I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 59

Hi guys. So sorry for this late update . I am very busy with my 11 th class. Lot of works and lots to write daily. So sorry friends. this is my last before episode so enjoy it and please do comment .

After 2 months.
Ishita was sleeping in the bed.
That time she feels very imcomfortable. Suddenly she shouts in pain.
Raman was in hall. Hearing her shout he rushed in.
He saw her in pain and raman carried ishita and took her to hospital.
Raizadas ,bhallas and the iyers and ankruj were presented in the hospital.
Raman was there with ishita.
After sometime ishita delivers a girl baby and boybaby.
Raman was carrying the baby.
He had tears.
Ishita also had tears

Ishita: raman.
Raman: a girl and a boy ishu.
Ishu: haan raman.
Raman: ishu. I am sorry ishu. Because of me only u have suffered this much.
Ishu: nothing like that raman. I am happy very much. finally we r mumma and papa.
Raman smiles.
Raman kisses the babies forehead.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: sorry madam.
Raman kisses ishita’s forehead.
they shifted ishita to the normal ward.
Arshi and all came to see the baby.
Khushi : raman it is so cute. Same like u . the boy baby is pakka like u.
Raman: really khushi.
Ankita: yes raman. he is like u.
Raman: but see na girl is having a big nose like ishu.
Ishu: raman. how many times will u say. Enough yaar.
Arnav: ishu . whatever happen we cant change the fact na.
Ishu: arnav.

Suraj: very congrats but what is the name of the baby? Have u decided.
Mrs bhalla: it should be like Punjabi name.
Mrs iyer: no tamilian.
Mrs bhalla: Punjabi.
Mrs iyer: tamilian.
Ishu: ma enough ma. We both already decide.
Raman: adithya and ruhi.
Mrs bhalla: nice name puttar.
Mrs iyer: but ishu .
Ishu: ma adithya is also a tamil name right. I knew that u both will fight. One name according to each language.
Simmi: superb ishita.
Ishita: thank u.

Ankita: thanks to god ishu. U delivered baby soon
Ishu: yes.
Khushi: still I have 6 months yaar. what will I do. I cant tolerate this idiot(arnav) torture. He always says. Khushi don’t go like that. don’t walk like this. khushi dont come down. Don’t run. Aiyoo. He doent allow me to go to office. What will I do inside house yaar.
Arnav gets angry.(fake anger).
Khushi notices it.
Khushi: if I say why r u doing like this. he shows anger. That too fake anger.
Arnav leaves the room.
Raman: hey arnav is leaving.
Khushi: let him.
Ankita: what is this khushi.

Suraj: how can u leave him like this.
Khushi: hey stupid it his birthday today. Don’t u remember. It is now morning 5 am. Don’t u all remember.
Raman: so that is why this drama. Hey wow so adi and ruhi birthday is on arnav’s birthday date.
Khushi: of course raman.
Suraj: wow khushi.
Khushi: ok I will leave . he will be waiting in car. Bye. See u later.
Khushi come out and doesn’t see arnav’s car.
Khushi: did I make him so much angry. Let me take an auto. No no kushi. I will think.
That time arnav’s car comes.
Arnav: get in.
Khushi: no need thanks.
Arnav: ok fine.
Arnav leaves.

Khushi: what the. How can he. Nobody should get my position . how can he leave me like this. baby see na ur papa is not taking us. If u come out na kick him a lot.
Khushi phones arnav.
Khushi: if I say I wont come then u will leave me and go. Don’t u have sense leaving ur wife alone and going away in mid night.
Arnav: who said like that. turn back and see.
Khushi sees arnavv.
Arnav: come . lets go to home.
Khushi and arnav goes in the car.
None of them speaks.

They reached the home.
Khushi was about to get down of the car but she feels dizzy and was seated in the car.
Arnav: get down fast na khushi.
Arnav then notices that khushi was unconscious.
Arnav: khushi.
Arnav carries her to the house . he made her lie down in the bed and sprinkles water.
Khushi gets conscious.
Arnav hugs her.

Khushi: nothing happened to me arnav. why r u so worried.
Arnva: if anything happened to u if u would have falled down. Thank god u were seated in the car.
Khushi: nothing like that arnav. don’t always think negative.
Arnav: I am very careless khushi.
Khushi: arnav. I am the one who is careless/ I am not the one who obeys me . sorry for saying like thatthere. She holds her ears.

Arnav smiles and takes the hands of the ears.
Khushi: I loved the way u cared for me. I love u arnav. happy birthday.
Arnav was shocked.
Arnav: I forgot my birthday. Thank u khushi.
Khushi takes a gift from her pillow.( she hide it behind the pillow)
She gives it to arnav.

Arnav opens it and was amused to see a ring.
Arnav: khushi u went and brought it to me.
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: but how.
Khushi: i went when u u went to office.
Arnav: khushi hereafter no going out without me.
Khushi: ok boss. Ok I am feeling sleepy. Let me sleep.
Arnav: ok sleep.
Khushi and arnav dozed to sleep at that time.

PRECAP: after6 months and an happy ending.

So sorry guys. I will post the next episode of this on Sunday.

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