I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 55

Hi guys hope u guys like it.

The episode starts with ishra.
ishita: raman why r u worried.
Raman: I feel something bad for khushi.
Ishita: what.
Raman: u don’t know ishita. during that day when khushi got accident also I felt something worried for her. that is why I am feeling worried. If anything happens to her.
Ishita: hey nothing is going to happen to her. keep ur imaginary skills limited. If u r so worried call her and speak.
Raman: yes.
Raman calls khushi.
Ankita picks the call .
Ankitha: raman.
Raman: anki give the phone to khushi na.
Ankita: raman she is in.
Raman: what happened.
Ankita: she is in hospital raman.
Raman: what?
Ankita: some one stabbed her raman.
Raman: which hospital?
Ankita: Apollo.
Raman: I will come.
Raman cuts the call.
Raman: ishu some one stabbed her ishu. I know something will happen to her.
Ishu: come we will leave.
Raman: u stay here ishu. It is not good for u.
Ishita: phone me once u reach there.
Raman:ok .
Raman leaves.
Raman informs this to everyone in their family.

Meanwhile arnav goes in.
Arnav had tears seeing khushi.
Arnav: khushi. How dare u try to leave with me. I will kill u if u try to do like this. don’t ever do like this. I cant see u in this condition. wake up.
Khushi wakes up.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: don’t u have any sense.
Khushi: arnav listen to me.
Arnav: don’t even talk to me.
Khushi: it is not my fault.
Arnav: what if anything happens to u and baby do u think I will be alive.
Khushi: what baby?
Arnav: nothing.
Khushi: say me na.
Arnav: promise me that u will take care of u without stressing urself. Ur wound should get healed soon or it will get complicated. Promise me that without anyone u wont go out or else I wont say.
Khushi: ok promise. Say me.
Arnav: khushi that is.
Raman comes inside the room. Ankita meanwhile is speaking a phone call.
Raman: khushi, how r u. what happened.
Khushi: thank god u came and rescued from his scoldings. What can I do if he stabs me. do I know anything?
Arnav: I will look after who did this with u. I wont leave him for sure.
Raman: is it paining.
Khushi: it is paining a lot raman . if I say to him he will shout again. It is paining a lot.
Arnav stares angrily at her.
Raman: what did doctor say?
Akash,shagun,anjali and nani enter. Suraj was held up in a meeting.
Akash: khushi how r u.
Khushi : akash it is paining.
Anjali: take care khushi.
Shagun: idiot what u did to others that they r stabbing u. arnav we should not leave that person.
Nani: khushi bettiya u take care of urself . don’t worry about anything.
Anjali: what did the doctor say arnav.
Raman: that is what I asked him to dhi.
Ankitha enters.
Anki: khushi how r u.
Khushi: please change this dialogue na.
Anjali: first tell me what doctor told arnav.
Arnav: he told that khushi thank god that didn’t hurt her uterus or else her bay would be dead.
Anjali: oh ok. what?
Khushi: what r u saying arnav? I don’t understand.
Raman: really arnav.
Arnav: yes.
Akash: wow arnav great news.
Akash and raman hugs arnav.
Anjali understands.
Anjali: congrats khushi.
Khushi: aiyoo, I cant understand anything. please stop it.
Arnav: idiot u r pregnant.
Khushi: what?
Shagun: congrats khushi.
Nani: khushi betiya u have given a good news.
khushi was shocked and happy.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: u r going to become ma.
Khushi: really.u r going to become papa then.
Arnav: yes.
Khushi: wow I am so happy but I cannot jump now.
Raman: khushi.
Arnav: she is always like this .
Anjali keeps hands on khushi shoulder.
Anjali: khushi. U can be how u r . but u have got hurt na so look after her.
Arnav: dhi take ur hand na. she already told she have pain.
Anjali takes her hand.
Anjali: I think khushi u r going to see arnav’s another face.
Arnav: my treatment will be correct for u khushi. No one will be correct for u.
Khushi thinks omg I am struck in laad governor’s hands.
Raman: ok I will leave . ishu will be alone there . I should go and say this happy new to her.
Raman leaves.

At iyer house.
Ishita: raman what happened.
Raman: khushi is fine and she is also pregnant.
Ishita: what? Really. So happy news.
Raman: even I am very happy but she is having a lot of pain .
Ishita: everything will get fine.
Raman: close ur eyes.
Ishita: for what.
Raman: close na.
Ishita closes her eyes.
Raman keeps a gift in her hand.
Ishita opens it.
Ishita finds a chain with a pendanat of ishita and raman’s photo.
Ishita: wow raman it Is awesome. Love it a lot.
Raman:thank u.
Ishita: how r u getting this many ideas yaar.
raman: that is raman. did u eat anything.
ishita: amma fed me. can I ask u one thing.
Raman: what.
Ishita: I want to see khushi.
Raman: ok I will take u once she gets discharged.
Ishita: ok.
Raman: what happened madam.
Ishita: nothing. It is boring.
Raman gives her another gift.
Ishita opens it.
Ishita: wow. Tamil film. That too iraivi latest movie. Thank u raman so much. come lets watch it.
Raman: ok.
They both watches the movie.



  1. jasmine Rahul

    raman feeling that khushi is in danger shows how strong their bonding is.khushi is alright now n all r happy that she is preg.loved arshi scene.loved ishra gift scene.

  2. Khushi

    Wowww!! Akshaya, soooooo nice episode.
    Every scene of Arnav was AWESOME..
    He is so much careful.
    I just loved his character….
    Awesome episode.
    Exited for upcoming episodes

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