I am alive because of u (season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 10 and 11

hi guys..

Ishita tries to speak with raman but he ignores her.
She messages him.
Ishita: raman come upstairs.
She leaves upstairs and wait for him in terrors.
Raman comes there.
Raamna: what happened ishu?
Ishita: why r u sad raman? r u ignoring me ?
Raman: no I am not sad and hwy would I ignore u?
Ishita: I can see that. I am sorry raman.
Raman: leave it .it is fine ishu.
He says looking somewhere else.
Ishita: look at me raman.
Raman looks at her.
Ishita: I don’t know anything but just try to find the truth raman. they both left their house for khushi. I know that. find the truth and then come to a conclusion. Will u raman?
Raman: ok I will try to find the truth.
Ishita hugs raman.

Ishita: I am sorry , I shouldn’t have spoke to u like that. u r very important to me raman. I can withstand anything but don’t keep silence. It is hurting me a lot. Fight with me, beat me do anything but don’t keep the word silence and ignore me. please.
Raman: I am sorry ishu. Whats ur fault in this. I shouldn’t have been like that to u. sorry.
Ishita: now smile.
Raman smiles.
Raman: vaise I got a gift for u?
Ishita: what gift?
Raman: close ur eyes?
Ishita closes her eyes.
Raman gives her an box.
Ishita opens it.
She finds an beautiful wedding set jewellery.
Ishita: this is really awesome raman.
Raman: this is my mother’s
Ishita: what really?
Raman: yes. it was with meera ma. she gave me 2 days ago.
Ishita: I will surely wear this. this is the most precious thing raman .thank u raman. thank u so much.
Saying this she kisses raman’s cheek.
Raaman gets shocked?
Raman: u know to give these and all?
Ishita: raman.
She smiles a little.
Raman: I dotn know I want another one.
Ishita: raman everyone r waiting leave me.
Raman holds her by hands and comes near her.

Meanwhile Yadav and aisha in school dress shouts “surprise” .
Raman leaves ishita seeing them..
Aisha runs and hugs raman.
Aisha: hai rkb.
Yadav: hi irkb.
He hugs ishita.
Ishita: what happened yaar?finally u both r back.
Yadav: yes exam overy . fully vacation from today.
Aisha: yes rkb and we will be staying here for marriage. Meera ma is also staying here.
Ishita: wow. Aisha wont speak to me.
Aisha: why irkb.s he comes to ishu and hugs her.
Yadav: hey she is my team mate.
Ishita: Yadav.this is not fair.she is also like ur sister. ok.
Yadav: rkb.
He hugs raman..
( rkb means raman kumar bhalla,irkb means ishita raman kumar bhalla).
Meanwhile all of them comes down.

Yadav: khushi.
Khushi: hi Yadav.
She hugs him.
Khushi: how r u ? will pass the exam na?
Yadav: I will be the topper.
Khushi: wow really. Superb.
Aisha: till I am there I wont let it happen/
Khushi: aisha.
Aisha:khushi I will get the 1 st rank.
Yadav: no I will.
Meera: both stop. both will get. Go fresh up in the room.
Both nods.
Adarsh: hey kidoo, u forgot me.
Aisha: how much time I told u not to call me kidoo/
Yadav: yes we r not kids.
Adarsh: acha sorry.
Yadav: when did u come?
Adarsh 3 days ago/
Aisha: u will not go now na .
Adarsh: of course I wont.
Yadav: I want to play kabaddi like how we used to play. Please.
Adarsh: sure but only when u both give me a hug.
Yadav and aisha hugs adharsh and leaves to change
Raman: they both will never change.
khushi: yes . ishu come u take rest.
Sadha: no beta. We all will leave and u all of u come today evening there. We will celebrate mehandi together.
Khushi: aunty tell him that boys are not allowed
Sadha: yes raman , boys are not allowed. So u r not allowed to come to mehandi.
Raman: ma this is not fair.
Khushi whispers in his ears
Khushi: all is fair mr raman bhalla.

