I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 6 and 7)

hi . hope u guys like it.
Khushi: count down starts…
After sometime
Ishita: 9 mins 30 sec ove.
Khushi: 30 secs are there……5,4,3,2,1.
Door bell rings .
Khushi goes and opens the door
It was raman.
Khushi: raman ,what r u doing this time?come in.
Raman: I will be were my wife is here.
Ishita: oh raman….
Shagun: what a dialogue….
Khushi: raman. Did u have dinner.
Raman: yes I had. Can we play.
Khushi: it is 9 pm ya already.
Raman: not outdoor game indoor game.
Khushi : carom board.
Ishita: I am ready .
Shagun: me too.

Raman: I am also ready.
Khushi: who r teams.
Shagun: ishu and raman , me and khushi.
Khushi: ok come lets begin.
Carom board goes on.
Meanwhile in arnav’s house.
Someone rings the bell.
Anjali goes and opens the door.
She was shocked.
Anjali: Mamiji and mamaji? U here. wow. Come in.
Mamiji is manorama and mamaji is manorama’s husband.
Anjali: seeing u after 6 months. Bless me.
Mamiji: be good Anjali.
The bell rings again
Anjali goes and opens the door.
She was again shocked..
Anjali: shyamji……..
Shyam: hi rani sahiba surprise………
Anjali: u told me that u wont come . it is a big surprise for me. Thank u so much for coming . come in.
Anjali calls nani and arnav to see who have come.
Nani and arnav comes down.
Nani: hare wa ,how many suprises for my Anjali beta.

Mamaji: yes we r going to stay here only.
Arnav: welcome mamaji and Mamiji.
Mamijii and mamaji: thank u
Arnav didn’t notice shyam’s presence.
Anjali: chote this is not fair.
Arnav: what dhi?
Anjali: u forgot about shyam itself.
Arnav got angry but didn’t show it.
Arnav: hi shyam , how r u,how was ur trip.
Shyam:very good arnav.
Arnav: I have a important work I will go to my room.
Arnav leaves.
Anjali: come everyone lets have dinner.

Arnav in his room
Arnav speaking to himself
How dare he come to this house. I will surely punish him. He played with my life very seriously. I am adjusting all this for dhi only. If he crosses the limits then he will know who this asr is. Khushi is now only happy . if he disturbs her I will definitely revenge him……..
Arnav was angry thinking about shyam

In khushi house.
Ramna: ishu we won.
They do hi fi.
Raman: khushi for the first time in history I have beaten u in carom.
Khushi: how much time i am itself getting the name so I saw pity on u and ishu so …..
Raman: khushi……..
Khushi: ok good night raman me ishu and shagun in one room u only in that room.
Raman: this is not fair.
Shagun ,khsuhi and ishita moves to their room.
Khsuhi: u asked evidence right isu come here.
Shagun: whats going on here.
Ishu tells her everything.
Shagun: how can he.. wait I will go and fight.
Khushi: shagun wait.
Khushi : actually ishu I am very sorry to do this. I actually inserted a secret camera in ur room and raman room when suraj blamed u first time remember.
Ishu: so evidence is there? Its ok yaar.

Khushi: see I have copied it.
Hey wait, see in ur office live video. Suraj is keeping the file under ur drawer ishu see na.
Ishu sees it.
Ishu: how dare he .
Shagun: control ishu.
Khushi: go and sleep ,I will handle everything.

Khushi goes out of the room and went to raman room
Khsuhi: me and shagun are coming to ur office tomorrow. Gather ur all staffs there. No one should be absent.
Raman: why?
Khushi stares at him.
Raman: ok yaar.
Khushi: come there. U should also be present.
Raman: ok idiot I will go there.
All went into sleep,.
Next day.
In raman’s office.

Khushi: so everyone is here.
Raman: yes can I call them.
Khushi:call them to conference room.
Raman and everyone enter.
Shagun: instructions. No one should speak while we r speaking. Is it ok.
U all know what happened yesterday. Our ishu no ur madam has been accused for what mistake she have not commited.
Khushi: also she has been told to leave by her boss. So I request mr.sooraj Khanna to come here.
Sooraj comes there and stands.
Khushi plays the video of sooraj taking the file and replacing at night.
Shagun: u all did see the video. U used such a dirty trick.
Khushi slaps sooraj.
Khushi: this is for blaming my bhabi
Shagun slaps.
Shagun: this is for insulting my friend ishita.
Khushi slaps again.
Khushi: this is for torturing my sister .

