband is like u.
Sanskar: I don’t want any of ur praising.
Swara: u r so bad .i wont talk to u.
Sanskaar: u cant bee silent for 5 mins then.
Swara: deal we will see who is speaking first. Challenge.
Sanskar: challenge.
Swara sighs him to go.
Sanskar leaves to take bath.
Swara: think shona. what u will do. idea.
She wins smilingly.
Sanskar comes out changing his dress.
He gets shocked seeing swara lying unconscious.
Sanskar: swara. he tries to wake her.
He keeps her head in his laps.
Sanskar: swara. wake up.
Swara opens her eyes.
Swara: I won.
Sanskar: u were playing? Swara this is not any game. How can u do like this. u know how I got scared.
Swara: I am sorry sanskar. I didn’t,
Sanskar: what u didn’t did wantedly.this is not joke swara. in this state. What will anyone think. U don’t have any sense.
Swara gets teary eyed.
Sanskar: I don’t know when u will get sense in ur life. leave me alone.
He leaves out angrily.
Swara cries.
She wipes her tears.
Swara: I have to leave now. this is my time. I should return soon. I know if I do this he will get angry. Thank u god for this idea.
Swara writes a letter and keeps on the table and hands over they room keys to receptionist and leaves hurriedly.
She takes a cab.

In the other side.

Raman and ishita leaves to the sight seeing places.
Ishita: where first?
Raman: want to go back to childhood?
Ishita: going to Disney land raman?
Raman: of course.
Ishita: wow. I am so excited. It will be superb na.
Raman: yes. today any special?
Ishita: what special?
Raman: nothing.
Ishita smiles at him.
Ishita think”oh mr bhalla.dont I know it is ur birthday today .Will give u a big surprise “ wait yaar. wait
Raman: we reached set out to enjoy?
Ishita: sure.
They both enter into Disney land.
Ishita: where we will go. Will start with the biggest ride roller coaster.
Raman: sure.
They both starts enjoying a lot.
After enjoying a lot of rides. Raman and ishita gets seated with icecream in their hands.
Raman: tell em something ishu.
Ishita: I want to tell u something.
She sits in knees in front of him.
Raman: what r u doing ishu?
Ishita: shut up raman. wait. She gives him the ice cream in her hands. “ u r the beautiful thing that has happened in my life. I don’t know what is the meaning life. but now it simply means u. I love u a lot raman and I want to wish my husband, my idiot a very happy birthday.will u accept my ice cream proposal?”
Raman takes the icecream from her hands.
Everyone were watching them and claps hand for them.
Raman hugs ishita.
Raman: thank u so much..
Ishita: happy birthday.
Raman: thank u. u made my life beautiful.
Ishita: u made mine to.
They both smile at each other.

Khushi finally stopped the bike in somewhat forest area.
Arnav: what r we doing here in this forest.?
Khushi: come with me.
They walk on the woods and reach a small lake and a view of trees with a middle lake. A stone for the visitors to sit here.
Khushi: come.
She sits ok the stone.
Khushi: join me.
Arnav also sits beside her.
Khushi: u know this is my fav place .. this is what a place I wish for. U know this is away from all types of people. u know this place gives me a peaceful environment. U know away from studies,away from the city just a natural beauty which depicits in the lake and the forest.
Arnav: what made u take me to this place.
Khushi: don’t know?
Arnav: u could have shown me this palce when we r friends na.
Khushi: I didn’t felt so that time.
Arnav: why?
Khushi: because I didn’t trust u that time and I am trusting u this time.
a great sense of victory smile peeps in to arnav’s face as he wants that only. He wants his khushi to trust him, like him,love him.
khushi: why r u smiling now?
arnav: no nothing. I am feeling happy today.
Khushi: told na. this is the speciality of this place.
Arnav: yes. we will go for a walk.
Khushi: sure. Come. they both walk in that place.

Swara reached a café in the midway of lonavala and mumbai
Swara gets down and goes inside the cafe
She sees a girl sitting on a table.
Swara: kavi
Kavi: shona.
Swara hugs kavi.
Swara: how r u?
Kavitha smiles sadly.
Kavitha: good.thanks for coming. Sk don’t know right?
Swara: no. u could have told us before right.
Kavitha: I don’t want to trouble u.
Swara: u made him hate u simply because of this kavitha. He never takes ur name kavi. From that day. U could have said him right.
Kavitha: I felt pitying on me is better than hating me.
Swara: u r really great kavitha.
Kavitha: I am not more great than u swara.
Swara: what did doctor say?
Kavitha: leave about that.
Swara: what did he say? tell me the truth.
Kavitha: only 50 percent of chance is there. doctor prescribed for another course of treatment. I am going to London for invading the treatment.
Swara: who Is coming with u?
Kavitha: mom s coming with me. I just wanted to meet u.
Swara: take care kavitha.
Kavitha: sure
Kavitha: how is the baby?
Swara: good. U know how u been friend with sanskar. seriously. Dont do that swara. don’t do this.
Kavitha smiles.
Kavitha: he is like this . he will never change in his life.
Swara: u know he will be the one who will be affected learning about u.
Kavitha: I know.promise me swara. sanskar should never ever know in his life time about me. let him hate me.but I don’t want his pityness on me. i will be his enemy in this matter.
Swara hugs kavitha
Swara: I promise u kavitha. This is my promise. He will never know that u had brain tumor. U r suffering from it.
Kavitha: thank u..

