I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 58


Hi guys. Hope u guys like it.
i am also writing a ff named i am sorry khushi. so please do read that also

khushi wakes up late in the morning.
Khushi: no body is here. why should I suffer like this. that day I should have not went to that market itself. They r torturing me. now what will I do for my coffee. If I go down they will scold me as I committed a crime.
Khusi takes her phone and phones arnav.
Khushi: arnav?
Arnav: what?
Khushi: I need coffee.
Arnav: ok I will bring it don’t u dare come down.
Khushi: ok sir.
Khushi cuts the call.
Arnav brings her coffee.
Arnav: good morning.
Khushi: morming morning.
Arnav: what happen.
Khushi: I am unable to sit here. for u raman is better . he atleast took ishu out. So bad of u. u r torturing me keeping inside the room always.
Arnav: khushi , ishu didn’t have been stabbed and u have.
Khushi makes pout face.
Khushi: I need to watch latest tamil and hindi films so u buy the cd of it and give me. mainly buy conjuring 2 and I need to watch it in a home theatre system. Understood.
Arnav: why r u ordering me .
Khushi: because ur my husband and thank u so much for looking after me the whole night. she says this with a smile.
Arnav: no need thanks I am doing for my most 2 important people in my life na.
Khsuhi: arnav do u need a boy or girl?
Arnav: definitely a girl.
Khushi: even I need a girl and also a boy. My mother and ur mother will be born in that girl and my dad and urs will be the boy. I need both of them in my baby.
Arnav had tears.
Khushi: why r u crying?
Arnav: nothing. I am very happy.
Khushi: both of us lost our parents in a terrible way. But u know I was inch away from death.
Arnav: don’t say like that. now I will go and arrange things what my wife asked for.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi sits drinking the cofee and watching tv.

Ishita wakes.
Raman was siting beside her holding her hand.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: love u raman.
She gets up and goes to fresh up.
Raman then wakes up and sees ishita combing her hair.
Raman hugs her from behing.
Ishu: raman what r u doing? Leave na. anyone might come.
Raman: no one will come . this is the time for romancing my wife.
Ishu: raman.
Raman kisses ishu cheeks.
Ishu blushes.
Raman: stay safe with our baby ishita. yesterday if I was not there u would have falled down. Take care .
Ishita: yes raman I will. Raman I am afraid raman.
Raman: why?
Ishita: all r saying it will be very paindul when baby comes out. I don’t know how I ma going to manage. U should also be with me in the operation theatre.
Raman: surely I will be promise.
ishita: thank u.
raman: why thanks.
Ishita: u will be a support for me there for that only.
Raman:ok ishu. We will go and meet doctor once and come today.
Ishu: ok.

Ankita was driving scooty and was waiting for the signal in road.
That time a girl came running .
Girl: mam please save me. they r chasing me. take me somewhere to a safer place.
Ankita removes her helmet and was shocked to see pallavi.
Pallavi: khushi lease help me na.
Ankita: I am not khushi but khushi is my sister . I will take u to her.
Pallavi: thanks mam.
Ankita and pallavi reach to raizada house.
Ankita takes pallavi to khushi.
Khushi: pallavi.
Pallavi: khushi u should only save me.
Khushi: what happened?
Pallavi: my husband suresh that is kumar is a big terrorist.
Ankita: what?
Pallavi: actually he bribed a nurse and told me that he is dead during some fault by doctors where I appealed to the case. The doctor supported him. He was alive and when I was coming from market I saw him. He kidnapped me and kept in a strange place. There I freed myself and was shocked to see that they all r running drug business and they r doing weapons and gun powder. I was shocked. I tried to escape but he caught me and bet me a lot. Finally I escaped and then only I saw her.
Ankita: ankita.
Palavi: haa ankita madam.
Ankita: will u show the place where all r manufactured?
Palavi: yes.
Ankita: I think he is planning somewhat big to harm our society.
Khushi: it may be for bomb ankita.
Ankita: how r u saying khushi.
Khushi: pallavi did u see them fising timer or some connection like cock set between them.
Pallavi: eys. They were preparing a device with clocks to.
Khushi: this gun powder is used for bomb ankita and weapons they can plan to attack anyone.
Ankita: even they can be the suppliers khushi.
Khushi: yes may be. We will see. Ok u both leave and find that place.
Ankita nods and they both leave.
Khushi starts watching movie again .

Pallavi shows ankita that place.
Ankita informs the police and the police arrest kumar/suresh and they raided the hosue and took all the hazardous products under their control.
All the police congragulae ankita and pallavi.
Pallavi: ankita . thank u so much
Amkita: I did my duty. Ok I will drop u in ur house and leave to my house as khushi will be worried.
Pallavi: ok.
Ankita drops pallavi and leaves to raizada house.



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  1. Really nice but gonna miss it a lot if u end it 🙁

  2. Oh!! Aki, u r going to end this???? It was one of my favorite ff… As my clg days are started I don’t want to read new ffs now.. Cause I have to pay attention to my studies….. I have just found time to read my favold ffs.. Your’s one, anaya’s majbooriyan, my most favorite Arshi di’s treat….. And Vero di’s ff.. Vero di ff was ended.. So, now I have only 3 ffs to read.. After ending this one their will left only 2 ffs..
    U know na, I love ur ff sooooooooooo much… I will really very miss u and ur ff as u were became my good friend..
    Coming to today’s episode it was sooooooooo Nice, yaar.
    Arshi scenes was sooooooo much cute..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Really Its Superbbbbbbbbb!!!! But I am gonna miss this for Sure…………….

  4. jasmine Rahul

    khushi wants girl n boy n she hopes that they r her parents’ rebirth.so emotional.ishra were romantic.pallavi’s story was a big twist.glad that she shared it with khushi n ankita n ankita arrested kumar.

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