I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 50 and 51

hi guys I cannot believe that I have reached 50 episodes. I would like to thank all for ur comments and support. I am very happy for this. I think I will give u a good and enjoyable episode today. U all know I got 9.8 points that is 98 percentage at 10 th std. I am so happy. i am at cloud nine seing my results. i am school second. so so happy. all of u who r reading please please do comment. it will give me more happiness today. thank u so much friends .

Khushi reaches café at 5 pm.
Arnav too follows her.
Khushi notices arnav following and smiles.
Khsuhi: u r trapped arnav.
Khushi sees rahul sitting in a table.
Khushi reaches rahul.
Khushi: hi.
Rahul: hi.
The have a formal hug.
Rahul starts crying.
Khushi: what happened why r u crying.
Rahul: my wife meera is dead. I am very depressed.
Khushi: rahul its ok. u will eb fien.
Rahul: it is one month khushi.
Khushi: rahul all will be fine.
Rahul: they r saying me to marry a girl. how can I . I cannot forgot meera.
Khushi: u r right rahul. U cannot forgot meera. U r right. stick on to ur decision.
Arnav sees rahul crying and comes to their table.
Arnav: what happened?
Rahul explains everything.
Khushi: I told him too not do marriage.
Arnav: what r u speaking khushi. He cannot stay like this.. he need to move on .
Rahul: I canno live an another life without meera. She si my life.
Arnav: she is dead na. leave it . start a new life.
Khsuhi: how can u speak like this. rahul shouldn’t marry.
Arnav: rahul should marry. He too needs a life. Everyone has a chance to live their lost life.
Khushi: really arnav?
Arnav: yes.
Khushi: then what r u doing to ur dhi. U r spoiling dhi’s life na. did u get my point. She too needs to live her life right.
Arnav understood the mistake he did.
Arnav: yes khsuhi. U r correct. I did a mistake. I am sorry. I will itself see a groom for my dhi. Sorry.
Rahul and khushi does a hifi.
Khushi: ok sorry accepted.
Meera comes in.
Meera: hi.
Arnav: hi.
Khushi: sorry for this drama we made u dead.
Meera: no probs. Ur friend is doing for his bestie.
Khushi smiles.
Meera: arnav, u r very lucky to get a wife like her. she makes u understand things very beautifully.
Arnav: yes really lucky I am.
Khushi blushes.
Rahul and meera leaves.
Arnav: so I should gift a gift for my wife for making me understand me na.
Khushi: i want u too find a groom for dhi.
Arnav: I will do that for my dhi. What u want.
Khushi: nothing. We have ishu’s god bharai in 2 days
Arnav: ok we will go today itself and help in the preparations. We will rock it.
Khushi: but akash and shagun r not coming.
Arnav: what about ankita and suraj.
Khushi: they also told they r not commign. Both r very bad. My both bro and sis will not be here.
Arnav: its ok khushi. They might be busy. We will got o shopping and them pack our bags and leave to raman house.
Khushi: ok.
Arnav: chalo. Come fast.

