I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 18 and 19

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the next episode starts with
The next day.
Swasan reached lonavala as they travelef by car from pune.
Swara: this place is so awesome sanskar.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: u know sanskar. I wanted to visit this place from my childhood itself.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: don’t know. I love this name lonavala.
Sanskar: ok. then.
Swara: u tell something.
Sanskar: if we fresh up then we can go for outing.
Swara: really?
Sanskar: I have not brought u here to keep u in this hotel room.
Swara: I thought u brought for that only. For keeping me as a statue in the room.
Sanskar face got dim.
Sanskar: this much bad opinion u have on me?
Swara laughs.
She pulls his cheeks.
Swara: u r very cute mr gupta. I just kidded.
Sanskar: really?
Swara: yes.
Sanskar:ok get ready fast.
Swara: ok..

Khushi phones arnav from the hospital.
Khushi: arnav will u come to meera’s house?
Arnav: why?
Khushi: no today , aisha’s b day
Arnav: oh.
Khushi: u will come?
Arnav: sure . I will come directly.
Khushi: thank u..
She cuts the call.

Khushi reaches meera’s house.
She rings the bell.
Meera opens the door.
Meera: she is crying. She told she wont do anything.
Khushi: I will take care. Where is he??
Meera: trying to convince her.
Khushi: I will see.
She goes to their room.
Khushi sits in her knees.
Khushi: what happened?
Aisha: I miss them so much khushi. should they die because of me?
Khushi hugs aisha.
Khushi: its ok aisha. U cry everytime on ur b day. Its not ur fault.
Aisha: no. .
Khushi: no it is not.
Yadav: yes aisha. It is not urs.
Aisha: u both don’t speak to me.
Khushi: what u want now?
Aisha: I want to speak to my parents.
Khushi: that’s it right.
Aisha: yeah.
Khushi: whatever u want to say write it in a paper.
Aisha: ok. she runs and gets a paper and writes.
Aisha: wrote it.
Khushi takes a balloon and puts the paper inside and blows the balloon.
She ties it.
Khushi: come to the terrors.
They all reach the terrors.
Khushi: let it fly it In the air. It will definitely reach ur parents.
Aisha: really?
Khushi: yes.
Aisha: u to speak to ur parents like this.
Khushi: no. I don’t have any necessary to speak to them.
Yadav: because they r alive right.
Khushi: yeah.yadav hugs khushi.
Aisha lets the balloon fly in the air.

Khushi: now stop crying my cry baby.
Aisha: don’t call me cry baby.
Yadav: cry baby .. cry baby.. cry baby.
Aisha: Yadav. She starts chasing him.
Khushi laughs at them.
Aisha: u all r making fun of me na.
Yadav: yes yes. of course. U don’t need to have any doubt.
Aisha: khadoos.
Yadav: me?
Aisha: yeah.
Yadav: u r hitler.
Aisha: what did u say? khushi see na.
Khushi: what is this Yadav. Why r u harming the baby a lot. See her face.
Aisha pouts her face.
Yaadav starts laughing.
Yadav: don’t try to look innocent.
aisha: I wont speak to u Yadav.
Khushi: ok. we will go down.

Meanwhile arnav was standing and watching everything with a smile. He was admiring khushi a lot. He don’t know how much faces she have.
He goes downstairs as he has arranged the whole place with decorations.

Aisha gets surprised.
Khushi: surprised?
Aisha: thank u..
Meera: come and cut the cake.
Aisha: u arranged everything ? she looks saying this arnav.
Arnav: yes.
Aisha comes and kisses arnav’s cheeks.
Aisha: thank u uncle.
Khushi burst out laughing.
Arnav: uncle?
Aisha: yes.
Khushi: wow . aisha u itself accepted he is looking like uncle. arnav uncle. she laughs
Arnav: stop it khushi.
Khushi: ok fine. aisha come here. we will cut the cake.
Aisha cuts the cake and feeds all.
Khushi: this is ur present.
Aisha opens the gift and finds an key to a locker.
Aisha: what is it?
Khushi: it is in ur room bureau’s locker.
Aisha and Yadav rushes upstairs for the gift.
Aisha opens the locker and finds an keyboard.
Aisha: keyboard. Wow. Super thank u khushi dhi.
khushi: ur welcome.
Yadav: aishu this is my gift.
Yadav gives her a notebook containing full of their moments together.r
Aisha: thank u yadu so much. u r really cute.
Yadav: thank u.
Khushi: ok . we will leave as I have some hospital works.
Aisha: ok thank u dhi. U have did my b day more beautiful. U too uncle.
Arnav: call me arnav. that’s fine. no need uncle.
Yadav: ok fine.
Arshi leaves bidding bye everyone.

