I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 12 and 13

Meanwhile 2 pair of eyes were watching with anger seeing them playing.
Khushi: u have to change raman before ishu’s family comes.
Raman: yeah. U don’t change, u r looking pretty now.
Adarsh: yeah. U r very beautiful.
Khushi: stop it. I wont change. U both go now.
Meanwhile garima and raj comes in.
Khushi,raman,adarsh gets shocked seeing them.
Garima: khushi. is this the way to behave. Don’t u know u r a girl. how can u play with these type of boys. Don’t u know u r age?
Raj: yes and u both don’t have any shame behaving with a girl like this. what relation u both have ?

Adarsh and raman fumes in anger.
Adarsh comes to confront where raman holds his hand .
Raman signs no.

Meanwhile meera , aisha and Yadav comes out.

Garima: come to our hosue. U already ruined our respect by staying with these type of people. they don’t have any class at all.
Raj: come.
Garima holds her hand and takes her out.
Khushi couldn’t understand anything she was blank.
She realizes what she is doing.
She stops.
Garima: khushi come with us.
Khushi sees raman. raman turns his head other side.
Khushi closes her eyes.
Khushi cooly ..
Khushi: who r u miss gupta to control me?
Raj: khushi we r ur parents.
Khushi: oh parents. wow so sweet. It is very sweet to hear that word from u after many years.
Garima: khushi speak to ur limit.
Khushi: wow superb. I am speaking on my limit miss gupta. U r not my parent. U r not related to me understand.
Garima: khushi. she says angrily. Come with us now.
Khushi: I am at my home, so why should I leave?
Garima: ur house is not this. our house is ur house. u dont need to stay with these characterless.
Before she completes she receives a slap.
Garima and raj both gets shocked.
Raman and adarsh smiles.
Khushi: don’t call them characterless. See urself before pointing other. U r pointing others na see ur hands where 4 fingers r pointing towards u. u r trying to brainwash me. then get it inside ur mind . I wont get changed . I wont change in this birth. Second what rights u r ruling me. parent? The day u left me at ashram urs and my relation gets ended. Now I am legally sister of mr bhalla. What u talked . status. Oh ok. tell me which rank I is ur company. Answer me?
Raj: 15 th position.
Khushi: my company is in 5 th position in india. what status u have to stand here. u r just an mere object for us. Compared to us what u have mr gupta. I have everything now. I have everything. u left me in road thinking that I will be the reason for ur destruction but note now mr gupta. I will be the reason for ur destruction. And why this sudden enlightment . u didn’t search me for past 16 years but what happened within 1 month.
Garima: beta we really missed u.
Khushi: I know why u r here . u want to have ur grand children near u . am I right miss gupta.
Garima and raj gets shocked.
Khushi: I am guessing . ur bahu is pregnant. knowing ur character she would have told that she would come inside ur home once I come. this might be the reason. Then get the point. I will never ever come to ur house. leave my house now. I don’t want any strangers to stay at my house. raman. call police if they r not leaing . I don’t have time for them.
Meanwhile ishita’s family,swara,sanskar, raizadas were watching all these things.
khushi leaves inside.
Raj and garima leaves.

Raman and adarsh rushes inside.
They see khushi drinking water.
Raman goes and hugs khushi.
Khushi: I am feeing now only free raman. a burden is freed.
Raman: for that confrontation only I stood silent khushi. u love us this much khushi?
Khushi: I love u more raman. u were there for me and u stood up with me and I cant tolerate anyone saying against u and adarsh.
Adarsh: now only u r grown khushi. hats off to u. really . today u let all ur heart out.
Khushi smiles.
Adarsh hugs her.
Khushi: I want chocolate.
Raman gets it and gives her.
Raman: today I wont scold u . u can eat how much ever chocolate u want.
Adarsh: if u want I will also go and buy for me.
Khushi: then buy me diary milk silk , 10 pieces.
Adarsh: ok fine. sure princess.
Khushi smiles.

Meanwhile all of them comes in.
Ishita hugs khushi.
Ishita: u r ok.
Khushi: of course I am ok. aunty and uncle I am sorry for the thing that happened here.
Praveen: no beta u don’t have to worry about that. we didn’t feel bad. They deserve that.
Sadha: and we will always be there to u khushi. u can call us ma and pa. we also consider u as our daughter.
Khushi: thank u so much. chalo raman . get changed.
Ishita: what u r full covered with haldi.
Adarsh: my work.
Khushi frowns.
Adarsh: sorry. he holds his ears. Khushi smiles.
Khushi: go get changed.
Ishita: u too get changed. Ur dress is also wet.
Khushi nods .