Raman slaps him.
Raman: how dare u do this . get out of the office u have no other go. Get out in an angry tone.

Raman: khushi and shagun were is ishu?
Khushi: she is in car convince her. Raman goes.
Khushi: on the account of sir convincing madam u all get 1 day leave enjoy.
Shagun: yes please enjoy and sorry for the inconvinence we made during office hours.
Khushi and shagun leaves to home.

In car
Raman: I am sorry ishu.
Ishu: I am not even angry at u raman. U saw ur point of u that’s it. He was doing all planningly so u couldn’t understand. It’s a wife duty to make u understand what is wrong so I did,don’t ask sorry ravan kumar.
Raman: I thought u were angry on me.
Ishu: nothing like that. Khsuhi made me to understand ur other side also. She told full of her past till 12th. U r great raman. I am very happy to have a husband like u . I love u so much and hugs him. Raman khushi told u to give 10 lakhs o u have it.
Raman: why did u get it yaar?
Ishita: raman first I refused then I accepted as we can do anything to her with the money.
Raman: great ishita. Good idal.
Shagun and khushi gets in.

Raman: what u told to office members after we left.
Shagun: on account of sir convincing madam u all get 1 day leave enjoy.
Raman: khushi u only said this na?
Khushi looks at raman as if she is not haring him.
Raman: then yes khushi only said this.

In arnav home.
All wish Anjali a happy birthday .
Arnav calls khushi.
Arnav: khushi come home at 3 as I need ur help in decorations .
Khushi: ok sir me shagun raman and ishita will be there. Bye sir.
Khushi: raman,today Anjali dhi birthday na? arnav invited u.
Raman: yes ,he invited me. Ishu sorry I forgot to inform u. by the way khushi,where is ur respect for ur boss? U will call him sir only now he has become arnav ah? He asked this in a teasing manner.
Khushi: not like that.
Raman: ok ok.

Shagun: raman, come lets have our lunch ,I am hungry.
Raman: why r u always thinking about food shagun?
Shagun: raman ,khushi is specialist in it not me. Ok ya?
Raman: I accept with shagun’s fact.
Khushi starts beating raman.
Khushi: did I ask u anything why r u involving me in this.
Ishita: ok come we have arrived to hotel lets eat something.
After eating they have their lunch and goes to home and get ready and comes to arnav home. khushi in a beautiful blue chudi,ishita was in red chudi and shagun was in pink chudi.

Anjali opens the door.
Khushi: Namaste Anjali dhi,happy birthday
Raman ,ishita and shagun wishes Anjali a happy birthday.
Khushi enters into house and was shocked to see her family, Shashi,dadi,and Shashi wife garima there……….
Khushi: raman ,shagun come here na?
Shagun: khushi ur aunt uncle and grandma.

Raman: how there he ? wait I will show my angr.
Khushi: raman this is happy movement don’t spoil this.
Khushi,shagun and raman enters in.
Arnav came and welcome Shashi and his family.
Arnav: sorry uncle I was busy in works.
Khushi: sir I came ,what work shall I do.
Arnav welcomes all the four
Arnav: u come and sit here.
Shashi: who r they arnav?
Arnav: khushi she is my pa and our company’s accountant manager. Shagun,khushi’s friend trying phd in u.s. raman my cousin,ishita his wife. Both owns a company. Because of khushi we got a higher profit and this is the party for it and Anjali dhi birthday. Where is akash uncle?
Garima: he is inside ur room.
Arnav: how can he ? wait I will go and check. He asks khushi,raman ishu and shagun to follow him.
Khushi speaks to herself: god don’t make me to meet him. Devi maaya.

They all enter into arnav’s room.
Arnav: akash come out or else if I find u I will beat u very badly.
He searches but couldn’t find him.
Khsuhi: sir he might be inside the cupboard sir?
Arnav opens his cupboard and sees akash in it.
Arnav: akash?
Akash: arnav .
They both had a hug.
Arnav:akash come I will introduce them. She is khushi our company pa and accounting manager. Shagun,khsushi friend. Raman my cousin. Ishita his wife. They all her best friends from childhood.
Akash: says hello. So khushi u r the one who got profit to our company right.
Khushi: right sir.
Akash: don’t call me sir,call me akash. Even call arnav as arnav.
Khsuhi: ok akash ji. She was very angry seeing him but didn’t show off.


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