I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 43

Hi hope u guys like it. I am planning to end this ff. most probably by 10 episodes.

Khushi: hey come on yaar wake.we will go somewhere. It is very boring here.
Arnav: ok madam. I will ask the ship saff to arrange a boat. Pack our belongings.
Arnav and khushi reach land by a boat.
Arnav and khushi take a cab and goes to a famous church over there where a priest body is preserved.
Arnav: u go I am not interested.
Khushi: come arnav.
Khushi drags arnav and took him into the church.
Khushi prayed for all happiness.
Arnav was not praying and simply staring khushi.
Khushi: come we will light candle here.
Arnav: kyun?
Khushi: I am lighting candle for ishita. if we light candle in the church the baby will be born through normal delivery and the baby will stay healthy.
Arnav: ok madam. As u say.
Both arnav and khushi light for ishita .
They both next went to beach.
It was summer actually and khushi was wearing a simple designer chappal.
She couldn’t walk due to over heat.
Khushi: arnav give me ur slippers. It is fully covered.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi removes her slippers .
Arnav didn’t give his slippers and smiled naughtily.
Khsuhi: arnav my feet. Khushi starts dancing.
Khushi: give me my slippers. She shouts and stand on arnav’s slippers.
Khushi: don’t u have any sense. Idiot.
( guys this incident took place really with my mom. Me my mom and bro went to goa. I was wearing shoes.my mom couldn’t withstand the heat so she asked my bro slipper. My bro asked her to remove her slippers and he and me made my mother stand on the sand. My mother couldn’t withstand the heat and she stood on my slippers. My bro and I laughed to the core. It was and unforgettable moment. Then my mom took bro’s slipper making him to run fast to a shadow area due to heat. Me and my mom laughed at his antics)
Arnav lifts khushi and they both go to the beach.

After finishing waterfalls. They both came to have lunch.
Ishita: raman where is the next place.
Raman: echo point.
Ishita: really.
Raman: after finishing echo point we will come to hotel .
Ishita: ok.
Raman and ishita leaves to the echo point.
The echo point was like a full of forest in the opposite side which is separated by a river.
They both were opposite of that forest.
Ishita: raman how is this echo point.
Raman: shout and see.
Ishita: ravan kumar.
Ishita hears echo.
Raman: Jhansi ki rani.
Ishita: I love u raman.
Raman: I love u ishita.
Ishita: paithyam raman.
Raman: idiot ishu.
Ishita laughs.
Raman: ishu get into the boat.
Ishita: why?
Raman: get in.
Ishita gets in.
Raman: I called for taking pics.
Ishita and raman takes pics.
After that they both reach the hotel.
Raman: ishu come here it is time to eat.
Ishita: raman how much time in a day shall I eat.
Raman: they r 2 babys right. ur food will only give thrme energy an glucose. So.
Ishita: what is the food.
Raman: masala dosa .
Ishita: really.
Ishita takes the plate from him.
Raman: wait I will feed u.
Raman feed ishita .
Ishita keeps on seeing him.
Raman: what?
Ishita: no one will look after their wife as u r doing.
Raman: ishu.
Ishita: really I am saying I am very happy for getting a husband like u. I like my life very much.
Raman: ok first eat. Then talk.
Ishita: raman let me speak.
Raman: ok speak.
Ishita: I have never been this much happiness. Thank u raman.
She hugs his hand.
Raman smiles.
Unnale en nallum en Jeevan vazhuthey plays…………
( theri)