Raman: actually I wanted to ask u a thing. Ma and pa. will u please stay after marriage here. it is both mine and ishu’s wish . if u both be with us . we will be more happy/
Praveen and sadha were shocked.
Praveed: beta we r very happy to listen this from u. we both also need some time alone na. this devil will alsways disturb our romance.
Ishita: papa.
Sadha: so we r planning for a long trip. So its ok raman.
Ishita: I am a devil for u?
Praveen hugs ishu.
Praveen: u r our angel but disturbing romance u r the devil of it.
Raman: why papa what she did?
Ishita: no need to ask that. we will leave . come on. She drags both of them out.

Raman ,adarsh and khushi laughs at her antics.
Khushi: so I am going to mehandi. U both will stay here.
Aisha: wow even I can come na.
Khushi: yes . yadav u r not allowed.
Yadav: ok fine.
Adarsh: khushi something happened to u?
Khushi: why foodie?
Adarsh: no today only u r looking like a girl in this saree.
Khushi: u..
She starts beating him.
Raman: he is right khushi.
Khushi: why u r all pulling my legs. I am going inside my room. Bye.
She leaves.

At evening .
Raman and adarsh enters khushi room.
Raman signs adarsh to speak while adarsh signs him to speak.
Khushi: anyone speak na.
adarsh: khushi even we want to come to mehandi function.
Rkhushi: but this is a lady’s function and what u all will do there.
Raman: please khushi. please.
Khushi: k fine . u can come.
Raman: really u agreed.
Khushi: yes.
Adarsh: hey I think something is fishy.
Khushi: nothing is fishy.
Raman: khushi did ma and pa give permisiion before itself?
Khushi nods childishly.
Adarsh: so u want us to plead to u.
Khushi nods .
Adarsh: u. u always do this.
Khushi: r u coming or shall I tell aunty that u both r not interested to come?
Raman: blackmailer . give 5 mins.
He and adarsh leaves to get ready and all of them leaves to ishita’s house.

The mehandi ceremony starts and they all enjoys it.
Later swadeenta comes.
Swadeenta: sorry I am late..
Khushi: hi swadhu. Come put mehandi.
Swadhu: yeah.
The lady who puts mehandi in her hand ask what name she should put in khushi’s hand meanwhile khushi’s phone beeps having the name arnav.
Khushi: arnav.
Lady assumers the name and writes A.
Khushi: why is he calling now.swadhu.
Swadeenta attends it and keeps in khushi’s ears.
Khushi: hello khushi speaking.
Arnav: khushi. when is the appointment for dadi?
Khushi: oh my god I forgot. Whats the time now?
Arnav: 7.00 pm.
Khushi: can I come to ur home by 9.00 pm. Is it ok?
Arnav: if not u can come tomorrow also.
Khushi: no its fine. I will be busy tomorrow. I will come to ur house. u don’t have any objections na?
Arnav: no problem.
Khushi: ok fine.
Khushi signs swadeenta to cut the call.
Swadeenta: u will never be free na?
Ishita: her profession is like that.
Khushi: yeah. Have to go. Should ask adarsh or raman to take me. if they know I went alone. She imitates them. what do u think of u khushi. r u a robot. R they idiot to call u at this time. U better take ur things and put it in hospital.
Ishita and swadeenta laughs seeing her doing like that.
khushi: my mehandi is done. Swadhu u do It now.
khushi gets up and sits in the chair.

Meanwhile ishu mother was feeding her dinner as she was wearing mehandi.
Khushi sees this and gets teary eyed.
She closes her eyes and thinks to eat after she takes her mehandi . meanwhile raman comes there with a plate of food.
Raman: she is not worth of ur tears khushi .
Raman wipes her tears.
Raman: she is not worth of r tears why r u feeling for a lady like her. come eat.
Khushi: no its fine raman. I will have it once i remove my mehandi
Raman: chup. U didn’t have anything from lunch. Didn’t have snacks also. now eat.
He feeds her. khushi eats happily.
Khushi: I am very lucky to get u raman as my brother . u were there for me in everytime. U r my everything raman. u r my mother , father and everything. thank u so much raman.
She hugs raman.
Raman: why r u getting this much sentimental. U know very well u r the reason for everything what I am now khushi. I have to thank u . oh my god ur mehandi. So this emotional drama to apply mehandi on my dress?
Khushi: raman. see nothing is applied. U na. she stamps her foot and goes.
Raman smiles seeing her.
Ishita: u did this to divert her na.
Raman nods.
Raman: or else she wont do anything but just thinking about it.
Ishita: so mr raman bhall ready for the task?
Raman: what task?
Ishita: task to find ur name in my hands.
She shows her hands.
Raman searches and finds it.
Raman: rkb.
Ishita smiles.

