I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 47

Thank u so much guys for ur support. Sorry guys couldn’t post it for 3 days . so sorry yaar. I cannot post it on tomorrow and day after tomorrow. I am going out of station. I couldn’t post it for 3 days cause of cousins marriage. So sorry guys. From Monday u will get my regular updates of both stories. Today is a short story please . so sorry

Arshi reaches arnav’s office.
Khushi: why r we at ur office?
Arnav: come in madam.
All the staffs are arrived.
Arnav: hello guys. U might know her.
One guy: yes she is khushi kumara gupta only right.
Arnav: khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Shrawan(khushi’s friend): wow khushi u got married. Who is ur husband yaar. Give intro.
Arnav: hello shrawan I am a boy standing here na. cant u see me. I am her husband.
Shrawan: but arnav sir, how.
Arnav: I will say the story later and guys she is another chairman of this company. Me and her are the md of this company.
Khushi gets shocked.
Khushi: arnav u didn’t say about this.
Arnav: this is the surprise.
Khushi: thank u so much.
Arnav: ok guys u should call her madam only here after.
Khushi: hello arnav. They can call me khushi. I am all of them friend only.
Arnav: ok. I want to say that this company owner is my friend akash and me right. actually khushi is brother of akash.
All of them get shocked.
Arnav: I am saying this as everyone will say khushi being a middle classed girl got me like that. I don’t like that. I don’t care about any class or caste. We loved eachother from college. She lost her memory. Ok guys. So I don’t want u to take this topic again. Ok . all proceed to their work
Arshi reaches the cabin.
Arnav: khushi this is ur cabin.
Khushi: thank u so much arnav.
Khushi had tears.
Arnav: hey its ur brother’s wish to be the md of this company.
Khushi: really?
Arnav: he asked ma and i also had the same plan only.
Khusi hugs arnav
Khushi: thank u so much for coming to my life. U made my life colorful arnav. I cant say anything else. I am very happy.
Arnav: so .
Khushi: so what. Say me my work.
Arnav: we should look after the deals.
Khushi:ok u go to ur cabin.
Arnav: ok madam. Bye.
Khushi: bye.
Arnav leaves.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi starts her work.
Khushi thinks.
Khushi: I should first focus in anjali’s life. I should talk to her. I need to find a groom for her. she is a precious girl. I don’t want her life to be wasted . I should do something.


Ishita: omg it is so boring .everyone r busy with their works. What can I do. I will go out. No raman will kill me. mummyji. Where r u?
Mrs bhalla comes in.
Mrs bhalla: what puttar?
Ishita: it is so boring mumy ji. I cannot tolerate this boreness.
Mrs bhalla: what can I do ishita. u watch tv na. raman has subscribed even tamil news channels. If u want u can watch tamil channels.
Ishita: really. Ok .
Ishita ons the tv and watches tamil channels.
Ishita enjoys watching tv.
Raman enters the room.
He sees ishita watching tv in a comedy posture.
He smiles seeing her in this position.
He makes hiccups but ishita didn’t notice .
Raman: ishita.
Ishita: what raman u came this much early?
Raman: yes only for u madam.
Ishita: ok ok. come and sit.
Raman: what is this pose.
Ishita sees her pose and smiles in a wicked way.
Ishita gets up.
Raman: whatevee psoe u r comfortable u can do like that. u were so cute in that pose.
Ishita blushes.
Raman: ishita ur cheeks r turning red.
Ishtia:r amna.
Raman: what madam, now u started blushing.
Ishita smiles.
Raman: I should take a picture of this.
Ishita: stop this.. allow me to watch film.
Raman: oh madam is watching tamil channels.
Ishita: yes.
Raman: wont u say thanks.
Ishita: ur doing it for ur wife not to anyone else. Ok. .
Raman: I expected a thank u but u na. he takes his office laptop and does a video call to a abhi.
Ishita: oh raman. Angry ya. She goes towards raman kisses his cheeks.
Abhi just now attends the call and gets shocked seeing the pose of ishita and raman.
Raman: ishita leave.
Ishita: why r u always like this. I ddint say u a thanks for that this much angriness ah? She keeps on raman’s cheeks.
Abhi’s voice heard.
Abhi: hey I am a person ehre. Please stop it yaar.
ishu gets shocked seeing video call.
Abhi: omg how much romantic yaar u r .
Ishu: raman didn’t see a word also.
Raman: did u leave me to say a word.
Ishita: u should have said yaar.
Abhii: stop it . how r u ishu?
Ishu: fin abhi. How r u? how is ananya( abhi’s daughter and ur wife aarti?
Abhi: all r good. I have heard u r bearingtwins. Congrats ishu.
Ishu: thank u abhi. When r u coming to india from London?
Abhi: mostly by 20 days. we are coming permenantly to india.
Ishu: wow. Then u will be present in my seemandham function.
Abhi: of course.
Ishu: then?
Abhi: u say.
Raman: hey I am a men standing here. u r not even including me .
Abhi: sorry raman.
Raman: its ok.
They keep on speaking for 1 hr.


Credit to: akshaya


  1. jasmine Rahul

    along with khushi khushi will also b d MD of d company.cool.ishra r cute n funny.but who r abhi n arti…khushi is thinking of finding a gud partner 4 anjali.wonder who will b that person.excited 2 know that

  2. Varsha

    Akshu…… Today update was as usual mind blowing…….. Who is going to be the new partner for anjali????? I hope u found a track for the upcoming episodes……

  3. Khushi

    Oh!!! No updates till 1 week.!!!!!!
    So sad yaar.
    Today is Only Sunday.. And u will come back the next Monday… It’s really very sad ???
    Will really miss u and ur ff a lot..
    Today’s episode was as usual AWESOME.
    Liked it very much.
    Eagerly waiting for ur coming back..

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