Khushi: where r we going?
Arnav: to hotel.
Khushi: it is only 4 pm arnav.
Arnav: so.
Khushi: what r we going to do till night?
Arnav: idiot we r going to pub.
Khushi: oh . I understood.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: nothing. U go . I don’t like pubs.
Arnav: hey I joked yaar.
Khushi: first answer me how r we going to spend the day.
Arnav: wait and see.
Khushi: ok.
arnav and khushi reach the hotel.
They go their room.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: what?
Arnav gives her a gift.
Khushi: wow gift.
Khushi opens the gift.
Khushi : wow a saree. That too blue colour. Wow arnav it is really superb.
Arnav: change this dress.
Khushi: why?
Arnav: change. Go.
Khushi goes to change her dress. Arnav to changes his dress to white shirt with jeans.
Khushi was gorgeous in pink saree.
Arnav couldn’t take his eyes from her.
Khushi: what.
Arnav: u r very beautiful.
Khushi blushes.
Khushi: close ur eyes.
Arnav: why.
Khushi: close.
Arnav closes his eyes.
Khushi takes a bracelet and puts the bracelet in his hand.
Khushi: arnav open.
Arnav sees the bracelet.
Arnav: wow khushi. It is so cute.
Khushi: thank u.
Arnav: when did u buy?
Khushi: did I ask u when did u buy this saree. U shouldn’t too ask.
Arnav: ok madam. Come we will go out.
Arnav closes khushi’s eyes and takes her to a place in the hotel which was full of decorated. It was a room with a balcony which had a beach view.
Khushi liked the atmosphere very much.
Arnav: today is the day which we met for the first time.
Khushi: oh my god I forgot. Sorry.
Arnav gives her a rose.
Arnav: this is for friendship. Yellow means friendship.
Arnav gives her a white flower.
Arnav: thanks for being kind and affectionate to me.
Arnav gives her a red rose.
Arnav: thanks for being my lover.
Arnav gives her a orange flower.
Arnav: thanks for being my wife.
Arnav gives her a bouquet.
Arnav: thanks for being everything to me.
Khushi hugs arnav happily .
Khushi: thanks for being my life.
Arnav smiles.
Arnav: come . u like tamil movies.
Khushi: hey me and ishu always watch tamil movies. Raman and shagun will watch hindi we both tamil.
Arnav: ok madam. Whose fan r u?
Khushi: of course vijay fan .
Arnav: can we watch theri.
Khushi: omg I forgot abput it. It came long back. But I didn’t see.
Arnav: I know. so we r going to see it.
Arnav and khushi sees their.
Khushi enjoys a lot.arnav understood the dialogues through subtitles.

Ishita: what r we going to do.
Raman: u r a surya fan right.
Ishita: yes.
Raman: we r going to 24 movie.
Ishita: today may 6.
Raman: yes madam. I booked the tickets .
Ishita: thank u raman so much.
Raman: come we will go to theatre.
Raman and ishu goes to theatre.
Ishu: raman theatre Is fully vacant?
Raman: I booked the whole theatre. Come sit.
Ishu was very surprised.
Ishita and raman seated in the middle.
Raman: one second wait.
Raman brings juices and snacks
Raman: select one.
Ishita takes popcorn and tropicane juice.
Raman takes for him and keeps the rest thing outside.
Raman and ishu watch the film.
Ishita enjoyed the movie. Raman also understood the movie through subtitles.

Arshi finished watching the movie.
Arnav takes her to the balcony which was decorated with roses and serial light with a table with 2 chairs.
The beach sound was audible.
Khushi liked the setup very much.
Arnav makes her sit.
The server places the food.
Khushi’s favorite dishes were served.
Khushi and arnav started to eat.
They finish their dinner and went to their room.


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  1. Yaar plz don’t end this ff plzz
    Episode was nice
    Akshaya i am 14 yrs

    1. Thank u safu

  2. Aki no no no no………..u can’t stop this……….u have to reach even 100 like arshi dhi…………..please I beg u not to stop this lovely ff……… Please please please please please listen to me dr…………aki ar u still gonna stop this ff ??????

    1. Thank u ude

  3. Dont end this ff dea….its really intresting…….double date dhamaka was funtastic

    1. Thank u vero

  4. Hey,,Akshaya, why u r going to end this yaar??? No no no..

    Please don’t end this yaar….
    U know nah, how much I love this ff
    Plzzzzzzzz don’t do this dear…
    It’s a humble request..

    Today’s episode was sooooooooooooooooooo cute
    Specially my Arshi scenes was soooooooooo nice
    Loved it very much..

    1. Thank u khushi

  5. Akshu… How can u say that u will end the ff?? I am very much angry on u…. Never ever end this ff… Promise? Yeah… U should promise…. OK… Pls yaar…. Understand…. It is very difficult for us without reading ur ff…. U have to reach more than 100 like Arshi akka… Pls… Won’t u fulfill ur Lil SIS’s wish?? Pls yaar….

    And coming to today’s episode… It was awesome… The trip was so good…

    By the way whose fan are u??

    1. Thank u varsha

    2. Vijay

      1. Same yaar..✋✋

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Plzzzzzzz don’t end this FF yaar……Its Really Awesome yaar……plzzzz

    1. Thank u reshma pradeep

  7. Guys I don’t have any idea after that 10 episodes. I will try my best to not end it and I am planning to start a new ff on arshi and ishra in a different story line.I couldn’t reply to each of u so I am giving a common message. I will surely try to not end it. I am very sorry for not commenting to each of u.

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