I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Promo)


Hi guys so sorry. I cannot post my episode till Sunday as I am going to tour. So I am going to give u a promo of the upcoming week. So sorry. please understand my situation. Jasmine rahul from Sunday onwards I will post it regularly in indian forrums and guys u can read my story in indian forrums . it is in the same name “ I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi”. My name there is nappinnai.123. don’t think it as a strange name as my original name is nappinnai. Thank u so much for ur support and please wait for Sunday. So sorry.

Shyam tortures khushi.
Khushi decides to tell it to arnav.
Arnav sees khushi and shyam together and assumes it wrongly..
Arnav fights with khushi.
Khushi tries to prove her innocence and ask arnav to believe her but arnav wont listen.
While asking him she gets accident.
Ishra small tiffs and happiness will be showed.
Mrs bhalla and mrs iyer will come to learn about them.
So the both family as usual will fight.
So it is in hands of ishra to convince them.

Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Oh!! Yaar, this us sooooo sad for me..
    Have to wait till Sunday?? Oh!! This is a long time… Will miss it a loooottttt.
    And don’t know what to say..
    The promo was AWESOME
    I will wait for ur come back
    Enjoy ur tour..

    1. thank u so much khushi

  2. nice nice…. and yeah cery cute name….. nappinai

    1. thank u so much dhi.

  3. I miss your FB so.badly. please come back soon. Have a safe trip…

  4. Your name was unique. I like ur name. nappinnai so nice … here after use ur orginal name. It’s sounds different n I like ur name very much…

    1. thank u so much jo. hereafter i will use my original name itself. thank u so much

  5. Waiting till Sunday ……..oh no it’s difficult for me…… I will really miss ur ff……and u too……..but can understand ur situation……. Like the promo………it makes me interesting to read the upcoming episodes……….

    1. thank u so much ude.

  6. I will miss this Sooooo badly………?????But its OK….Happy Journey………

    1. Thank u so much reshma pradeep

  7. Gonna miss you and ur ff akshaya
    Have a safe travel and come back soon..

    1. Thank u ammu

  8. jasmine Rahul

    Thanks a lot.I am waiting 2 read ur ff from d beginning.Guess u started one more Arshi Ishra ff.plz post that too on IF

    1. Thank u jasmine rahul. I didn’t start any other ff jasmine rahul on ishra and arshi

  9. Happy journey dear

    1. Thank u vavachi

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