I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 48 and 49


Hi guys. Hope u guys like it. sorry i couldnt post yesterday so i am posting 2 episodes. my results are expected to be released by today or else it will be on 27 may. i am very afraid of it yaar. i didnt sleep yesterday night at all. so guys please pray for my results

The episode starts with khushi and arnav reaching the home.
Khushi: hi dhi.
Anjali: hi khushi.
Khushi: nani u too come here na.
Nani and anjali sit in the sofa.
Khushi holds anjali hands.
Khushi: what r u going to do dhi.

Anjali: for what khushi?
Khushi: u too need a change. What r u going to do?
Nani: even I thought to speak to u regarding this.
Arnav also was present there.
Khushi: dhi. Why don’t u marry?
Anjali: what.
Khushi: yes dhi. U will a get new life. Why should u spoil ur life for that idiot. He was a cheater.
Anjali: I am not ready khushi. I am not ready to let anyother person in my life. If I am a burden then I will leave.
Arnav closes anjali’s mouth.
Arnav: no dhi. Don’t speak like this. If dhi also accepts I wont accept for her marriage. I am not ready. Dhi u go to ur room.
Anjali leaves to room. Nani too leaves.
Arnav: don’t u know khushi what to speak.
Khushi: anjali she too needs to live right.
Arnav: she will be whatever she want. See because of u her mood got bad. She will not behave properly now. Why r u doing like this khushi.
Khushi: I don’t know how to make u understand arnav.
Arnav: just stop it khushi. Don’t talk to me. leave me alone for sometime.
Arnav goes to his room and locks the door.
Khushi: why did I marry this idiot. What can I do. how angry is he.
Khushi goes to terrors and takes a diary milk choclate and starts eating.
Khushi: how am I going to handle this. think khushi. If arnav agrees then anjali will also agree. I should correct arnav first. But how? I am also feeling hungry. I didn’t eat anything from lunch. What can I do.
Khushi suddenly remembers her office work.
Khushi: u r dead khushi. Already got scoldings from him. If I didn’t finish that’s it. I am finished. But I cannot go inside as he has locked the door. Then I should go to office.
All were sleeping.
Khushi leaves in her scooty and reaches office.
She starts working.

Khushi: khushi why cant I call raman. Here. no. it is not good. He will be looking after ishita. it is not good to disturb them. Who can I call. I am really hungry. No one Is also not there in office. If shagun was here I would wake her without any hesitation. I will itself go. I am a bold girl. but how hotels will be open . it is already 12 pm. No canteen in this office also. aiyoo.
She suppress her hunger and starts working.
She works for the whole night.
Arnav gets worried for not finding khushi.
He searches for her.
He thinks she will be in office and leaves to office.
Arnav sees the office open and goes isnside .
He sees khushi lying keeping her head in the laptop.

Arnav gets relaxed.
Arnav: khushi. Wake.
Khushi didn’t wake.
He taps her but she didnt response.
Arnav holds her chins and wakes her.
He lifts and makes her lie in the sofa.
He calls doctor.
Doctor gives her a glucose.
Doctor: she didn’t eat anything that is why she fainted. Give her food after she wakes. She is also weak so tell her to eat regularly
Doctor gives him the prescribtion and leaves.

Arnav takes khushi to home.
Khushi wakes after sometime
She holds sitting her head.
Arnav: don’t I have sense to eat ur food properly. If we fight wont u eat.
Khushi: how am I here. I was in office doing work. Then what happened.
Arnav: u fainted.
Khushi: but how.
Arnav: stop it khushi. How come u not eat yaar. always behaving like baby.
He scolds khushi.
Khushi: stop it. I am very hungry.
Arnav take the plate from the side and goes to feed khushi.
Khushi: no need i have hands I will eat myself.
Khushi takes the plate from arnav.
Arnav gets angry and takes the plate forcibly and starts feeding khushi.
Khushi couldn’t resist.
Khushi: enough. I am not machine to load the full amount at time.
Arnav: just shut and eat. Don’t eat properly.
Khushi: I said enough.