The time reaches 9.
Khushi: raman come with me to arnav’s house.
Raman: why now?
Khushi: appointment. He asked tomorrow. But I am busy tomorrow. So now.
Raman: this is not fair khushi
Khushi: please raman.
Raman: ok fine. come. adarsh u drop swadhu and come home.
Adarsh: yeah swadhu don’t miss tomorrow haldi. It will be fun.
Khushi: what is ur plan for tomorrow.
Adarsh: wait and see… he winks.
Khushi: if u plan anything on me . I will make sure u r in hell mr Sinha.
Adarsh: lets see miss gupta.
Raman: is it not late khushi?
Khushi: yeah bye..
Raman and khushi leaves.

They reach arnav’s house.
Raman: invite them also na for marriage.
Khushi: yes. I will invite for tomorrow haldi itself.
Raman: u go I will wait outside.
Khushi: no . come in.
They both go in.

Khushi: sorry dadi so much. I was very busy.
Dadi: its ok beta.come sit. Arnav ,anjali come down.

Arnav and anjali both comes down.
Anjali: hi khushi .
Khushi: hi.
Arnav: hi khushi. hi raman.
Raman: hi.
Dadi: who is he?
Khushi: my brother dadi.. let me check u dadi. Raman sit till that.
Raman: ok..
Khushi checks dadi.
Khushi: u have improved than before. u r now better. U r walking . but still take rest. Will have our next appointment after 1 month. If pain then take these medicines.
Anjali: will u have something?
Khushi: water. Dadiji. I would like to invite u all for my brother marriage. U r welcome . u can join us for tomorrow haldi also.
Dadi: yes we will surely come beta.
Raman: bless me dadi.
Dadi: so its ur marriage. She blesses him.
anjali brings water and gives it to raman and khushi.
while taking the water khushi sees her hand and gets shocked to see the word “A” in her hand.
Raman: what happened khushi?
Khushi: nothing raman. we will leave.
Raman: ok.
Khushi: bye dadi, arnav ,anjali.
Arnav: I will come out to send u.
Khushi rushes out.
Raman: what happened?
Khushi shows him the hand.
Khushi: I don’t know how this letter came in my hand.
Raman laughs.
Raman: so madam is loving arnav.
Khushi: will kick u raman. I don’t have any idea how this letter a came In my hand. How can the mehandi designer write like this.

Arnav while coming out listens this conversation
Raman: leave it . if this is ur destiny khushi.
Khushi: I don’t believe in so called destiny raman. tell me a way.
Raman: I don’t know.
Khushi: I got a way. A for aisha .
Raman laughs.
Raman: everyone will laugh at ur answer.
Khushi: ok leave it. we will leave.
Raman: tell me khushi. u don’t like arnav.
Khushi: this is not the time raman.
Raman: tell me na.
Khushi: ok I like him in childhood.
Raman: now?
Khushi: don’t know. everything is changed now raman.
Raman: ok come we will go.
Raman and khushi leaves.

Arnav: god has destinated us khushi. If I once hold ur hand will never leave u again khushi. I don’t know when u will change ur heart. i will wait for u.

The next day..
At haldi function.
Khushi was wearing a white chudidhar . she was looking pretty meanwhile meera was preparing haldi.
Adarsh and raman were discussing something.
Raman: khushi come out na.
Khushi: coming raman.
Khushi comes out.
Meanwhile adarsh and raman lifts her.
They both through her in the pool of haldi water in the swimming pool.
Khushi coughs.
Khushi: u.
She comes out of the pool and runs towards them.
She takes haldi in her hands and runs behind them and applies towards them.
The trio was playing happily.
Raman and adarsh all of them was almost covered with haldi.

Meanwhile 2 pair of eyes were watching with anger seeing them playing.

who r they?

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