I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 8 and 9)

hi hope u guys like it.
Khushi: I will start decorating sir.
All leave the room.
In hall
Nani arrives.
Khushi: bless me nani.
All of them takes blessing.
Nani: see this is khushi. She is a very cultured girl.
Khushi takes blessing from dadi and garima.
Nani: what is the sudden visit sashi?
Sashi: no nani , actually we r in search of akash’s sister.
Nani: what happened to her.
Arnav also asks the same to akash.
Akash starts explain to all of them.
Nani: u were very bad to her sashi and akash. This is so bad sashi I didn’t expect this from u.
Sashi: I don’t know why I lost my respect nani. I don’t know why I behaved like that. I am feeling very sorry for that.
Naani: but u r good in heart,u have the courage to accept ur mistake. U will definitely get her soon . akash u were also wrong . for that find her and ask sorry.
Akash: sure nani.
Raman: come on ya,lets begin the decoration
The decoration was almost completed ,khushi was doing decorations in the pool side.
She was putting lights but the wire slipt her legs so she was going to fall on the pool
Arnav holds her.
Rabbave plays.
He lifts her.

Arnav: be careful khushi.let me help u.
Khushi thinking is he bad or a good person?
arnav helps khushi.
Khushi: arnavji salary has credited to my account.
Arnav: good .
Khushi leaves after decorating.
Raman: khushi over ah there?

Evening party.
Anjali: can u come to our house and teach me about all the things u know about our culture.
Khushi: yes I can. But I have office.
Anjali: u can work from here. please.
Khushi: yes . u ask arnavji.
Anjali: ok khushi. Come let me introduce my husband.
Anjali introduces shyam to khushi and Anjali leaves.
Shyam: Namaste khushi.
Khushi: Namaste.
Shyam tries to hold her hand and misbehave but khushi slaps him
Khushi: stay away from me. Whom ever u be,u don’t have rights to touch me
Khushi leaves.

Arnav sees all this behind. But khushi doesn’t notice him.

Party time.
Arnav: I welcome all of u for this party. This is an party for our company’s profit and for mrs.shyam my dhi’s birthday. Hope u all enjoy the party.
All comes and congragulate arnav
Anjali: oh my god sweet shop owner have cancelled the order what can I do?
Khushi comes.
Khushi:what problem anjaliji?
Anjali: no sweets in the party . sweet contractor has cancelled the deal.
Khushi: no problem. Me ,shagun and ishu will do jelibi.
Anjali: how can u do that much jelibi.
Shagun: anjaliji u don’t know about khushi,if she starts no one will be able to win her.
Anjali: then khushi please help us.
Khushi: not a problem anjaliji.
Khushi does jelibi.
Ishita: wow khushi I feel like I want to eat the whole jelibi.
Mamiji enters.
Mamiji: hello hi bye bye, jelibi over ah.
Khushi: no still some more are there.
Mamiji: do it a bit fast and she tastes the jelibi. it is very nice and leaves the kitchen.
Khushi: ishu and shagun start distubuting.
Ishu and shgun distributes the sweets.
Anjali: hare khushi ,very tasty jelibi.
Khushi: thank u anjaliji.
Khushi finishes off the work.

Khushi comes out of the kitchen.
All forms a big circle.
Khushi joins them.
Anjali celebrates her birthday by cutting cake.
Anjali feeds shyam ,arnav,akash,nani,Mamiji,mamaji,garima,khushi,ishita,raman and shagun
All gives gift to Anjali. All have dinner and leaves the party.

Khushi , shagun,raman and ishita leaves the party.
They go to shagun’s house.

In arnav’s house.
Arnav sees a phone in his bedroom.
Arnav: whose phone is this.
Arnav then sees that it is khushi phone. Wait I am having a doubt.
Akash enters.
Arnav: what is the full name of ur sister.
Akash: khushi kumar gupta.
Arnav: what.then my assumption is correct only. Do u have any childhood photos?
Akash:yes and shows the photo where he and khushi took a photo during his birthday.
Arnav searches in khushi phone gallery. Arnav symentaniously asked who were ur khushi’s best friends
Akash: raman and shagun.
Arnav was shocked seeing the photo.
Arnav: see akash.
Akash: this is my family photo. Hey this means.
Arnav: his khushi is ur khushi.
Akash: arnav ,thank u so much.
Arnav: lets go to her house. To give the phone.
Akash: great idea.
Arnav and akash leaves.

