I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 44 and 45


Hi guys hope u guys like it. I don’t have any idea after this 10 episodes yaar. I will surely not try to end this ff. I have planned a new ff on arshi ,ishra and swasan. It is love never dies. I updated its intro but episode 1 didn’t get posted in ipkknd telly update and swasan telly update . so I will post it again. So sorry guys I couldn’t reply u each of u about that so I replied a common message regarding that. I am very sorry yaar. Ok lets get into the episode. so sorry yaar. please do comment and sorry for he spelling mistakes

The next day.
Arshi gets ready .
Khushi: where r we going.
Arnav: suspense and u took spare dress right.
Khushi: their baby.
Arnav: khushi stop it. How much time u will say this dialogue.
Khushi: hey I love it so I am saying.
Arnav: ok theri madam we will leave . come.
Arnav and khushi leaves.
Arnav takes khushi to calangute beach.
Arnav books all game rides.

Khushi: where r we going.
Arnav: get in the boat.
They both get into the boat.
Khushi: omg the waves are so high. The boat starts.
They move into the middle of the sea.
They transfer khushi arnav to a another boat.

2 man was sitting in tat boat.
Arnav made khushi wear the belts and made her to stand on a stage.
The man connected khushi’s belt to a parachute.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: dip in water also.
The boat started to move.
Khushi starts flying but in low attitude. Then the rope released and that made the parachute down and khushi got dipped in water.
Khushi shouts. But she enjoys.
Then slowly the parachute started flying and she reached up. she could see the goa site.
Arnav takes khushi’s pics.
Next arnav went to the parachute ride.

Khushi takes pics of arnav.
Then they both reached shore.
They next went to motor bike ride.
Khushiwas seated first and arnav seated behind khushi.
Khushi:arnav do u know to ride this bike?
Arnav: yes my dear wife.
Arnav started riding and they both was full wet. They went deep into the sea.
Khushi: wow so nice. I love u arnav
Arnav: I love u too khushi. How is this ride.
Khushi: awesome. Very superb. I love it a lot.
They came back after finishing this ride.

Ishra and raman goes to mattupatey dam.
Ishita: wow raman. It is so beautiful.
Raman: there are speed boat rides here but u should not go as u r pregnant.
Ishita: ok. what r we going to do now.
Raman: I am ur husband right. I have arranged a slow boat ride for u and me.
Ishita hugs raman.
Ishita: thank u.
Raman: it will be very slow so nothing will happen to u.
Ishita: thank u raman.
Ishita and raman gets into the boat. The boat moves very slowly.
Ishita: what raman. R u staring?
Raman: beautiful view na.
Ishita: beautiful view.

Raman: ishita.
Ishita: what raman?
Raman: u r very beautiful in this chuddidhar.
Ishita blushes.
Raman: u r not allowed to wear saree.
Ishita: ok boss. Then.
Raman: wear pant and t shirt so can walk easily.
Ishita: raman. We came for a tour. Not anything. so. Please stop ur advices.
Raman: ok madam.
Ishita: I need a song to this climate and ride.
Raman: wait.
Raman plays naan un azhagile(24 movie)
Ishita: my faviourite song.
Raman reacts in the same way as the song.
Ishita smiles seeing him doing like that.
Ishita: I am thinking what will arnav and khushi be doing?
Raman: conformly they will be arguing.
Ishita: how come.

Raman: there is something called 7 th sense for me.
Ishita laughs.
The man who is rowing the boat laughs.
Ishita: u know hindi?
Man: yes mam. I know. I am from lucknow.
Ramna: we should have called a malyali driver .
Ishita laughs.
Raman phones khushi.

