I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 57

hi guys so sorry for this late reply. Thank u so much for ur comments.
Lets go to the story.

Khushi lying arnav’ laps.
Khushi: r u happy now.
Arnav: very happy. U r gifting me the very best thing to me.
Khushi: hmm.
Ishra reaches raizada mansion.
Arnav: if u r not obeying me or others.
Khushi: I will obey . please don’t start it again. Now only I am feeling pity on ishu. See hor raman will lecture to her. she laughs.
Raman hears this.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi laughs.
Ishu: thankgod I got a company.
Khushi: ishu.
Ishu: congrats.
Khushi: thank u.
Ishu: u r saying correct khushi. Raman tortures me with his lectures.
Khushi and arnav laughs.
Raman makes pout face.
Khushi: u know ishu now also he gave me lecture.
Ishra laughs.
Arnav got anger.
Khushi: someone is getting anger.
Akgun and aanruj enter.
Akash: who is getting angry khushi.
Khushi: ur so called friend.
Anjali enters.
Anjali: enough of kidding my chote.
Arnav: that is my dhi.
Shagun: ok now how r u feeling khushi.
Ishu: why?

Shagun: she moved and blood started whoosing fom her hut.
Raman stares angrily at her.
Anjali: u didn’t say me chote.
Arnav: what can I do dhi. What can I do with this type of girl.
Raman: r u idiot khushi. Don’t u have sense. R u mad. U know na if it bleeds then it may get complicated.
Shagun: tell her clearly raman.
Anjali: u should take care khushi. Hereafter u shouldn’t walk and if u need to come down ask chote for ur help and don’t ever strain. Understood.
khushi: ok dhi.
Ankita: ok khushi eating time.
Khushi: ok what have u did?
Ankita: onion pakoda and paneer tikka and ishu u should also eat.
Ishu: I already eat.
Shagun and anjali together: no way.
Ishu: ok I will eat ok.
Akash: one idea. We will keep a eating compeerton between both.
Khushi: akash . in tamil enna patha eppadi theriyudhu onakku.
Akash: nomba pavama irukku.
Arnav and raman together: translation please.
Ishu: khushi is asking how is she looking to u for that he told u r looking so pity.
Arnav: no need of competition let her eat slowly.
Raman: yes.
Ankita comes in with plates and served everyone.
Later ishita and raman leave to their home.

At iyer house.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: what.
Ishita: I am waiting when will the baby come out?
Raman: it will come soon ishita more 1 and half months.
Ishita: both will eb so small na.
Raman: yes . why r u asking this question.
Ishita: I have no experience na that is why.
Raman: why r u asking me as if I have experience in it.
Ishita: raman u na always spoils the mood.
Raman: sorry madam.
Ishita: ok. I am feeling sleepy. I will sleep.
Raman: sleep who told u not to sleep.
Ishita: ok mr raman bhalla good night .
Raman: good night.
Raman was working the whole night in his laptop.

At midnight ishita turns in the bed and was about to fall down.
Raman holds her.
Ishita gets up.
Raman: ishu r u idiot . wont u know that is the end of bed when turning.
Ishu: raman I didn’t know really. Sorry.
Raman: ok. here after I will do an idea.
Raman takes pillow and keeps 4 pillows in ishu’s left side and 4 pillows in right side.
Raman: now sleep.
Ishita: raman. I am not a baby to make me sleep like this.
Raman: u r a baby only to me sleep.
Ishita started sleeping.
Raman was working and he slept in sofa after finishing his work.

Khushi was sleeping and arnav was looking after her.
Arnav didn’t sleep.
Khushi wakes up in the mid night.
She finds arnav awake .
Khushi: what r u doing arnav? didn’t u sleep in a sleepy voice.
Arnav: no. why did u wake up.
Khushi: I want water arnav.
Arnav: wait I will give . don’t et up.
He brings a jug of water and makes her drink water.
Khushi: sleep arnav.
Arnav: first u sleep. Then I will.
Khushi: ok I will sleep.
Arnav covers her with blanket and he sits near her.
Khushi starts sleeping..

The next day.

Akash: shagun. did u forgot ur studies. I didn’t see u touching the book.
Shagun: so bad akash. Everday I am reading in whole night. so try to look on ur wife than seeing ur laptp akash.
Akash: oh really.
Shagun: yes , please also spend time with me an. In US , we used to do the work together but during vacation u r not even speaking to me.
Akash: oh sorry my dear wife. Hereafter when I work or when u study we both will do together.
Shagun: omg. What can I do with this type of husband.
Akash: what shagun.
Shagun: I am asking straightly. Take me out somewhere. Should I teach u this also.
Akash: so my wife needs to go out.
Shagun: yes.
Akash: we r going to darjling. I alrady booked the tickets.
Shagun: how akash u r great.
Akash: whose husband. shagun’s husband na will be like her only.
Shagun smiles.
Akash: leaving tomorrow. Ok.

Ankita: suraj.
Suraj: what.
Ankita: I hid a thing from u.
Suraj: what is that.
Ankita tells about thetruth to him.
Suraj was shocked.
Suraj: does khsuhi know.
Ankita: yes. she told that thank god I didn’t get stabbed. She thinks about everyone.
Suraj: that is her character. Its ok. everything will e fine.
Ankita: she too told the same.
Suraj: be careful.
Ankita: ok I will go and see khushi.
Suraj: ok.


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  1. jasmine Rahul

    arnav taking care of khushi was nice.raman keeping pillows on side 2 stp ishita from falling down was nice.akash shagun were so cute.precap is very interesting

  2. Kumud

    wow yaar superb

  3. Raman was nice.. Raman take care of ishu as a baby… so sweet…

    arnav state her without sleeping…wow so much care…everyone giving lecture to khushi… so pity…

    Plz update regularly…

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Loved it……….

  5. Nice episode Aki,,
    Missed u soooooooo much..
    Arshi scenes was soooooo much cute ???? arnav is soo much caring… Lo ed it very much..

  6. Veronica

    Awesome….Loved it

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