I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 56


Hi guys . hope u guys like it.
The episode starts with all in hospital.
Shagun: ok u all leave me and ankitha will take after her.
Arnav: no I will be with her. if any help I want I will call u.
Ankitha: ok arnav.
All f them leave.
Khushi was given a injection so she started sleeping.
Arnav admires her in sleep.
Arnav: I will surely find out who did it to u khushi. Tomorrow I will discuss with ankitha and ask her how can we proceed. I love u khushi. Today u have given me the worlds best happiness for me. I am very happy but also sad as u r suffering a lot now. i know it pains u a lot. I am sorry for being strict with u or else u wont take care of urself.
Arnav too sleeps holding her hands.

The next day.
Khushi gets discharged from hospital.
They went to home.
Anjali welcomes khushi with a aarti.arnav holds khushi for support.
Anjalai: hereafter nothing will happen to u and will be full of happiness.
Khushi: thank u dhi.
Anjali: come in.
Khushi and arnav goes in.
Anjali: khushi u sit in the sofa and take rest.
khushi: yes dhi.
Khushi sits in the sofa.
Shagun: me and ankita made ur faviourite dishes. Now its time to eat.
Khushi: shagun I am not hungry. I will eat when I get hungry ok. I am so tired yaar. I will go to room.
Arnav: no way. Eat na khushi.
Khushi: arnav please yaar. I am not able to . it is very much paining.
Arnav: u should eat medicine right for that atleast eat. Anki u bring the plate.
Khushi: arnav.
Ankitha brings the plate.
Arnav takes it and starts feeding her.
Khushi unwantedly eats it.
Arnav: that’s it. For this u r making this much fuss.wait I will bring the medicines.
Shagun: I brought it arnav.
Shagun gives khushi medicines.
Shagun: come khushi I will take u to the room. Anki help me na.
Shagun and ankita takes them to her room .
Khushi: ankita . I want to speakto u.
Ankita: what is it.
Shagun: I will go out.
Khushi: u be here. I know ankita u was also there in sarojini market that day right.
Ankita gets shocked.
Khushi: the target was not me. it was for u.
Ankitha: khushi.
Khushi: I know everything ankita don’t tell me lies. Why were they to stab u? answer me. what have u don’t to make them stab u.
Ankita: khushi.
Ankita cries and hugs shagun.
Shagun: what happened ?
Ankita: actually they r the gangsters of kumar. Kumar is an terrorist but he is behaving as a good man in the society. My job is to know about him. While finding about him I found that his actual name is suresh. He treats his wife pallavi badly. U know he created him as a new personality by killing suresh which was proved by u.
Khushi: what.
Ankita: do u remember pallavi. The women who fought for her husband’s murder against the hospital authorities.
Khushi: yes.
Ankita: that is this kumar. He tortures her and I don’t know any information regarding where pallavi or what state she is. I am trying to find her. when finding about him he came to know my work. That is why he planned to stab me in the market as he was also in the market and he know definitely I will come there.
Khushi: ankita thank god u didnt get any hurt or else.
Ankita: I am feeling guilty khushi. Cause because of me u r suffering.
Khushi: its ok anki.
Shagun: ok khushi u take rest and don’t turn sleep upside down cause.
Khushi: aiyoo enough. I will scold u shagun. already he is there to give advice and now u also.
Shagun: ok madam take rest. We will leave.
Khushi lies in the bed and starts sleeping.
Arnav came there to look after her.
he sees her sleeping peacefully.
He tuckes her hand and puts blnkest to her .
He was sitting in the sofa in their room and was working.

