I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 15

hi guys hope u guys like it. thank u so much for ur comments . i will not leave this ff incomplete eventhough my school starts . i will post it on every weekends.. so sorry guys for this delay as i have to concentrate on my 12 th std now. please pray for me.

khushi was seated infront of mirrow with her bridal dress of green with pink color lehanga in her hand.
It was the shagun she received from her nani.
She has tears seeing it.
Khushi: whatever god has decided . I am ok with it. will face whatever my destiny is decidied.i requested him but he.. she closes her eyes and remember the flashback.
Khushi messages arnav to meet in a café.
Arnav comes there.
Khushi: arnav please tell them that u don’t want to marry me.
Arnav: khushi it is nani’s decision. Even I cant denie her and we know each other from childhood. So . we can.
Khushi: no arnav. childhood is different and this is different.
Arnav: no. I still love u the same khushi. I am waiting for u only these much years.
Khushi: don’t start ur drama.
Arnav: do u think my love is a game?
Khushi: I don’t think like that. I cant enter the house again.
Arnav: u r going to . no stoppings in that. u will be khushi kumara gupta singh raizada. My wife.
Khushi: u r really going to face the hell if u do like this.
Arnav: I am waiting.
Khushi leaves angrily.
Flash back ends..
She gets up and goes to change it to her bridal dress.
She wears it and wears the necessary accessories with teary eyed.
She was looking the most beautiful .
She does minimal make up and gets ready.
Meanwhile ishu comes for checking her..
Ishita: khushi u r looking the most pretty. She hugs khushi.
Khushi: thank u bhabi.
Ishita: smile. U trust urself.
Khushi nods.
Ishita: we will go. They r calling u..

Khushi was brought to the mandap.
Arnav was already seated with brown kurta.
Arnav smiles seeing khushi..
All were happy except the bride.
They were asked to get up for taking the pheras

While taking the pheras.
Arnav: whatever the oath we take will come true. I take a oath that I will show u a world which is different from your world. I will make u smile whole heartedly. I will give u a family who will care and love u and I will win ur trust khushi. If any pain comes it will face me before it reaches u . I promise u . in all difficult times I will stay with u. I love u . this is my promise khushi..

Khushi: I will go in the path u show god. Help me. she only says that in her mind.
Soon they took the pheras and arnav tighs mangalustra to her neck and fills her mang with sindoor.
They both were officially declared as husband and wife.

Bidai happens and khushi hugs ishita and swara and cries. Adarsh too hugs her. she sees raman’s face and goes and sits in the car.
Raman: arnav take care of her.
Arnav: I will surely raman. I will try to talk to her .
Raman: don’t talk u will get an indirect slap then if u r ready then try,.
Arnav smiles.
Adarsh: warning u she is also a kulfu fighter.
Arnav: why u guys r kidding me like this..
Sanskar: just . we wont get chance later na.
Arnav: I am going. Bye.

They all left to raizada mansion.

Dadi does her aarti and welcomes her.
They enter.
Anjali: khushi bhabi. Come I will help u in changing ur dress. Come we will leave to ur room.
Khushi: ok.
Anjali helps khushi.
Anjali: feel free to ask me . don’t even hesitate.
Khushi smiles.
Anjali: u remember me na in childhood.
Khushi: u were 4 years when we r here.
Anjali smiles.
Anjali: u still now love jelabi?
Khushi: no. I love chocolates now. if I start no one can beat me.
Anjali: I will beat ur record. She winks.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi: we will see.
Anjali: ok I will leave.
Khushi smiles.
Their room was fully decorated with flowers.
Arnav comes and changes the dress..
He locks the door.
Khushi: where r u going to sleep. She asked angrily.
Arnav: its my room so I can slep anywhere right.
Khushi: we will have a deal. The room is now also equally mine as I am ur wife.
Arnav: wife? So it means.
He comes near her.
She moves backwards and hits the wall.
He moves slowly towards her .
Khushi: move away..
Arnav: u only told na ur wife.
Khushi: if u ever try like this then I will surely slap u. u don’t know about me. because of u only I lost everything.
Arnav: what did I do?
Khushi: u r the reason that this marriage happened. If u have said no na. I would have been happy in my house
Arnav: u don’t have mouth to say that yes or no? he said a little angrily.
Khushi: because I cant denie raman. i couldn’t neglect his request. He is changed.
Arnav: so even I married u as my nani told me. talk nicely to me. don’t have the habbit of shouting to me.
Khushi:same implies to u.
Arnav: friends.
Khushi: I will die rather than being ur friend saying this sh leaves to the bed and sleeps in the bed .
Arnav: so stubborn. Will see who wins khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Khushi : will see mr raizada. U will run by my tortures. U married me na eventhough I requested u. I will show u the hell . welcome to hell mr arnav singh raizada. Watch my behavior from morning. U will be astonished.
Khushi smiles and sleeps.

