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That day morning.
Khushi and arnav packs their bags.
Raman and ishu were also packing the bag.
Ankita and suraj were ready to leave as their flight was early
Khushi: anki I gave u my phone no right. phone me.
Anki: sure khushi. Miss u.
Khushi: miss u bye.
Ankita and suraj left to paris.
Arshi and ishra flight had 1 hr gap for departure but they both started their journey together.
Khushi: by shagun. be the topper shagun.
Shagun: I will khushi.
Khushi cries.
Shagun: khushi don’t cry. I will come to delhi the following year. We all will stay together.
Khushi hugs akash.
Akash: don’t cry. We will soon be there. I told akshat to handle that man’s business. When I come to delhi we will merge our company in delhi with arnav and raman’s and make it a big company.
Arnav and raman: sure yaar.
Akash: khushi will u fulfill my wish.
Khushi: what?
Akash says this in arnav’s ear and asks to do that.
Arnav:sure akash.
Khushi: say me
Akash: arnav will do.
Ishita: bye shagun.
Shagun: take care of the 2 baby. Raman it is ur responsibility,
Raman: sure shagun. come back soon.
Shagun: miss u raman.
Shagun,raman,khushi do a group hug.
Arshi and ishra reach airport.
They both boarded their flight and ishra reached kerla the next day evening.
Ishita and raman both started their journey to munnar from kochi.
Ishita and raman was seated in the backseat.
Raman: ishita .
Ishita: what?
Raman: get up .
Ishita gets up.
Raman opened the up window of the car.
Ishita stands up and enjoy the nature.
Ishita shouts.
Ishita: I am so happy today. Raman to gets up with her.
Raman: how is it madam.
Ishita: like flying in the sky.
Raman holds ishita’s hand and kises it.
Ishita: raman where r we going now.
Raman: we will take more 2 hrs to reach munnar. Tomorrow morning we r going to falls.
Ishita: really.
Raman: yes.
Ishita: very jolly trip. Driver increase the speed na.
Driver increases the seed.
Ishita enjoys.
Raman was admiring her.
Yhm plays…………

Arnav and khushi reaches goa.
Khushi:w hy is our luggage not coming in baggage counter.
Arnav: actually khushi I sent them to delhi already. We will purchase dress here.
Khushi: ok arnav.
They both go to a mall.
Arnav and khushi reaches girls counter.
Khushi goes to short section and picks ¾ th shorts and takes matching t shirts.
Arnav: what a change khushi.
Khushi: hello mister we r in goa so act according to it. If I wear chudi or kurta here it will be hard for me.
Arnav: ok madam. U changed a lot.
Khushi: no yaar. I used to wear these all when I was in college.
Arnav:ok . we should reach the cruise by 7 pm.
Khushi: u do shopping for u.
Arnav does shopping.
They both leave for the cruise.
That was a big ship.
Arnav: khushi we r going to stay in this ship for 1 day.
Khushi: wow this is so superb. I love it.
Arnav: come lets go in.
They were welcomed formally.
Khushi and arnav went to their room.
Their room was big. It had all the facilities.
Mainly tv.
Khushi ons the tv.
Arnav: we r here to watch tv.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: no.
Arnav: then.
Khushi: for honeymoon.
Arnav: u know right. go to delhi and watch how much ever time u want to watch tv not now.
Khushi: ok arnav.
Arnav: we will go down.
Khushi: ok arnav. What is special now.
Arnav: wait and watch.
Arnav and khushi reached down.
They were invited to dance.
Arnav and khushi danced romantically .
They both were lost in each others eyes.
Samjhawan plays………….
Kannala kannala en mela ……
Ishita and raman reached hotel.
Ishita was very tired.
Raman: ishita come on yaar. Walk.
Ishita: raman very tired
Raman lifts ishita.
Raman: driver sir ask the room service to bring to room no 105.
Raman takes ishita to their room.
Raman safely places ishita on the bed .
Ishita: I am hungry.
Raman: we will order food and eat as u cannot now walk and go to buffet and eat.
Ishita: I am fine raman. We will go.
Raman: I know yaar. U did acting only na.
Ishita smiles naughtily.
Raman : come.
Raman lifts ishita.
Ishita: but raman.
Raman: this ur wish na.
Ishita smiles looking raman and looks into his eyes and admiring him.
Raman takes ishita to the buffet and they both eat and then sleep.

Arshi after finishing dinner went to their room.
arnav: khushi.
Khushi: what? Arnav comes near her.
Khushi: no way.
Khushi runs.
Arnav chases her.
Arnav holds khushi hands and pulls her close.
khushi sees a bed and pushes arnav.
Arnav was holding khushi’s hand so he also dragged into the bed.
Khushi blushed.
They both consummated their married life.

The next day.
Ishita and raman went to kuthumkal water falls.
The water fall is located at a very up. so raman take ishita carefully.
They react the point where the water is flowing.
Raman makes ishita stand there carefully holding her with his hands.
Ishita enjoyed a lot. They both had a eye lock.
Janam janam plays…………..
Kadhal kan katudey………..
After that they both changed their dress and went to hotel to have lunch.


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