Khushi goes and greets nani,arnav and anjali.
Khushi: hi nani.
Nani: I know u r my khushi. I am sorry that I am helpless.
Khushi: its ok nani. I am happy now really. Don’t worry about me.
Anjali: can I call u dhi?
Khushi nods.
Anjali hugs her.
Nani: u r welcome to our house anytime khushi. that is also ur house.
Khushi smiles
Khushi: I will go and change my dress.

Meanwhile sanskar calls her.
Sanskar: I am sorry khushi. whatever has happened to u is very bad and I am very sorry that I was also a part in it. I am really sorry. but I searched for u khushi. whatever possible way I searched for u. I couldn’t reach u anyway. then 10 days back only I came to know the truth.
Khushi gets teary eyed.
Khushi:this is ur not fault sanskar. u couldnt have done anything when they brought me out. u were just 11 years. Why should I be angry at u. I spoke to ishu last night and learnt everything. I am not angry with u both. I can even understand u both. I am not like that people. I cannot blame u simply for the mistake u haven’t done. I am sorry if I spoke anything wrong to u or behaved badly during this days.
Sanskar hugs khushi.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: why u changed ur name?
Sanskar smiles .
Sanskar: astrology.
Khushi: but I like john more than sanskar.
Khushi hugs swara.
Khushi: bhabi.
Swara: u dont know howmany days I have waited to hear this word from u.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: I will go and get ready.
She leaves.

Swara hugs sanskar.
Swara: my wish got fulfilled. Our family is finally united sanky.
Sanky: yeah. I am also happy.

Meanwhile everyone gets ready for the function.

Raman and ishita was made sittign opposite and adarsh and swadeenta hold a shawl between them.

Khushi starts the ceremony first.
She takes the haldi in her hand and applies it to raman.
Next followed by meera,aisha,adarsh,Yadav..

Whereas sadha started ishita’s haldi followed by swara and others.

Meanwhile khushi was arranging things in kitchen . someone phones her.
Khushi: hello khushi speaking.
Meanwhile a man from the other side.
Man: hi khushi .
Khushi: who r u ?
Man: u r secret admirer.
Khushi: hey what the hell is this.
Man: I want to be ur friend.
Khushi: never. First of all I don’t know who u r and I don’t give friendship to strangers.
Man: I don’t know anything. I just want ur friendship.
Khushi; cut the call before I complain to police.
Saying this she cuts the call.
Khushi: god who is this now? why these much problems. Who is he? If I find him he will face the hell. Flirter.
Meanwhile a person was smiling seeing her scolding. It is none other than arnav.

Meanwhile sanskar comes in.
Sanskar: what r u doing.
Khushi: preparing juice for everyone.
Sanskar: can I help?
Khushi: no problem john. I can do it. john , will u and swara come here for ever.
Sanky was shocked.
Khushi: no sanky. I want we all to stay together. It is very long time ago I stayed with u.
Sanskar: but khushi.
Khushi: tell me will u come or not? Even swara needs a good surrounding sanky.
Sanskar: but what about raman.
Khushi: think him as a brother. U don’t have to bother about him. he will surely say yes. he will also be happy.
Sanskar:I will surely come khushi.
Khushi: u know swara will also be happy as she have ishu aside.
Sanskar: she will be first happy staying with u.
Khushi: really?
Sanskar: yes.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: ok I will go and give juice to everyone. Hey did swara eat anything.
Sanskar: no she never has her breakfast. Very stubborn. Tried in many ways but she never has it.
Khushi: I will take care u don’t worry.
She gives juice to everyone.

Meanwhile sanskar goes to swara.
Sanskar: khushi has asked us to shift here forever.
Swara: really. Wow superb. I can be with ishu and khushi. it will be awesome.
Sanskar: yes. u can enjoy with them. I please beg u please eat something.
Swara: no I will eat directly lunch.
Sanskar: see our baby will also be hungry please . atleast for her.
Swara: how u know it is her? it may be him also.
Sanskar: no it is her only. She is a girl only.
Swara: no . boy only.
Sanskar: surely a princess like u .
Swara: surely a prince like u.
Sanskar: ok we will see who wins.
Swara: ok deal.
Sanskar: lets see . sanskar never looses.
Swara: then I will make this sanskar to loose.
Sanskar: in ur dreams.
Swara: huh..
Sanskar: come we will eat .
Swara: I don’t like to eat in morning sanskar. it is like over burdening me.
Sanskar: I don’t know how I am going to manage u for rest of the months. He says this to himself. Ok u sit here. I will be back.
Sanskar goes out.