Arnav: what the.
Khushi: even I can say what the.
Khushi gets up and takes her laptop and places it in her bag and gets ready to go to office.
Arnav: where r u going.
Khushi: office.
Arnav: u shouldn’t go. U r not well. go and take rest.
Khushi: I am fine arnav. I want to go.
Arnav: not a word. Go and sleep.
Khushi: no.

Arnav comes near her.
Khushi moves backwards.
Arnav: will u dare me khsuhi. Go and take rest.
Khsuhi: yes I will dare u arnav. I am khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Arnav lifts khushi and make her lie in the bed.
Khushi: if u make me lie I will take rest ah? She gets up.
Arnav: khushi warning u last time. U dont now what will I do.
Khushi: what will u do.
Arnav too lies in the bed and puts his one leg and one hand on her making her unable to move. She starts sleeping due to medicinal effect.
Arnav smiles seeing her . he tucks her hair in her ears .
He too feels sleepy so he too starts sleeping.

Raman wakes up and sees the time . it is 10 pm .
He sees ishita sleeping peacefully.
He tucks her hair behind her ears. She was looking so beautiful.
He keeps his hand in his cheeks and admires her cute expression while she was sleeping.
Simmi comes to wake up raman and sees him seeing ishita.
Simmi captures the video.
Simmi leaves.

Ishita wakes.
She was shocked seeing raman staring at her.
Ishita: what r u staring raman.
Raman: nothing. I was just admiring my wife while she was sleeping.
Ishita: so u put leave to office for staring me?
Raman: of course.
Ishita: ok sir. I will brush and go and prepare coffee.
Raman: sit.
Raman brings her a bow with tooth brush and paste.
Ishita takes it from raman.
Ishita brushes her teeth.
Raman: ur coffee madam.
Ishita drinks coffee.
Ishita: wow coffee is very awesome. Should say it to mummyji.
Raman: hello coffee is made by me.
Ishita: it is so superb raman.
Raman: thank u. today I am going to cook for ishita.
Ishita: really.
Raman: yes.
Ishita: ok waiting for the food. Make it fast.
Raman leaves.

Ishita stares lovingly at raman.
Ishita: love u so much
Aftersometime raman comes with a tray.
He makes her sit in the the chair and place a table.
Raman places plate and fork and spoon.
He serves her starters.
Her faviourite gobi Manchurian.
Ishita: raman u did it?
Raman: yes.
She taste it.
Ishita: wow.
Raman then serves roti with veg kadai masala and bhindi masala.
Ishita eatsit.
Ishita: raman. Wow. Hereafter u r going to cook and I am going to take rest . u r a great chef yaar.

Raman: thank u. I used to cook for khushi and shagun when we were alone. They will give punishment if I do not cook.
Ishita: ha ha ha. I am full yaar. I am not able to walk also. I eat very heavily.
Raman: ok madam. What u want to do next.
Ishita: I am feeling sleepy yaar.
Raman: okk
Raman lifts ishita from the chair and makes her lie in the bed.
Ishita smiles.
Raman did ishita a hair massage.
She slept xomfortably on his presence.
Raman then leaves the room.
Raman comes to hall.

Raman: ma how is the preparations of the function going.
Mrs bhalla: haa very good. May 27 is the date of the function.
Raman: ok I will make arrangements only 10 days left na. I will do it.
Mrs bhalla: what is ishita doing?
Raman: sleeping.
Mrs bhalla:she is very tired raman. She needs ur care a lot. If u r not there she is not even eating properly.
Raman: hereafter I will take care ma. U go take rest.

Arnav wakes up first .
He tries to wake but couldn’t as the condition was reverse. Khushiwas having her one leg and hand on arnav,
Arnav: omg she is sleeping . how can I wake her?

Arnav struggles hard and then successfully frees him.
Arnav: bhagal…..
Arnav leaves his room.