In khushi’s house.
Raman: I am going to stay here.
Ishita: even me.
Khushi was not at all listening she was in other world.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi: what raman?
Ishita: we r staying here tonight.
Khushi: no problem.
Raman thinking. Why is she sitting like this. I don’t like this khushi.
Wait I know how to change her mood.
Raman tells his plans to shagun and ishu they also agree.
Raman plays…chikini chameli .
Khushi looked surprisingly. Ishu and shagun started dancing
Raman also started dancing . he woke khushi and also made her dress.
She forgot all things and started to dance.
Arnav and akash rang the bell,window was open.
He saw raman,ishu,shagun and khushi dancing.
They finished dancing.
Khushi hugs raman ,ishu and shagun and starts crying.
Khushi: what was the sin I commited. He only left me. Does he know the pain I suffered in this year? . how much days I was sad when he left me. U know it raman and shagun. I lost my family because of him. I wont spare him. If I have a chance I will itself kill him and starts scoulding him.
Raman: my plan worked ishu and shagun.
Ishu shagun and raman did hifi.
Khushi: raman. Why r u doing this drama.
Raman: ur burden got reduced right. Now come out of the thing and start living ur life.
Khushi: raman…….. and starts beating him..
Ishita and shagun also got beatings from khushi.
Raman: khushi stop beating.
Khushi: ok ok. I need chocolate raman.
Raman: have it.
He gives her a chocolate.
Khushi: diary milk silkkk. Thank u raman and starts eating it.
Akash rings the bell.
Khushi opens the door eating chocolate.
Khushi was shocked to see arnav and akash.
Khushi: come in arnavji and akashji.
They came in.
ishu: please sit I will bring anything to eat.
Arnav: no need anything. Khushi ,u left ur phone there . so I came to give it to me.
Khushi: thank u arnavji.
Akash: khushi, will u give me some water.
Khushi: ishu give him na.
Ishita gives him water.
Arnav: khushi ,come to home for work. Anjali dhi needs u to teach something so hereafter u will work from there.
Khushi: already anjaliji told me. I will be there.
Arnav and akash says good bye and leaves.
All leave to sleep.
Arnav and akash slept in the same room.
Arnav: see how she scoulded u.
Akash: its ok. Any person will be angry for my deeds.
Arnav: ur right.
Akash: first I need to know things about her. Where she was and what she was doing and many things.
Arnav: no , don’t do like that. U accept however she is . don’t go into her past again. Forgot the past and see for the future.
Akash: correct arnav.
They go to sleep.

The next day.
Raman and ishu leaves for their house.shagun goes to hospital.
Khsuhi comes to raizada house.
She enters.
Anjali: welcome khushiji.
Khushi: Namaste anjaliji.
Anjali: what r u going to teach me today.
Khushi: anything u want to learn.
Anjali: can u teach me about Ramayana.
Khushi: of course , we will go to puja room.
Khushi starts teaching Anjali.
Nani: Anjali where have u kept the masalas?
Anjali: nani that is in upper row. Wait I will come.
Khushi: anjaliji u sit I will go and give nani and come.
Khushi helps nani and comes
Arnav: khushi, complete the accounts , I have mailed u.
Khushi: ok arnavji.
Khushi does the work.
Reminder. Tomorrow shagun’s birthday.
Khushi speaks to herself. How can u forgot the day . she is going to kill me. What can I buy for her. I will buy her a jewellery for her birthday. Then I should leave today early.
Arnav hears this.
All of them comes and sits in the hall.
Khushi was doing her work silently.
Garima: I need to buy jewelery.
Nani: we can go to the shop today then.
Dadi: nice idea.
Arnav: we can go after lunch. Khushi if u want u can join us.
Khushi: yes I will join. Even I need to buy a thing there.
Akash to arnav.
Akash: how do u know that she needs to buy jewellery.
Arnav: she has a habbit of speaking to herself. She spoke like that I heard. It seems it is shagun’s birthday.
Akash: then arnav that was my parents death day. We should do arrangements.
Arnav: dadiji already did arrangements .
Akash: good arnav lets leave come.

All of them left


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