Arshi reaches bhalla house.
Raman was surprised.
Raman: arnav khushi.
Arnav: we came ehre to help in preparations.
Khushi: wont u call me in.
Raman: no formalities for u both. Come in.
Khushi goes to ishu’s room and sees her seeing tv.
Khushi hugs ishu.
Ishu: khushi.
Khushi: u r watching tamil channels meanwhile ur husband is doing work.
Ishu: he ordered em not to do any work.
Khushi: how lucky ur husband is.
Ishu: come we will watch 7 aum arivi film.
Khushi: I cam eher to do preparations yaar. not to see film.
Ishu: khushi.
Khushi: open ur mouth.
Ishita opens her mouth.
Khushi: I did this payasam for u.
Ishita: wow khushi. Tasty.
Khushi: u have become beautiful. So surely one of the baby si girl yaar.
Ishu: everyone r saying this yaar. what is this astrology by seeing in face.
Meanwhile arnav and raman comes in.
Arnav: khushi we cam here to do arrangements not to sit and watch tv.
Ishu: hey arnav she was just talking to me.
Khushi: I will go ishu or else this khadoos will always shout.
Khushi leaves.
Raman: I think u will go behind her now right.
Arnav: never.
Arnav stands for sometime and then he also leaves.
Ishita and raman laughs.
Raman: he is always like this.
Ishita: he wont change yaar.
Raman: so madam.
Ishita: what.
Raman: r u nto happy.
Ishita: very happy. All will get together for this occasion. But will miss akgun and anruj.
Raman: yes. when will abhi come?
Ishu: oh my god forgot about him. I will call him and ask.
Raman: ok.
Ishita phones abhi but his phone was unreachable.
Some one rings the bell.
Raman goes an dopens it.
Raman: abhi. Aarti(abhi’ s wife).
Raman and abhi had a formal hug.
Raman: hey it is arnav and khushi.
Khushi: oh u r abhi ya.
Abhi: why r u asking like that.
Khushi: during college days raman used to phone and tell.
Raman: khsuhi.
Abhi: what will he tell na. say.
Raman: today is target on me ya. I am escape. I will go and call ishu.
Ishu comes out. Ishu: abhi. Aarti.
Abhi: how r u doing princess.
Ishu: very god. What about u?
Abhi: fine.
Raman: where is aswin( abhi’s son)
Abhi: we left him iyers house.
Ishu: where r u going to stay.
Abhi: if course here. aswin told that he wants to be with grandparents. So left him there.
Ishu: khushi show him room na. u both refresh.
Mrs bhalla ,mr bhalla, simmi,ananya comes after visiting temple.
They greet everyone there.
Suddenly bell ringd.
Khushi goes to open the door.
She gets shocked seeing ankita an dsuraj.
Khushi: anki, jiju?
Khushi hugs anki.
Khushi: wow . u came.
Ankita: how can I refuse ishita and raman.
Suraj: so we came here to rock this event.
Khushi: but this is not fair. U didn’t even inform about me.
Ankita: sorry. I thought to surprise u.
Khushi: its ok. come in.
She introduce ankita and suraj to everyone.
They take blessing from mr bhalla and ms bhalla.
Mr bhslls: u r exactly looking like our khushi.
Ankita: I am same as khushi. I am also like ur daughter.
Akash and shagun enters.
Shagun: hey u all have forgotten em. This is not fair
Raman: shagun.
Raman and khushi runs towards khushi.
The trio had a group hug.
Raman: why didn’t u inform me about ur arrival.
Shagun: surprise.
Khushi: I am very happy u all have arrived.
Raman: hey it is my wife’s function.
Khushi and shagun: she is only wife to u but she is our bhabi, friend and sister.
Ishita: yes raman they r right.
akash: hello khushi and anki i am ur brother standing here. will u not welcome me.
ankita and khushi goes and hugs akash.
khushi and anki: welcome akash bhaiya
Shagun: ishu. How r u.
Ishu: until ur friend is here no worries for me.
Shagun: yes.
Khushi: ok u all guys refresh and sleep. I will show ur rooms.
All leave to their respective bed rooms.
At mid night.
Ishita was sleeping but sudden sound makes her get up.
Raman was standing there wearing jeans pant with white shirt with a bouquet in his hand.
Ishita: raman?
Raman: happy wedding day ishita.
Ishita gets surprised and happy.
Ishita: happy wedding day. It has beem 1 year of marriage.
Raman: yes.
Raman gifts her a beautiful saree. Red colour.
Ishita: wow raman. but I am sorry. I couldn’t go out nad buy dress for u. I am not interested in buying online for u.
Raman: its ok ishu. I know it. The ebst gift for our wedding day is the babies. U r bearing it ishita. that is itself a gift for me.
Ishita: I love u ramnan. I don’t know how I falled this much for u. u r my life . without u I am not there. I am alive because of u.
Ishita goes near raman and kisses him.
Raman: I love u too ishita. u r everything for me.
Ishitqa: ok I am feeling sleepy can I sleep.
Raman: why to ask permission.
Ishita: I felt guilty for disturbing ur roamance.
Raman: I know that baby always kicks u in the night.so u r not sleeping. Go and sleep now. Go.
Ishita sleeps seeing raman.
Raman smiles.

The next day.
Khushi was wearing kurta and leggins.
Arnav was excited to see khushi but his reaction changed.
Arnav: why r u always wearing this kurtas always. Waste.
Khushi: arnav function is tomorrow only na. why r u always like this and I am not the bride for the function.
Arnav: learn from ur sister .
Ankita comes there wearing a saree.
Arnav: wow ankitaji u r looking great.
Khushi fumes.
Ankita: thank u jiju.
Suraj came there and was mesmerized seeing ankita.
Suraj: wow .
Khushi: jiju close ur mouth na.
Suraj feels shy.
Ankita laughs.
Khushi: I will go and check with the flower contractor.
Khushi stares an angry look at arnav.

Abhi: ok guys. Now we will play a game. All of u come and sit.
All were gathered and made a big circle and sat down.
Ishu: what game r we going to play.
Abhi: truth or dare.
Ishu: always we r playing that anything different.
Khushi: shagun the great give idea na.
Shagun: we will play zoom.
ishu: wow.
Khushi: all girls a team and boys a team . now separate.
Girls and boys sit on opposite to each other.
( guys I don’t know hindi songs so please adjust with tamil songs.)
Ankita: unale en naalum en Jeevan vazhudey . sollamal un swasam en muchul seruthey…..( theri)
Suraj: kandaangi kandanngi katti vanda ponu kanala kirukethum kancha vecha kannu(jilla).
Suraj was singing the song seeing ankita.
Ankita blushes.
Aarti: naani koni rani undaan(maatran).
Abhi: ennai konjam maatri en nenjil unnai utri(kaakha kaakha).
Khushi: freeyavidu freeyavidu dreeyavidu mamu vazhkaiku illa guarantee(aaru).
Arnav stares at her.
Arnav: yema yema kadhal ponu amma . nee ennai vittu ponathenama . nenjukule kayam acham ma . en patamuchi sayam pochchama( 7 aum arivi).
Khushi stares at arnav angrily.
Ishu: mun be va en anbe vaa urey va uyire va( kaakha kaakha).
Raman: naan un azhaginile deivam uravnile( 24).
Ishita smiles.
Akash: veesum velichatiley thougarai naan varuven. Pesum vennilave unake oli tharuven ( nan ee).
Shagun: lets take a selfie pulla( kathi).


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