Khushi picks the phone.
Khushi: raman I will phone u back. I need to scold this idiot.
Raman: what happened khushi.
Khsuhi: raman what happened.
Arnav and khushi next ride is banyan ride.
Khushi and arnav and some more people sit on the banyan like rubber shaped figure. The boat starts and then takes them to the middle of sea.
Then the boat turns so that the banyan liked shape rubber figure falls upside down so all the people sitting in the banyan will fall into the water.
Arnav stumps khsuhi and dips her into the water.
Khushi couldn’t breathe after wards she kick arnav and sits in the banyan figure.
Arnav asks for help but she didn’t give her hand.
The ride gets over.

Flashback over.
Raman laughs.
Khushi: how can he raman. I couldn’t even breathe. He is always very playful raman. U call later I will finish scolding him.
Raman cuts the call.
Khushi: how can u mister raizada.
Arnav: only for fun yaar.
Khushi beats him.
Khushi: fun.
Arnav: ok madam sorry.

Khushi: no.
Arnav does sittups.
Many of them sees this.
Khushi: ok get up.
Arnav puts his hand in shoulder of khushi
Arnav: ok my wife can we go to hotel u r very tired.
Khushi gets a idea.
Khushi: as a punishment . us should carry me in ur arms till the car.
Arnav: but khushi. Car is very far.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav liftes khushi.
Arnav: khushi u have put on weight.
Khushi: yesterday u lifted me there was now weight and today only na.
Arnav thinks what can I do with this type of wife.

Khushi: I heard ur thinking.
Arnav : sorry dear just for fun.
Khushi: ok my husband. she smiles.
They both have an eyelock and arnav brings her to the car.
Kannala kannala plays.
Janam janam plays
Ishita: I accept with u raman. U have 7 th sense.
Raman: ok meri jaan. We reached shore. Get down.
Raman and ishita leaves.
Raman and ishita leaves to thegdi via car.
Ishita: raman .
Raman: what.

Ishita: I want to ask u wheter u were in love with anyone other than me?
Raman: of course yaar.
Ishita: who.
Raman: why r u girls often asking this question to ur husbands .dont u have any other thing to ask?
Ishita: first answer who was that girl.
Raman: u know she is very simple. She is safe in her mother’s stomach. She is very small in size and now only growing. They r 2 members.
Ishita smiles.

Raman: I don’t know wheter it is a boy or a girl but the both babies will be happily taken care by me.
Ishita looks at raman’s eyes.
Raman: please come out soon.
He touches ishita’s stomach
Ishita: raman baby is moving.
Raman: what.
Raman touches ishita’s stomach and feels it.
Raman hugs ishita.
Ishita has tears.
Her feeling was flying in the sky.

Raman also was in the same feeling.
Raman: more in 1 month baby will start kicking u ishita.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: ok madam.
Ishita: speak something to the babies.
Raman: what?
Ishita: from 3 months onwards baby can hear us.
Raman: really.
Ishita: yes.
Raman: both babies there Is a wonderfulworld waiting for u. the world is very beautiful. Here u can learn what is right and wrong. I will be with u always.
Ishita: we will be always with u. we wont leave u in any situation.
Raman: come fast baby. I am really very excited to see u.
Ishita: yes baby. Come fast..
Ishita hugs raman and lie in his laps.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Wow Aki,…. Full episode was AWESOME..
    Feeling sooooooooooop happy while reading the full episode…
    Yeah! Year,, Arshi moment were sooooooo cute ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

    1. Thank u so much khushi

  2. Akshu wonderful update… So lovely.. Enjoyed it more..

    1. Thank u varshu

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Soooo lovely Episode…. Really its Beautiful yaar …….Such AWESOME moments……..Enjoyed it …….

    1. Thank u reshma pradeep

  4. Akiiiiii what a cute episode………. It’s marvelous my dr……….Raman’s caring is awesome……… Please darling don’t stop this ff please never ever do so……….sorry for late comment my sissy……

    1. Thank u so much ude dhi

  5. Ok if u are stopping this ff means
    Start new on ishra college days and love scene
    No need arshi
    Isss pyaar is old serial (past )
    Start with some new serial
    Btw awesome episode

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