Ishita: raman ,how can I help with the preparations?
Raman: u need to rest that is the help i want u to do with the preparation.
Ishita: it is tamil or Punjabi style.
Raman: actually both. First oru way then urs.
Ishita: wow. It will be so interesting.
Raman: yes.
Ishita: after the ritual amma is telling me that she will take me to amma ‘s home.
Raman: what.
Ishita: yes raman. She said she is going to take me.
Raman: I wont permit yaar.
Ishita: but raman. Amma is willing right. u come there and be with me there.
Raman: but ishita.
Ishita: u too come with me and look after me.
Raman: ok. I will also come with u.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: I am going to have fully south indian food.
Raman: I didn’t think about that yaar. Its ok I will manage with south indian food.
Ishita: ok sir.
Raman: then.

Ishita: u say.
Raman: ishu , what will we keep name for the baby.
Ishu: I will decide. If the both bay is twins one will be ruhi and other will be pihu.
Raman: wow. If the both babies are boy then one will be adithya and other will be Arjun.
Ishu: wow.
Ishita: if it is a boy and a girl it will be adithya and ruhi. Final.
Raman: final.
Ishita: deal.

Raman: deal.
Ishita: ok I am hungry, I want anything to eat.
Raman: woow. For the first time I am hearing u saying hngry. Usually I force u to eat.
Ishita: ok. I need Pongal and vada with sambhar.
Raman: where will I get it ?
Ishita: no complains . get me the food.
Raman: where will I get it yaar. ishu please yaar.
Ishita: I want it raman. That’s final.
Raman leaves.
Raman after 1 hr comes and gives ishu Pongal.
Ishita eats the dish as a baby with funny actions.
Raman smiles at her antics.

Khushi wakes up .
Khushi: idiot.
Laad governor. Stupid. How can I convince him. Idea khushi. U r brilliant
She phone someone and explains her plan.
Khushi: thank u so much yaar. ok phone exaxtly in 5 mins. Ok bye
Meanwhile arnav comes in.
Arnav: how r u feeling.
Khushi: much better than before.

Arnav: take the tablets and food properly.
Khushi: I know u don’t need to say me. my health. Ok .
Arnav:khushi stop this argument.
Khushi: it is u who started this.
Arnav: I am leaving.
Khushi thinking I should make him to stay here na for more 2 mins what will I do?
Khushi: wont u also not ask sorry. she comes towards him.
Arnav moves backwards.
Khushi: r u a big what can I say an egostic person who wont ask sorry to ur wife. What type of person are u.
Arnav: it is ur mistake.

Khushi: urs.
Arnav: urs.
Khushi: ok I am sorry. I wont talk about marriage. Deal.
Arnav: I wont believe u.
Khushi: u r correct arnav. I though a lot at yesterday night.
Arnav: so madam is compromising to me.
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: but I need a gift as compromise.
Saying this arnav moves towards khushi to kiss her.
Suddenly khushi phone rings.
Khushi thinks rahul u r great yaar.
Arnav: don’t attend.
Khushi:rahul phone. It may be some important matter. Let me attend.
Khushi picks rahul calls.

Rahul: khushi my wife is dead khushi. Meera is dead.
Khushi: what?
Rahul: yes she died 1 month ago when u were in US. I was not able to contact u.
Khushi: rahul.
Rahul: can I meet u personally today evening at 5 pm.
Khushi: of course yaar.
Rahul: don’t say to arnav.
Khushi: ok bye.
Rahul: bye.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: what.
Khushi: I am going out at 5 pm.
Arnav: why? What did rahul say?

Khushi: nothing. I have to leave in 30mins. I will abth and go.
She was acting weirdly.
Arnav thinks to find out for that behavior.


Credit to: akshaya

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  2. jasmine Rahul

    khushi tries 2 talk 2 anjali abt remarr.but it seems she isnt interested.tho arshi argue i like dat arnav took care of khushi tho he is rough.raman did everything 4 ishita.so caring.waiting 2 c their babies.Who is Rahul?his wife meera is dead.oh..what does he want 2 talk 2 khushi?is rahul d guy 4 anjali?

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  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Such an AMAZING ff…….loved it……Raman is sooooooooo swwwweeeeetttttttt………

  5. Wow wow wow!!! Akiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great episode. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Arshi scenes was Awesome…
    I liked their scenes a lot… Hope u understand my feelings. 🙂 🙂
    And my dear friend please don’t worry dear.. I hope u will also get a great result… 🙂 🙂
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