At lonavala
When it is almost evening 6.00 pm where the sun sent point takes place.
Sanskar brings swara there. it was the lonavala dam and lake where mountains and the lake view was incredible.
Sanskar opens swara eyes and she gets awestruck seeing the beauty of nature where the sun sets in betweent the mountain which adds to the change is color of lake.
Swara: wow sanskar its superb. This is . this is absolutely beautiful.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: I want to take a selfie.
Sanskar: u again started? I thought u went silent for this few days.
Swara: yes ur selfie queen is back to action.
She takes her phone and takes a photo.
She sees the photo.
Swara: superb photo. U r skills r still present swara. great.
Sanskar: finished of ur self praising session. Come u have more a beautiful thing to watch.
Swara: what is it?
Sanskar: come madam. Suspense.
Sanskar takes swara to a small park. Where there was a peacock opening its feather and showing it to them.
Swara: this is incredible sanskar. what a place is this. I love this.
Sanskar: thank u.
Swara: so what is next?
Sanskar: I think today is enough. It is overloaded.by day after tomorrow we r going to Mumbai.
Swara: why Mumbai.
Sanskar: suspense my dear wifey..
Swara: please tell na.
Sanskar:no way. Come.
They both leaves.

Meawhile raman and ishita reached parys.
It was night time they reached.
A taxi arrived to pick them..
Ishita and raman was seated backside.
Ishita hugged raman through his shoulders.
Ishita: this city is awesome. Love it a lot. Thank u so much for bringing here. u know raman mom and dad r enjoying a lot without me. they r travelling a lot of places now freely. They didn’t even feel that they r separate from me.
Raman: anyone if they escape from devil will behave like that only.
Ishita: u r calling me devil. She said a little angrily.
Raman: yes of course.
Ishita: don’t talk with me raman.
Raman: ok fine.
Ishita: what type of husband r u ? every husband will try to convince his wife if she gets angry and u ?
Raman: trying to be a different husband.
Ishita: raman stop it yaar. it is really boring. khushi told me . u sometime bores a lot.
Raman: when did she say?
Ishita: after marriage.
Raman: hmm.
Ishita: we reached I think so
Raman: yes.come.
They get their bags and checks in the hotel.

They enter the room.
Ishtia: wow. This is so superb. I am going to sleep.. gnsd mr ravan kumar bhalla and u will sleep in couch for making me angry. That sofa is also good. U can lay there today.
Ishita sleeps in the middle of bed.
Raman: I am sorry ishu. I would get back pain then u have to go alone.
Ishu: wow this will be a new experience. After marriage an individual tour. Wow ishita. u r really lucky. No one in this world would have this opportunity.
Raman: ishu please yaar. stop kidding me. let me also sleep.
Ishu: no way.
Raman: this is ur final answer?
Ishu: yes. good night mr bhalla. Sweet dreams. She covers her face fully with blanket and laughs under the blanket.
Raman gets an idea.
Raman: ok good night. I have my own bed here.
Ishita thinks what bed.
Raman comes and lies above her.
Ishita: raman what r u doing?
She pushes him sideways and wakes up.
Ishita: what is this?
Ramna: u didn’t give me bed so I have my own fatty bed.
Ishita: I am fat?
Raman: of course.
Ishita: raman stop kidding me. I will show u what I can do. she lies above him hugging him.
Ishita: good night raman.
She sleeps ..
Raman smiles at her and he too dozes off to sleep..

The next day.

At raizadas mansion.

Khushi was seated in the sofa with laptop in her lap checking the mails.
She gets happy seeing a mail from the university.
Khushi: arnav… arnav.. she shouts in eagerness..
Arnav was downstairs.
Arnav comes up hearing her shout even nani and anjali comes up.
Arnav: what happened? Worriedly.
Khushi: I got mail from my college. Joining date is after 10 days. I am finally selected. She hugs him in excitement.
Khushi: nani bless me.
Nani: hope all ur dreams come true khushi.
Khushi smiles.
Anjali: congrats khushi.
Khushi hugs anjali.
Khushi: thank u anju.
Anjali:ok.u both carry on. Nani come.
Nani and anjali leaves.

Khushi : I am very excited arnav. u know going back to college is really awesome.
Arnav: u like school and college days more?
Khushi: yes. it will be fun with being with friends and in hostel. Omg is very good experience.
Arnav: but u r not staying in hostel this time there.
Khushi: why?
Arnav: we can see a independent house for u as I may visit frequently there as u will be there.
Khushi: ok fine.
Arnav: so make the list of things to be prepared for ur journey and u can buy things u required.
Khushi: ok.
Arnav was about to leave.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav turns.
Khushi: once again very thanks for this.
Arnav: u r my responsibility khushi. its my responsibility to make ur dream comes true.
Khushi smiles.
She feels some new feeling arising inside her. she feels very secured to hear the word responsibility where no one has never took off except raman. ofcourse she is angry with him but will never ever leave him in her life as he is his brother. But someone else being this much caring and this much protective is very new for her. she feels now of having a complete family which she craved for this many years. Her face curves into a smile ..

“so from this phase ur love towards him starts? But why there is this much complications khushi? why cant u go back to ur family ? I know it is difficult for u to overcome this situation. u have suffered a lot. Is ur love not true that he wont accept u?

Khushi: shagun. my love is true. I love him and will love him.it is not easy to overcome shagun not easy..
She has tears.
Khushi: he is now settled. He is now married. He has a wife to look after him. what am I going to do if I go there. I am happy here with this place. I am happy with this small world. This is my life.
Shagun: I am sorry if I hurt u.
Khushi: its ok.
Shagun: continue…

Story continues……….

Precap: who is shagun? why arshi separated? Why khushi tells arnav is married ? what is the tragedy happened in khushi’s life? will they overcome everything?
Stay tuned…

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