Meanwhile at ishra’s house.
Raman sits leaning on ishu’s shoulder.
Raman: will she forgive em ishu?
Ishita: how much days she will be angry with u raman?
Raman: don’t know. she is not angry but . 20% angry
Ishita: what 20%angry.
Raman: that means that only. U know I feel lonely seeing her gone to other family. I will scold her always when she comes late from the hospital and I will always tease her. this house is made off her madness.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: its ok raman. everything will be fine.
Raman: hmm.
Ishita: if u have done with ur story could u please sit up my shoulders r paining.
Raman: oh. Paining?
He lie down in her laps.
Raman: what will u do now?
Ishita: I will.
She comes near him and tickles him.
He laughs.
Ishita: get up and sleep.
Raman: ok . fine.
They both go to sleep.

Meanwhile swara and sanskar
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: what swara?
Swara: will u take me to ur nani’s house tomorrow. Want to see them .
Sanskar: today only u saw them na.
Swara:Please sanky. I need to speak to anju and khushi. u know I miss her a lot.
Sanskar: even me too. First madam did u take ur vitamins?
Swara: yes sanskar. she says boldly.
Sanskar: tell me the truth.
Swara: really sanskar. promise.
Sanskar: its ok. u will have It twice. Khushi told its ok.
He goes and takes the tablet.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: stop ur drama and have it. he gives the medicines.
Swara: ti tastes so bitter.
Sanskar: shona.
Swara: ok.
She eats unwantedly.
Sanskar: good.
Swara: can I lie in ur lap and sleep.
Sanskar: why r u asking question to me swara. u can.
Swara: because this is not the sanskar whom I loved. This is the arrogant sanskar who is the intermediate with me and him. he is my cuty sanky. u r khadoos.
Sanskar laughs.
Sanskar make swara lie in his laps.

At morning.
Khushi wakes up early.
Khushi gets ready in a red saree and let her hair loose. She went to kitchen and prepared tea for all ..
Khushi: my dear husband this special tea is for u. who will say no to my tea that to with chillipowder and salt. Enjoy.
She smiles.
Meanwhile she finishes everyone come settled in the dinning table.
Anjali: wow ur tea bhabi , it will be surely superb.
Khushi smiles.
She give tea to everyone and the special tea to arnav. she too sits with them.
Everyone first drinks it except arnav.
Nani: its so awesome khushi.
Arnav: wow nani itself praised . let me see hwo she had done.
He takes a sip and gets shocked.
Anjali: what happened arnav. have never ever tasted any tea before like this na. khushi bhabi u r really great.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: thank u.
Arnav drinks it silently.
Khushi: I will make the breakfast today nani.
Nani: sure.
Arnav: no nani she may be tired u itself do.
Nani: arnav it is rasam that bahu should do. so now arguments. Go and get ready.
Khushi gives a winning look to arnav..
Arnav thinks. She is not a girl . devil.
Khushi: nani. I will go and arrange my things upstair and then will do the breakfast.

She goes upstair.
She sees arnav taking dresses to wear. He forgots the towel.
Khushi : arnav. u forgot ur towel. She says this softly.
Arnav: thank u.
He goes inside.
Arnav: what is she now planning.

Khushi smiles and cuts the water supply by closing the tap outside.
Arnva: khushi water is not coming.
Khushi: hwo do u feel mr raizada. No water and u r bathing in soap. Does ur eyes doesn’t burn?
Arnav: what type of wife r u.
Khushi: totally different and how was my tea today. Was it not less spicy.
Arnav: wil kill u if I come out. open the tap.
Khushi: so this is my last warning. If u ever try to come near me , u will see my devil side. Got it. this is the demo.

She goes out and opens the tap and leaves downstairs.
She makes the breakfast.

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