I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 53


hi guys . got my brother laptop today so i am posting. a lot of thanks for ur comments.
so lets get into the next episode.

the episode starts with the celebration of friends celebration.
raman: thank u all so much.
khushi: how dare u can forget this day?
raman: sorry.
shagun: do 50 times situp.
raman: shagun guest are here na.
khushi: we dont know.
raman starts doing.
khushi stops him once he does 10 situps.
she hugs him.
khushi: dont need.
raman: but khushi.
khushi: i dont like punishing my friend on this day . ok.
raman: ok.
shagun: u have forgotten me.
khushi: come on my sweety.
the trio had a group hug.

all the guest leaves.
ankita: arnav
arnav: what ankita?
ankita: i need to speak to u?
arnav: ok.
ankitha: i want to ask u some questions to u.
arnav: what?
ankitha: what is the difference between me and khushi.
arnav: why?
ankita: i want to know how i am different from khushi.
arnav: ok i will tell u. khushi is an angel she is very naughty u know sometimes mental. she will start
behaving as a child and u know u r matured and i like khushi’s naughty character that is the difference of u and her.
ankita: jiju then tell about khushi na.
arnav: she is totally a idiot.
ankita laughs.
arnav: i love that character for her. u know ankita i dont know how i fell in love with her. u knwo we both used to fight in college.
i used to discriminate ehr on the basis that she is very but later i realised my mistake. without knowing itself i fell in love with ehr.
there is a speciality in her. she helps everyone. but iwas too bad with eher assuming her with shyam. that was my fault. even learning that she tried to prove herself
and tried to prove it. her character is. u know when she was trapping shyam in the park where raman was hiding in tree, raman told her that i was there. she didnt give up but
she decided to prove that bad man eventhough she knows that i will take it wrong. there stands she. i like her each and every character. infact i love them so much.
ankitha: my sister is very lucky to have got a guys like u.
arnav: no anki i am lucky to get her. i may fight with her but u know i was the one who suffered a lot distancing me from her. that 4 years was horrible for me.
i cannot face myself itself.
ankitha: its ok jiju. everything is fine right now. leave it. i will go and see suraj.
ankitha leaves.
khushi was hearing what and all arnav told. she had tears.
she hugged arnav from behind.
khushi: thanks.
arnav: khushi.
khushi: thank u for being with me arnav. i love u arnav. i love u to the core. without u i am not there.
arnav: khushi.
khushi: i dont know that u liove me this much.
arnaav turns towards khsuhi’s side.
arnav: there is nothing more important than u khushi.
khushi: i love u arnav.
arnav: how much time will u say?
khushi: till my death.
arnav closes her mouth.
arnav: till i am there u shouldnt speak to me like this.
khushi smiles.
khushi: ok i will go to ishu room and help her in removing her jewels.i will take shagun with me.
arnav: ok.
khushi leaves.

ishra room.
ishita: raman please i beg u. if u want i will fall in ur feets yaar. please yaar. my stomach is full. i cant.
raman: ishu. nothing doing. eat. u didnt eat properly. come here .
ishita tries to escape by walking but raman holds her and makes her sit in his laps.
ishita: raman.
she cries like a baby.
raman: ishita u wont eat na.
ishita: no.
raman kisses ishita cheeks.
ishita does a o shape expression in her face by opening her mouth.
raman in the mean gap puts food in her mouth.
ishita stares at raman angrily.
raman: if u r not eating then i will give that much untill u eat.
ishita: ok i will eat.
raman feeds ishita.
ishita: r u neet feeling heavy.
raman: why?
ishita: am i not weight.
raman: no.

khushi and shagun does hiccups.
shagun: ishita if he is this much mad of love how will he feel it yaar.
khsuhi laughs.
they both does hifi.
raman: idiots dont u have courtesy to tap the door before entering?
khushi: shagun see how much they r romantic but brother this romance should be done when the door is close and u r doing with the door being opened.
raman sees the door opened.
raman: khushi.
shagun: that is the fact raman. still now u r not leaving ishu na.
ishu tries to get up.
raman: hey u r my wife.
ishita: raman please.
ishita gets up.
shagun: so raman u dint give her time to remove her jewels and dress and making her to eat.
khushi: they will be heavy for ehr so we came for removing them and u go out and chat with them.
raman leaves.
khushi and shagun helps ishu.
ishu: thank god u came or else he would have killed me torturing me to eat.
khushi: hello he is atleast this much. we r much above him. first change ur dress and come see our treatment.
ishu makes puupy face.
khushi and shagun laughs.


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  1. jasmine Rahul

    arnav explaining 2 ankita abt khushi was nice.arshi scene was emotional n lovely.raman forcing ishita 2 eat.ha ha.precap is interesting as i luv AnRuj

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much jasmine rahul

  2. So nice love it to the core ???????????. next one please

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much kumud

  3. Veronica

    Amazing dea…..really missed ur ff

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much viru

  4. Miss ur ff badly… thanks for the comeback… plz post it regularly…

    I am eager to wait for anruj n arshi scenes….

    Raman was so lovely to his wife… so sweet…

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much reshma pradeep

      1. Akshaya.123

        thank u so much jo

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Missed UR FF Badly YAAR……..But Now U R Back na…….Its AWESOME as Usual…….. Soooo Cuteeee………Loved it……….

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much reshma pradeep.

  6. Wow! Akshaya ..
    I am sooo happy that ur laptop got repaired. …
    That means u will post episode regularly from now??
    And the episode was awesome.
    Arshi bonding was sooooooo sweet..
    ? ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

    1. Akshaya.123

      Thank u so much khushi

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