Ishita: raman see how fat I am . no dress is fitting to me.
Raman: u r having 2 babies in ur stomach then how will u not be fat. Use brain ishita. open ur other cupboard and see.
Ishita opens it and sees.
Ishita: raman what r the new dresses?
Raman: for u only.
Ishita: really.
Ramna: I think this will be correct for u.
Ishita: thank u so much.
Ishita goes and changes her dress to a kurta and paijama.
Raman: this is perfect.
Ishita: raman yes.
Can we leave.
Amma: ishu go safely.
Ramna: I am there na amma.
Vandu(ishu’s sis): yes when raman is there she don’t need us.
Ishita: amma see her.
Bala( vandu’s husband) u r saying right vandu.
Ishita: I am leaving. Alaways making kid of me. inform appa ma. Bye.
Amma: bye.
Raman and ishita leaves.
Ishita: raman stop the car?
Raman: why?
Ishita: I want to have aloo paratha in this hotel. This is my fav hotel.
Raman: ok come.
They both go to the place.
ishita: u ordered what I told u na.
raman: yes madam.
Ishita: yesterday iraivi movie was awesome.
Raman: yes. u started crying and used me as a kerchief.
Ishita: raman in a anger tone.
Raman: sorry.
Order came.
Ishita starts eating.
Ramna too eats with her.
They both leave to raizada mansion.

At the mean time khsuhi wakes up and sees arnav sleeping holding the laptop in his hands.
Khushi tries to get up but her stomach pained a lot.
She starts crying.
Arnav heared her crying and got up of the sleep.
Arnav: what happened khushi.
Khushi: it is paining a lot arnav.
Arnav: shagun. come here na.
Shagun comes there.
Shagun: I will check her. u wait outside arnav.
Shagun sees the wound bleeding.
Shagun: khushi did u strain urself.
Khushi: I triees to get up.
Shagun: don’t strain. Then it will apin more. Wait I will apply ointment and put bandage.
Shagun does it.
Shagun: better.
Khushi: yes.
Shagun: stay in bed itself an don’t strain. Understand.
Khushi: ok madam.
Shagun: don’t wear this kurta and leggins for now. wear t shirt and pant.
Khushi: doctor I am comfortable like this.
Shgaun: for ur easiness only I am saying. Ok I understand. I will say to arnvav.
Shagun: arnav come in an.
Khsuhi: why everyone r saying I will say to arnav. So bad.
Arnav enters.
Arnav:how is she yaar?
Shagun: she strained and it started bleeding that is why.
Arnav stares angrily at her.
Shagunn: and arnav tell her to wear pant and t shirts . it will be. Easy for her she is not obeying me.
Arnav: khushi u r wearing it and that is final. We r only here na. any outsiders are there. Why r u like this khsuhi. Wont u obey us. We r saying this for ur health na.
Khushi: ok ok arnav. I will wear the shorts I brought in goa . ok. happy. Please don’t scold me yaar.
Shagun: ok I will leave. Shagun leaves.
Khushi: why r u so angry and always scolding me.
Arnav: cause u r not obeying me or anyone of us. U cant be just like that khushi. U r having a life in u khushi. That life depends on u. if u r so careless then.
Khushi: so u r worried about the baby not me. this is not fair arnav.i know everyone has everyone . but for me no one. Don’t talk to me.
Arnav comes towards
Arnav goes near her.
Khushi : what r u doing. Move away.
Arnav: I am going to talk to my baby.
Arnav: make ur ma understand na u both r inportnat for me. u know I was an lifeless body when she was at hospital icu ard u know. i couldn’t see her like that, make ur amma understand this. she is only going to give me u . I am very grateful and thankful to her and I promise u that I will take care of u both well.
Khushi have tears in her eyes.
Guys arnav was sitting near khsuhi.
Khushi slowly gets up and and makes her head rest in his laps.
Arnav caressed her head.
Khushi: I love u arnva.
Arnav: I love u too.


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  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
    I was lost in every moment of today’s episode….
    What an episode yaar….
    Arnav was AWESOME…
    I always want to see Arnav like this episode.. So much caring….. Soooo sweet….
    Arshi scenes were sooooooo cute.
    The hospital scenes…
    The last part was AMAZING…
    Their intense love was superb…
    Yaar I loved this episode soooooooooooooooo much..
    Thank u soooo much for this sweet episode.
    Waiting for more sweet episode..

  4. jasmine Rahul

    so as i doubted ankita was their target.shocking that it was related to pallavi’s case which khushi solved.hope they find out pallavi.arshi ishra scenes were gud

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