I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 5)

hi hope u guys like it.
Amma: khushi don’t jump like this.
Khushi: maa I am so happy that u r taking me to shagun’s birthday party.
Akash: I wont come ma .
Khushi: who called u ?mr.akash.
Akash: how dare u speak like that. Wait I will beat u .
He starts chasing her. Khushi starts running.
Khushi: bro enough I cannot run more .compromise
Akash: ok ok.
Amma: get ready khushi.
Appa comes in.
Appa: r u not ready still now.
Amma and khushi: we will get ready fast.
Shagun’s birthday party is far away from the city.
Khushi,amma and appa leaves in car.

They reached half way.
Khushi: appa stop the car, I want to buy chat for shagun and raman.
Appa: ok khushi . go and get . here is the rupees.
Khushi goes to buy chat.
Amma and appa keeps the music play driver sound so they couldn’t hear anything.
Khushi starts crossing the road . a lorry driver who was drunk and had no break in his lorry hit the car.
The car blasted .
Khushi was in shock.
She goes running from to that place calling amma , appa.
Nothing happened . her mother and father died.
She phoned her brother and informed about this.
Khushi and akash were in shock.
They finished all rituals.
Appa’s brother Shashi came from unites states hearing this.
Shashi: don’t be like this akash we should move on.
Akash:yes. Uncle.
Shashi tried to brain wash akash mind saying against khushi.
Shashi: u r only coming to unites states.
Akash: ok uncle . I will only come.

Khushi ‘s appa is the top business man in india.
Shashi wanted to take over the business of gupta. He was being selfish.
Akash: khushi I am going to u.s.
Khushi: what about me?
Akash: u stay here.
Khushi: whatever u r doing is wrong . don’t believe uncle’s words. He is a cheat. Amma and appa told u many times right.
Akash: yes they have . but I do believe him completely. Please don’t say any false things. U stay here. All the property belongs to me not u.
Khushi: what nonsence r u speaking? I am not talking about any property.
Akash: no there might be any circumstance in future where u will ask this property. For that sake I am saying . u r not going to get a single rupees from me.
Raman and shagun enters.
Khushi: starts crying. I don’t want any property ,u itself have. Please stay with me.
Akash: if i stay with u then I wont get a luxurious life so leave this house with ur belongings.

Khushi: I didn’t expect this from u. but surely one day u will realise ur mistake.
Raman: khushi I will help ,u don’t need to be with this person.
Shagun: yes khushi we r with u . come
Khushi leaves the house with raman and ishita.
Flash back ends.
Khushi was saying all this crying.
Khushi: this all happened when I was 10 years old. Uncle doesn’t like me from beginning. But aunt and grandma r so good. All of them who I believed betrayed me. My parent they left me. My brother left me and went to u.s. raman and shagun that too raman was being a bold support to me. He challenged to akash that he will look after me as his brother. He didn’t just said but he did it. I was there in shagun’s home. Her father took care of him as his daughter. But I will call them aunt and uncle only. They only made me to study. Raman and shagun gave their full support to me in the school which evoked me to achieve something. With their support only I got school topper in 10th and 12th standard. After that I don’t remember anything.
Khushi starts thinking trying to recollect.
Ishita: khushi. Stop thinking. Here after I am not just ur bhabi but ur sister too. U can share anything with me.

Khushi: ishita u r my sister no change in that.
Ishita: hmm . how did u get the keys then.
Khushi: my amma appa akash all will have a spare key. He forgotten to get key from me.
Ishita : can we go?
Khushi: yes..
Khushi locks the door.
Ishita: where next?
Khushi: to chawri bazar near to chandini chowk.
Ishita: okk. We reached now how to go.
Khushi: go left,take right then again left.
They reach the place.
Ishita:wow a good individual house with garden . superb.
Khushi: come in.
Khushi opens the door.
She switch on the light.
Ishita: ur house khushi?
Khushi: yes my parents gift to me for my 10th birthday.
Flash back……

