I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 52

hi guys so so sorry for this delay. i didnt get my laptop repaired still now. i came to net centre to type the episode.
so sorry guys. please forgive me . in school they r squeezing us a lot. they r pressuring us a lot. very hetic with school.
lets get into the episode.

the episode starts with all finish playing zoom.
later they get into their respective rooms.
arshi room.
arnav enters the room.
he was suprised to see the room decorated.
he went inside.
that time khushi came wearing a blue color saree and arnav got suprised and was mesmerized by her beauty.
arnav: what madam.
khusi: u made fun of me right that is why.
arnav: so u r doing this to impress me?
arnav: what oh.
khushi: oh means oh only. dont u know the meaning.
arnav: ok madam. u r looking so much gorgeus like a princess.
khushi: really. so i am going to give u a suprise. so count till 1 to 5 closing ur eyes.
arnav: ok.
arnav closes his eyes.
he counts 1 to 5.
the light goes off and again gets on.
khushi dances.
arnav gets suprised.
he enjoys her dance.
she then makes arnav dance with her and they both enjoy a lot.
rabbave plays….

the next day.
khushi ,anki and shagun makes ishu ready.
ishu was wearing a meroon lehanga with heave accesories and was looking gorgeous, her hair was plaques in a french style which
suited her more.
first the ceremont takes place according to punjabi style.
everyone came to ishu and said in her ears .
the punjabi ceremony got over.
the next is tamilian style.
all the ladies came to ishu and applies sandal to her and made her wear the bangles.
ishra took the blessing of the elders.

a voice was heard from beside.
khushi: there is no function without enjoyment so now please everyone get seated in ur respective places and enjoy our performance.
ankita: now we r having the hero of this show mister raman kumar bhalla to say a few words about his wife ishita.

raman come sto the stage.
raman: hi everybody. i want to thank u each and every one of u for being a part in our most important day.
our family is going have 2 new comers that is 2 babies. i am very thankful to u ishita. u made my life complete.
without u i am not there.u know my ishu is very polite. she was a good bahu of our house. she was managing everyone’s work.
she knows to handle my anger. she is a angel in my life. ishu without u my world will be dark. all i wanted to say is i love u ishu.
thank u.

ishita has tears hearing his words.
yhm plays.
they have an eyelock.

abhi: so now is a dance performance given by ankita ,khushi ,shagun .
the trio dance on desi girl.
they rock on the stage.
ankitha:now we r going to present u a drama on ishra love story.
ishita and raman get shocked.
they both got shy.
ankitha: so let me introduce the characters.
arnav as raman.
khushi as ishita.
shagun as shagun.
ankitha as khushi.
suraj as arnav.
me as abhi.
so lets start the drama.

the first scene shows that arnav and khushi bumped with each other and clothes in khushi’s hand falled down and
she slipt and arnav hold her. they both have a eyelock.
raman and ishita couldnt control each other and started enjoying and recalling their old moments.

they both did each and every moment of their’s.
they ended their drama.

raman:how u know all of my scenes yaar.
arnav: script by the great khushi and shagun.
raman: oh. definitely they r dead in my hands.
akash: why.
raman: they enacted the scene where khsuhi changed my dp and she kept my moms . so my mom told em i am a very good boy.
they spoiled everything. where r they hiding.
suraj: upstairs.
raman leaves to upstairs.

raman sees khushi and shagun sitting and chit chatting.
raman pulled their ears from the back.
raman: idiots.
khushi: its paining raman.
shagun: yes yaar.
raman leaves their ears.
raman: how dare u could.
khushi:for fun. aunty too saw us.
raman: i am going to get scoldings. she didnt scold me as guest r there.
shagun: oh.
raman: what oh?
khushi and shagun shouts.
khushi: happy friendship anniversary.
raman gets suprised.
shagun: this is the day when we three met in our 1 st std.
raman: i forgot yaar sorry. happy friendship anniversary.
all of them come upstairs.
they brought a cake with them.
khushi and shagun ties friendship band to him.
raman smiles.
khushi: our friendship should never end. i promise.
shagun: i too promise.
raman: i too promise.
they cut the cake and feed it to each other.
khushi: raman.
raman: what.
khushi puts the whole cake on raman.
everyone laugh.
khushi and shagun laugh.
raman chases them.

en frienda pola yaaru machaa plays……………


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  1. Superb episode… plz try to post ur episode regularly…

  2. Oh ho!! Akshaya!!
    U know what how much I missed u!!!????
    Today I am sooooooo happy by seeing ur episode…
    Full AWESOME episode.
    Really yaar, I loved every part of this episode 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. jasmine Rahul

    khushi wore blue saree n danced with Arnav.He was impressed.so romantic.Ishita;s godbharai in punjabi n tamil style.cool.Raman praising her was lovely.The play on ishra love story was a gud idea.arshi as ishra n suraj ankita as arshi was a fab idea.friendship celebration was so beautiful.hope this friendship stays 4ever.touch wood.i rly missed ur ff

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    I Missed u a lotttttttttt yaar……….Its Superbbbbbbbbb…… Such a Sweetttttttttt Friendship………… Loved it…………..

  5. Wow awesome next one pls

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