I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 54


The episode starts with khushi and shagun packing ishu’s bags.
Khushi: r u not sad to go to ur amma house.
Ishu: yes but amma told so I am going there. Raman will come and meet me often or I don’t know wheter he is staying with me.
Shagun: we will miss u.
Ishu: hey my amma house is in delhi not in Chennai. I am in delhi right. u two should come and look after me.
Khushi: of course. We will surely come but this madam will leave to US.
Shagun: hey I came in 1 month vacation time ok.
Khushi: ok darling.
Ishu: ok can we leave.
Raman comes there.
Raman: so ishu ready.
Ishu: yes. very excited to go. She gives a naughty expression.
Raman makes a wicked face.
Raman: so u wont miss me right.
Khushi: akash called us shagun can we leave.
Shagun: yes.
Khushi and shagun leaves.
Raman: so my wife wont miss me right.
Ishu: yes I will miss u. I don’t know how I am going to stay without u. u too come with me na.
Raman:ishu . I am also coming with u. is that ok .
Ishu smiles happily.
Ishu: love u a lot.
Raman: love u too.
Ishita: pack ur bags.
Raman: already packed.
Ishita: u r so quick raman.
Raman: yes cause I am husband of ishita.
Ishu: enough enough. Lets go.
All the bhallas,raizadas, anruj and akgun sends of raman and ishu to amma house.
Later all of tem leaves.
Anruj,akgun and arshi reaches the raizada mansion.
Anjali welcomes anruj and akgun with aarti.
Anjali: at last u both got time to come to house.
Ankita: sorry dhi.
Anjali: its ok ankithaji.
Ankita: call me ankitha not ankithaji.
Anjali: ok ankita.
Shagun:dhi what about me.
Akash: shagun what happened to u? r u akways like mental or sometimes mental.
Khsuhi: always mental akash.
Akash smiles.
Shagun makes a frowning expression.
Khsuhi: sorry.
Anjali: how can I forgot u princess.
Shagun: that is my dhi.
Anjali: ok all of u fresh up and ankitha and suraj u should stay here only here after.
Suraj: sure dhi. Ankitha loves to be with khushi and shagun and I too love to be with them but raman and ishita r missing.
Nani comes downstairs andgreets all of them.
Anruj and akgun get blessings from them.
Anjali: where is arnav and khushi. They too come with u only na.
Shagun: yes na? where r they.
Ankita: we will search for them.
They all searches for them.
They find them in their hosue garden where khushi and arnav are speaking holding each other hands.
Khushi: this is the first day u know arnav where we didn’t argue for anything.
Arnav: right khushi but u know I love arguing with u for silly reasons.
Khushi: and then I too love it. Then how u will convince me.
Arnav and khushi laughs.
Shagun: what name can this love be given dhi.
Anjali: iss pyar ko kya namm doon.
Ankita: correct dhi. Hey first of all I dont even understand ur love story. I have several doubts.
Suraj: r u going to write a examination from this ah?
Ankita: no .
Suraj: then leave it.
Anjali: what r u doing chote.
Arnav: dhi actually.
Anjali: I understand . ok both of u get in. lets have dinner.
Khushi: ok dhi.
All reaches the dinning table and leave to their respective rooms.

At night khushi feels disturbed while sleeping.
Khushi: why I am very disturbed. Is there something bad going to happen. Please devi maya be with me and support me.
Khushi then sleeps.

At morning.
Ankita: khushi I am having some office work , I will leave
Khushi: be careful anki.
Ankita: sure.
Khushi: bye.
Ankita leaves.
Khushi: dhi I will also go out to buy vegetables and di have to buy dresses.
Anjali: sure khushi. Bye.
Khushi too leaves.

Khushi goes to sarojini market.
She buys vegetables there.
There a 3 to 4 guys in their phone call in Bluetooth.
1 st guy: she is here. what can we do?
2 nd guy: if she is gone then our plan will be suceesful.
3 rd guy: we will stab her.
4 th guy: ok I will do it.
4 th guy move towards khushi and stabs her in upper stomach.
Khushi cries in pain.
The people there take her to hospital.
She is in icu ward.
The people who saved her took her mobile and phond the last dialed number which was of ankitha.
Ankita was shocked and informed arnav only.
Arnav and ankita reaches the hospital.
Doctor saves khushi.
Doctor comes out.
Doctor: she is fine. no risk for her life. Proper care should be taken and thank god the knife didn’t hit the uterus or else that’s it. Her baby would have died.
Arnav: what r u saying doctor.
Doctor: she is 1 week pregnant mister raizada.
Arnav: really doctor.
Doctor: yes and she needs complete rest and the wound should heal quickly. So take care of her.
Arnav: ok doctor. Can I see her.
Doctor: sure.
Ankita: jiju congrats.
Arnav: thanks.
Ankita: u didn’t inform to anyone na
Arnav: yes.
Ankita: we will say it afterwards or they all will be worried.
Arnav: ok.
Arnav goes inside the room.


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  1. Veronica

    Superb dea

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u viru

  2. Nice episode try and update everyday pls and btw who’s the new villan now

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u kumud

  3. jasmine Rahul

    raman too going with ishita as he cant stay without her.so sweet.loved arshi saying they argue a lot n anjali saying is pyar ko kya naam doon.who stabbed khushi n why…or was ankita their target?

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u jasmine rahul

  4. Wow!! Khushi is pregnant!!!
    Awesome ☺☺☺☺☺☺
    I think those goons wanted to stab Ankita…..
    Waiting for the next episode to know the truth..

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u khushi

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow!!!! Its AWESOME……..

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u reshma pradeep

  6. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww suvh an awesome episode dr………kushi got stabbed and kushi is pregnapregnant is shocking ……..u ar superb dr……..love u my dr little sis……

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