Meanwhile sanskar comes following swara and sees her with kavitha.
He gets angry.
he comes angrily towards them.
sanskar: what r u doing swara?
kavitha: sanky.
sanskar: u stay out miss roy. This is between husband and wife.
Swara: she is ur bestie sanskar.
Sanskar: I don’t mind. U did drama for this there? for meeting this creature. Wont u ever change swara. wont u change of being mahan swara?
Kavitha: I called her here. to see how u both r living. Isn’t it my right to know how my lover lives.
Sanskar: get it in ur mind. I was never ur lover and will never be.
Kavitha: u have a feeling for me sanskar.
Sanskar: I don’t know how many boys u did cheat like using the weapon of friendship miss roy. Say me the list. Atleast 10 or above.
Kavitha closes her eyes in tears.
Swara: sanskar angrily. “ u r crossing ur limits”
Sanskar: I am not. For this type of girl living in this world she can die.
Swara slaps sanskar.
Swara: bas. U go.
Sanskar: u slapped me for this cheap girl. she is instigating us to fight. cant u see that.
Swara: u come.
She drags him and takes him.
Swara sighs kavitha a sorry look.
Kavitha sighed ok.
Swara and sanskar leaves.
Swara: u did wrong sanskar.
Sanskar: u did wrong. When I told u not to go to he rin ur life time how dare u go and meet her? wont u obey my words?
Swara: it is my wish sanskar.
Sanskar: see how she speaks. I am feeling diguisted of being with her. if u want to speak to her u can go to her and stay with her.
Swara: if she is not ur friend it doesn’t mean she is not mine friend.
Sanskar: u will not speak to her this is final.
Swara: I will speak to her this is final.
Sanskar: fine. then forgot I am there in ur life.
Swara: sanskar why r u speaking like this? she said loudly.
Sanskar: I will never speak to u and u too never speak to me.
Swara: sanskar.
She gets teary eyed. She sits silently and sleeps by the time they reach hotel.
Sanskar pressed horn to wake her but she didn’t. he taps her . she wakes up with a jerk.
She gets down and leaves to the room.

In the other side.
Raman and ishita reached hotel after the amzing experience on Disney land.
When they enter the hotel the receptionist ask them to wait as room service was going on.
Ishita: raman I will come by 5 mins.
Raman: ok..
Ishita leaves…

Receptionist informs raman that room is ready .
Raman: ok I will go if ishita comes here ask her to come to the room.
Receptionist: ok sir.
Raman enters the room and ons the light and gets shocked seeing the whoel room decorated with candles and rose.
A music was heard from the room.
Ishita dances and comes for that song and closes the door.
She was wearing yellow colour saree with golden blouse with her hair set free and a stone bindi adoring her face.
She makes raman dance with her and they both enjoys a lot.
Ishita: happy birthday ravan kumar

She brings a cake.
She lits the candle.
Ishita: make a wish and blow the candle.
Raman blows the candle and feeds ishu.
Ishita takes a piece of cake and applies it in his face.
Raman: ishu.
He runs after her to apply cake on her.
Ishita smartly bends down when raman was about to fall on her he falls on the bed with a thud.
Ishita starts laughing.
Raman pulls her above .
Ishita: u r so smart is it?
Ishita: of course who is smarter than me. tell me ravan kumar am I looking beautiful.
Raman: u r the most pretiest angel I have ever seen in my life. he sets the strands of her hair back to the ears and moves slowly towards her.

Ring ring. The door bell rings..
Raman: wont they allow us to enjoy ? huh?
Ishita smiles and opens the door and where the dinner has been brought by the room staffs.

They have the food in the balcony happily feeding each other…

At the other side
After the whole shopping by arnav and khushi.
They both enter the home tiredly..
Arnav: prepare ur baggage we r leaving tomorrow night.
Khushi: what? But more 5 to 6 days are there right for joining .
Arnav: yes but we need to set out house right there?
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: so..
Nani: first have ur dinner u all. Will pack later.today I will feed u khushi.
Anjali: not fair dadi. After ur bahu came u forgot us all.
Nani: she is going to study outside. U r here only na.
Anjali: ok fine.
Nani feeds khushi.
Khushi: ok nani I will go and get my things set.
Anjali: I will to come to help.
Khushi: ok come.
They both leave upstairs.

Khushi messages raman” happy birthday”
Anjali: whom u r messaging?
Khushi: raman. his birthday today.
Anjali: oh . I thought u r angree on him.
Khushi: it got reduced.
Anjali: ok dine bhabi. Can I also come there if I get vacations after finishing my college.
Khushi: wow. That will be great yaar. we will have a fun lot. Come there when u get vacations.
Anjali: thank u. we will set the things.
Khushi and anjali starts setting the bag..

precap: will kavitha rift a gap between swasan? what will be the phase of journey of arshi to a new country. will khushi ever realise her love for arnav. will their love or trust end with a drastic incident that changed all their lives. stay tuned……….

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