I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 14

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The next day…
The house was full of hurry and burry as it was raman’s marriage.
The house was full of decoration made. It was beautiful…

The stage was set with all the necessary things for a marriage.
The marriage started where the groom arrived and sat at the mandap. Where swara brought the bride groom “ishita” and made her sit near raman..
Meanwhile to make ghatbandhan khushi was called and she made their ghatbandhan ..
They both get up to take rounds in the pheras..

While taking the pheras..
Raman: I will give u all the happiness ishu and will take care of u well.
Ishita: from this day u will be my life . u will be my everything..
Raman: whatever problem arises we both will face it together.
Ishita: I will take all the pain before u face it.
Raman: I will be there with u in not this birth but all the 7 births.
Ishita: I will be with u in all ur ups and downs. I will be the person to wipe ur tears
Raman: I will solve allt he problems of ur life and will be always to give u embrace when u need it.
Ishita: I will never ever leave ur hand raman. will never

They said this while taking pheras…
After the pheras both get seated in the mandap where raman ties mangalustra in ishita’s neck and fills her maang with sindoor.
This was an blissful moment for all of them watchingwhere ishita had tears.
Soon they all completed the rituals and ishita was finally ishita raman kumar bhalla. They took blessings from all of them..
Khushi and adarsh hugged them both.
Khushi: congragulations bhai and bhabi..
Raman: thank u.
Ishita: thank u
Swasan congragulates ishra.
All were happy.

Ishita was welcomed by grahpravesh. All enjoyed this marriage ..
This marriage has united almost everyone . khushi has got her bhai and bhabi. Arnav has got a way to win his love. Raman have got a very awesome life partner ishu. He got a family.

At the night..
Ishita changes her dress and came out of the washroom.
Raman: want any surprise?
Ishita: what surprise.
Raman: today is our most best day in our life. why not to make it so much special.
Ishita: what do u mean by that..
Raman takes her an gift box and gives her.
She opens it and finds an saree with pink color.
Raman: change this. we r going out.
Ishita: u r so sweet raman. thank u.

She goes inside to change her dress.
She comes out after changing her dress.
Raman got shocked seeing ishu as she was looking awesome with the saree with a small necklace with a stone bhindi.
Raman: so madam . will u give the honor ..
Ishita: sure please.
Ishita closes her dingers with raman.
They both went out in a car..

Khushi was referring the reports relating to hospital . meanwhile her phone rings.
She without noticing the number takes the car.
Arnav: hi darling.
Khush: huh. U again. I thought u got subsided with my scoldings . what do u want?
Arnav: I told u na. I want ur friendship.
Khushi: ok fine. friends. U got satisfies. So cut the call.
Arnav: hello hello. I want u to be my phone friend.
Khushi: what phone friend.
Arnav: I wont reveal myself and u wont reveal about urself . we both will share all our happibess and sadness.
Khushi: I am not interested in this types of games. Ok. if I tell to my brother then u will be in jail within a hour. If u want I will arrange that for u. ok bye.
She cuts the call.
Khushi: dont know who he is. why everyone r born for torturing me? ok. khushi concentrate.
Adarsh comes into khushi’r room.
Adarsh: khuhi I am hungry. Please make some thing for me please.
Khushi: what u want.
Adarsh: 2min se maggi.
Khushi: no maggi at this home. Next.. I will make u sandwich?
Adarsh: no. I want parathas.
Khushi: what is this yaar.
Adarsh: I am training u for ur sasural . next is urs only remaining.
Khushi: I wont do the sucide u will do. she winks.
Adarsh: lets see. Please yaar.
Khushi: ok fine. I will do.

Meanwhile raman and ishita reaches a park. It was decorated beautifully with flowers and beautiful lighting. There were trees in between adding beauty to the place.
Ishita smiles at it. they were welcomed by a carpet of rose petals.
Ishita sidely hugs raman..
Ishita: thank u . it is beautiful so much.
Raman: I have not proposed u na. wait.he goes front and stands in front of her.
Raman: I don’t know how this happens. U know we did an arranged marriage . but I don’t know how or when did I start love u. will u be my everily love ever?
Ishita : I will raman.
She hugs raman.
Ishita: u r making our day so memorable. Thank u.
Raman smile.
Raman makes her wear the ring in his hand.
Ishita smiles.
They both spend their time talking with each other in the park..