meanwhile ishita was in the room cleaning her face.
she came after washing the face . meanwhile raman comes there.
Ishita: raman see na full haldi went na.
Raman: yes. close ur eyes. I want to give u a gift.
Ishita: what gift?
Raman: close ur eyes.
Ishita closes her eyes.
Raman takes the haldi in his hand and fully apply it in her face.
Ishita gets shocked.
Ishita: raman? what is this. this is not fair. I just now washed it fully with difficulty. U na.
She chases him and holds his hand.
She pulls him towards her.
Ishita: now see what ishita singh will do. saying this she takes the bowl and fully pour it on his face from head
Ishita laughs.
Ishita: don’t underestimate ishita singh .
Raman: I just poured it on ur face but y for me from head?
Ishita: for fun.
Saying this she runs away..

Meanwhile khushi brings a plate of food.

Khushi: swara. please eat the food.
Swara: I don’t want breakfast?
Khushi: who told breakfast. See the time 12.00 pm. Come have the lunch.
Swara: I will have it with everyone.
Khushi: no. way. Sit down and have it. it is ur doctor order. This is why u r weak.
Swara smiles an dhaves it.
Khushi: where is sanskar?
Swara: don’t know.he told me to sit and went.
Khushi: shouldn’t waste a single piece of food also . got it?
Swara: yes boss.
Khushi smiles.
Swara completed fully.
Sanskar comes and sees her eating.
Sanskar: how u made her eat?
Khushi shows the time.
Sanskar: if I have known this techinique before I could have made her eat more. Superb khushi.
Swara: what technique.
Sanskar: no techinique. We were just speaking.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: u take care, saying this she leaves.

Swara: what si this sanskar?if u r not telling.
Sanskar nods no.
Swara: chotu don’t talk with him. he is always like this only . behaving like this.
Sanskar:chotu see na I am doing this for ur health so tell ur ma not to be angry.
swara:I will be angry. I am leaving to the room and don’t u dare enter mr gupta.
Saying this she leaves inside and locks the room.

Meanwhile raman calls sanskar.
Raman: sanky actually I want to ask u one thing. Can u stay with us here?
Sanskar: did khushi tell u before?
Raman: no.
Sanskar: she itself asked me.
Raman: no yaar. I don’t know what khushi spoke to u. but I also want we all to be united and friends?
Sanskar: friends.
Adarsh: u left me in ur friendship?
Sanskar: sorry.
Adarsh: its ok dude.
Sanskar: u guys know actually arnav loves khushi a lot.
Raman: she too loves him but her ego will never make her accept. She is very afraid sanky . life if anyone leaves her and goes..
Arnav: hey whats the topic going on. Arnav joins them.
Adarsh: arnav will u answer the question to us.
Arnav: of course.
Adarsh: do u love khushi?
Arnav: yes..
Adarsh: will u tolerate her for the rest of life , I am warning u she is very short tempered.
Arnav: I will be privillaged to do so.
Adarsh: u wont leave her na.
Arnav: I will never leave her till my death. I promise u .
Adarsh hugs arnav.
Raman: do u want to marry her?
Arnav: she should be interested na?
Adarsh: she will never ever in her life will make any person enter her life.i swear.
Arnav: why she is like that?
Raman: because of that persons. She tries to make a safe distance so that she wont get broken again. she is just afraid if again she goes in the darkness which she faced in her childhood and arnav trust me u r the person who can change her . I cannot ,adarsh cannot just u can change her. I will tell u that she loves u to the core but she just need some time to accept it. u can do it ? will u marry my sister.
Arnav hugs raman.
Arnav: I am ready now also.
Raman: sanskar.
Sanskar: I am very happy that she got a brother like u . even I cant be like u. whatever decision u make . I am happy.
Raman: then we will do like this. he tells what they r going to do and that is silent.
Sanskar: but she may hate u if u do like this. I will do that.
Raman: no sanky. she now just accepted u . she cant be angry on me for more time. I know her. trust me. arnav I will talk to dadi about it. what about ur parents.
Arnav: dadi’s decision is their decision. U don’t need to worry about them..
Adarsh: so plan is on…
All of them smiles…

precap: ishra marriage

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