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The next day.
Raman and ishita was in thegidi.
Raman: ishu we r going to a forest ride via lake in the boat.
Ishu: really raman.
Raman: 1 hr ride. We can see all the birds and animals.
Ishu: wow.
Raman: come ishu. We will leave.
Raman and ishu go to that boat house nad they both goes in the boat.
Birds were visible. There are many varieities of bird.
They were rounding around the boat.
Ishita was very cute with the birds in the sight.
They saw deer, elephant and many type of animals.
That journey completed.
Raman they next go to a waterfalls.
Raman: ishu this waterfall is going to Madurai in tamilnadu.
Ishu: really.
Raman: yes. in thegidi tamilnadu starts..
Ishu: wow.
Raman: we will go to Coimbatore and board the flight. Coimbatore is nearby.
Ishita: ok raman.
They both leave to Coimbatore.

Arnav: khushi can we leave and go to airport.
Khush: ready arnav we will leave.
Arnav: on way we have sucide point. We will got here.
Khushi: ok.
They go to sucide point.
Khushi: it doesn’t look like sucide point.
Arnav: look down madam.
Khushi : omg. Fully water.
Arnav: can I push u.
Khushi: u r seeking a chance to murder ur wife ah?
Arnav: then I will be free.
Khushi starts beating arnav.
Khushi starts chasing arnav.
Khushi: ur always playful arnav.
Arnav: u like me like this only na.
Khushi: yes I like u however u be. I want to eb urself.
Arnav: ok. its time for flight.
Arnav and khushi leaves for airport and they both reaches delhi.
They go to raizada mansion.
Anjali welcomes them with aarti.
Anjali: welcome khushi.
Khushi: anjali
Khushi hugs anjali and nani.
Anjali: my chote didn’t trouble u na.
Khushi: he tortured me dhi. He dipped me in the middle of sea. He was going to push me from suscide point.
Anjali: my chote is always like this. he would show his naughtiness to me also like this.
Khushi: I know dhi.
Arnav: nani how is ur health.
Nani: very god. How u enjoyed this trip.
Arnav: very good.
Anjali: eat dinner and take rest. U would be tired of roaming.
Khushi: ok dhi.
Arnav and khushi leaves to their room.

Ishita and raman reaches bhalla house.
Mrs bhalla wecomes them with a aarti.
Mrs bhalla: how r u ishita.
Ishita: mummyji ur son looks after me very well. we didn’t say u a matter.
Raman: yes ma. Ishita is pregnant with 2 babies.
Mrs bhalla: really puttar.
Mrs bhalla hugs ishita and kisses ishita’ forehead.
Mrs bhalla informs this matter to all.
Simmi: oho raman congrats.
All wishes ishita and raman.
Mrs bhalla: u should be very careful now ishita. if u want anything u ask me. we will look after.
Ishita: ok mummy ji.
Iyers arrive.
Amma: surprise ishu.
Ishu: amma, appa, vandu( ishu’s sister),bala jiju( vandu’s husband).
Ishu goes and hugs them.
Mrs bhalla: come in. sit.
Mrs bhalla informs the news to iyers. They congragulates ishita and raman.
amma: ishita ur 6 th month started. 7 th month we should do seemandham.
Mrs bhalla: surely we will do. more 1 month is there na.
Amma: but we should invite guest and do arrangements right.
Raman: yes amma. U fix the date and say.
Mrs bhalla: but this should be in punjbi tradition.
Amma: ok. ishu u go and take rest.
Ishu: its ok amma. I will be here.
Simmi: aunt will u hve dinner.
Mrs bhalla: hey I invited them for dinner. Come on. All to the dinning table.
All have dinner and iyers leave.
Ishita and raman sleep.

The next day.
Arnav was working in his laptop.khushi was sleeping.
Arnav: how can she sleep peacefully when his husband is working harder. Khushi. Wait.
Arnav goes and takes a jug of water and takes some in his hand and sprinkles it in her face.
Khushi: wow it is drizzling it is superb.
Arnav purs the jug of water.
Khushi wakes.
Khushi: arnav how dare u do like this.
Khushi chases arnav.
Arnav runs into the bathroom but couldn’t close the door. Khushi gets inside and takes the handshower and pours the water on him.
Arnav instead opened the shower where she was standing under the shower.
Khushi stares in anger.
Arnav takes the hand shower from her and pulls her closer to him.
They both have a eye lock.
Til ke tiltili he jooda( Chennai express) plays.
Enna solla edhu solla( thangamagan)plays

Khushi: leave me.
Arnav: hey I woke u . get ready we r going somewhere.
Khushi: u have office work na.
Arnav: u r coming that’s it. Get ready in 30 mins.
Khushi: ok laad governor. First stop this shower.
Arnav stops the tower.
Khushi was staring at arnav.
She leaves but slips and was about to fall.
Arnav catches her.
Arnav: open ur eyes while walking. What would have happened if u have fallen.
Khushi: my pati will hold me when ever I fall. I have trust on him. Khushi smiles.
Arnav: ok . go get ready.
Khushi gets ready.

At bhalla house.

Raman was getting ready for the office.
Ishita was ssleeping peacefully.
Raman decide not to disturb her as she didn’t sleep at night.
Mrs bhalla comes with coffee.
Mrs bhalla: ishita uttar.
Raman: amma. She is sleeping. Let her . she didnt sleep whole night. the babied didn’t leave her to sleep. The baby keep on moving.
Mrs bhalla: ok I wont disturb her. have ur coffee.
Raman: ma look after her.
Mrs bhalla: hey I am her mummy ji an du r itself advising me ah raman?
Raman: sorry ma.
Mrs bhalla: I understand and will stay with her. ok.
Raman: ok ma. Bye I have more work in office,
Raman leaves to office.
Ishita wakes after sometime.
Ishita: raman.
Mrs bhalla: raman wen to office puttar.
Ishita: mummyji what is the time?
Mrs bhalla: 10 am.
Ishita: oh I slept very long.
Mrs bhalla: u didn’t sleep in night right.
Ishita: yes.
Mrs bhalla: its ok. whenever u feel sleepy sleep. Sleep is must.
Ishita: ok mumy ji. I will brush my teeth and have coffee.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Nice episode…this epi was awesome waiting for next update

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  2. Akshaya nice episode
    Did u rwad my last comment
    Iam alive because of u arshi and ishra 44 and 45
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    1. Akshaya nice episode
      Did u rwad my last comment
      Iam alive because of u arshi and ishra 44 and 45
      I just said (that comment )
      U can decide it
      Sorry read last comment *

      1. Thank u safy. I already posted the intro long back. Hey safu I love arshi so much yaar. I like ishra also . so want to combine them both in a episode. In that college days only. So ur expectations on college days will be there. Even swasan is there in that story. So sorry yaar. But after finishing ishra bond I will give u a ishra treat yaar. So sorry.

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