In the other side..
Swara was sleeping peacefully. She gtes a superb smell of parathas. She sees sanskar sleeping.
Swara: who is doing parathas at this time. I am getting hungry now smelling this. will go out and see.
She sees sanskar holding her hands.
She releases and comes out.

She sees the kitchen light on..
She goes inside and sees khushi making parathas and adarsh seating above the slope and kidding her ..
Swara: what r u both doing?
Khushi: making parathas for him. he is hungry it seems. Do u want anything swara?
Swara: I am also hungry.
Khushi: surely. I am doing for u also.
Swara smiles childishly.
Khushi does some veg subji and keeps in the table.
She serves both of them..
Khushi: what is sanskar doing?
Swara: kumbakharnan. Sleeping . u know he wont get up once he sleeps. If I am hungry na I have to wake him several times. She says potuingly.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: hereafter u ask me. I will be awake till 12. So don’t worry of asking me.
Swara smiles
Sanskar: who is kumbakharnan ? me? liar.
Swara: no u r?
Sanskar: u ate diary milk silk just now 1 hr ago and now blaming me shona. this is not fair.
Swara: adarsh see na he is asking me to eat limitedly. Will any husband be like him?
Sanksar: oh I am saying that as I know . I have done my mbbs.
Swara: u know I have done a mistake. I should have married some business man instead of a doctor. He would have itself treated me as a princess.
Sanskar: swara. what is this.
Swara: what sanksar. Really.
Khushi and adarsh burst out laughing.
Khushi: sanskar there is no need for any food restrictions. I told u before itself na. u should listen to her swara. let her eat whatever she want to. U don’t restrict her.
Sanskar: ok dr madam.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: happy?
Swara: thank u. she hugs khushi.
Khushi: be careful as u r 5 months pregnant. don’t be careless.
Swara nods.
Sanskar: ok come. we will go to our room.
Swara and sanskar leaves to the room.

Adarsh: what happened to her?
Khushi: mood swings. When r u going to marry swadhu?
Adarsh: may be after ur marriage.
Khushi: why r u always coming to my marriage topic. Have u both planned something? She asked questioningly?
Adarsh: yes. raman has asked ur alliance with arnav.
Khushi: hey how can he without asking me?
Adarsh: I don’t know. he told u told ok.
Khushi: I never told ok. I cant go to that family. U know na.
Adarsh: khushi I am helpless as u r. we will see.
Khushi: adarsh please.yaar. talk to him.
Adarsh: I will try khushi.
Khushi hugs adarsh.
khushi: I trust u adarsh.
Adarsh smiles.
Adarsh: I am sorry khushi. this Is for u only. U will later learn this value . u will be happy.i promise.
He thinks while hugging there.

The next day…

Raman comes down after bathing. Khushi was waiting for him.
Khushi: raman.
Raman: what khushi.
Khushi: hwo can u speak about me and arnav’s alliance to their family. U know na raman.
Raman: khushi please. Not about this topic. U r maryrign arnav and that is final. I am ur legal brother. I have the decision to choose ur life.
Khushi: and it is my right to decide my life. why r u doing like this raman. how can u change in a day. U know na. how will I face.
Raman: I don’t know. they r coming to fix the alliance today and ur marriage will be in a week.
Khushi: raman this is not fair.
Raman: u have to do. this is final. No topics about here and I cant keep u here for more time here as un married. What will society speak.
Khushi gets teary eyed.
Khushi: u too changed raman. I didn’t think u will change to this extent. U care about the society now na raman . the society which u didn’t care for this much days. u took all that as unwanted. I am really hurt seeing u behaving like this. I will surely do . not for this guy. But for the raman who took care of me. u don’t show ur face to me again. I respect him and not u. for his sake. I will never ever see ur face again. u have changed mr bhalla. U have changed a lot.
Khushi leaves to her room..
Raman closes his eyes and tears falls in his eyes.
All of them were watching it.
Adarsh hugs raman.
Adarsh: its ok.
Raman: yeah adarsh.

Precap: arshi’s marriage..

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