Khushi:whats the surise papa?
Amma: we reached there.
Appa opens khushi eyes.
Khushi: wow is this house for me?
Appa:yes khushi. This is ur house come in.
Khushi appa and amma gets in
Amma: come to this room.
Khushi comes in.
Appa: say that I love u amma and appa.
Khushi: I love u amma and appa.
A secret door from the floor opens.
It is an underground room.
Amma: come in khushi.
Khushi amma and appa goes into it.
Khushi:wow appa and amma.
Amma: khushi come see this is the password for opening the underground room.
Appa: now khushi the password to open this locker is 12321.
Khushi opens it.
Khushi gets shocked.

Amma: this is ur jewellery for ur marriage and these are 2 to 3 land property for ur use.
Khushi:whats the use of buying all things now?
Appa: it is necessary beta.
Amma: u don’t say about this home or jewellery to akash . promise.
Khushi: I promise amma. I love u dad and amma inspite of this gift god has given me a wonderfull gift with wonderful amma and appa.
Flashback ends……

Khushi: ishita come in.
The house was beautifully maintained.
Khushi comes to the room of underground passage.
Khushi: I love u amma and appa.
The door opens.
Khushi and ishita comes to the room.
Ishita: very nice room yaar. Good planning.
Khushi types the password and opens the locker.
Khushi: here have the 10 lakhs . I don’t know when I sold one of the land. Give it to raman.
Ishita: for what khushi?
Khushi: for my hospital expenses.

Ishita: why khushi ,u have it.
Khushi: no I have my duty to return the money as raman did more for me.
Ishita: khushi. Ok I accept this money but I will use this money for only u ,is it ok.
Khushi: its ur money u can do anything with it but not to the one who gave this money.
Ishita:ok. Omg u again used ur trick.
Khushi: this is khushi kumari gupta.
Ishita: ok ok.
They left.

Arnav’s house.
Arnav entering.
Arnav: dhi our company have got 70 crores rupees project.
Anjali: because of?
Arnav: khushi ,enough ah?
Anjali: chote she has done a excellent job. Give her a 1 month salary for this achievement.
Arnav: even I was thinking about that only.
Anjali: chote do u know what day is tomorrow.
Arnav understood.
Arnav: what day tomorrow dhi?
Anjali: don’t u know? U r a waste chote.
Arnav: seriously dhi . I don’t know?
Anjali: tomorrow is my birthday chote.
Arnav: oh sorry dhi. I forgot.
Anjali: don’t act arnav. I know about u .
Arnav goes to his room and calls khushi.
Arnav: hi khushi.
Khushi:hello sir.
Arnav: 1 month salary is going to be credited in ur account due to ur effective presentation.
Khushi: thank u so much sir.
Arnav: message ur account number and bank details.
Khushi: yes sir. Thank u and bye.
Khushi messages arnav.
Khushi hugs ishu and say 1 month salary for my good presenation.
Ishita: wonderful khushi.
Shagun calls ishu.

Shagun: hey ishu pick me up in the college.
Ishita: how much time we r waiting get into the car idiot.
Shagun realized that she was standing in front of ishu’s car.
Khushi and ishu: how did u do this exam.
Shagun: I am sure that I will go to foreign in few days.
Ishita: great news.
Khushi: lets go to chandini chowk chat corner. Its my treat today.
Shagun: what special khushi?
Khushi: I got bonus 1 month salary for my wonderful presentation
Shagun: congrats khushi.
They all reach chat corner.
They all have chats.
Khushi: wow , I am very lucky to eat this chat.
Ishita: khushi what r u blabbering?
Khushi: nothing ishu.
They all reach home.

Ishita: khushi can I stay here tonight.
Khushi: yes of course sister.
Shagun: what sister.
Ishita: I adopted khushi as my sis.
See khushi still now he didn’t call or message me?
Ravan kumar the idiot.
Khushi: stop ishu .now send him a message that u r going to stay here?
Ishita: ok I will do.
Khushi: see now in 10 mins he will be here. Count down starts…..


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