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Hi guys hope u guys like it. so sorry for the delay.
Khushi was sleeping .
Arnav woke her.
Arnav: khushi come on.
Khushi: why r u playing in midnight yaar.
Arnav drags khushi and takes her to the terror.

In the meanwhile suraj takes ankita to the terrors.
(Guys the terrors Is open . anyone can fall down. )
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: what arnav.
Arnav: u r the bad sign of my life khushi.
Khushi: what. What r u saying arnav.
Arnav: I don’t love u khushi. U die.
Arnav comes towards her. khushi slips and arnav holds her hand.
Arnav: bye bye my dear wife.
Arnav smiles evily.
He leaves khushi’s one hand.
He leaves other hand.

In the mean time.
Suraj also spoke like arnav and pushes ankita.
Both ankita and khushi thought that their life is over.
When they reached the ground they bounced up and down.
Khushi and ankita laughs.
At last they both stop jumping.
Khushi: I wont leave u arnav. Arnav I am coming.
Ankita: even I wont leave u suraj.
Khushi and ankita together goes inside the house. there is no power in the house.
They searches but suddenly a ghost like appearance pass by.
Khushi shouts.
Ankita: khushi. There Is no ghost khushi. U r afraid ah? I am not afraid.
A ghost comes ankita and pulls her closer. Ankita closes her eyes but within fraction of seconds the ghost disappear.
Ankita: khushi even I am afraid of ghost.
Khushi: u go that side I will go this side.
Khushi goes towards the bed.
A hand pulls her legs.
Khushi:save me .save me.
The hand pulls her leg and she falls down and soemthing sprinkles on her face.
Khushi and ankita runs out of the room.
Khushi: raman. Akash. Shagun. ishita.
Ankita: no one is here. wait I am having my mobile. I will on the light.
Ankita ons the light.
Ankita: khushi ur face is full of blood.
Khushi: what.
Ankita shows khushi by touching her.
Khushi: hey some ghost yaar. Really I am afraid of ghost. There is no one in home. All left us. We will go to airport and catch flight to delhi yaar. I am so afraid.
Ankita: hey we will go inside and speak frankly to the ghost. Come khushi.
Khushi: no.
Ankita drags khushi to the room.
Ankita: what u want. Why r u troubling us.
Khushi: pleas leave me. I want to go to delhi.
A voice came: please leave me I want to go to delhi.
Ankita: khushi I think so this ghost is very good type. See it is making fun of us.
Khushi: u only said na good ghost. U go first. U r my sister na.
Ankita: khushi.
Khushi pushes ankita front and she goes backward.
They both reach the centre of the room.
A tub of water with holi colours fall on them.
Ishra, arnav ,suraj,akgun shouting happy birthday khushi and ankita.
Khushi and ankita laughed.
Khushi: thank u all so much. happy birthday anki.
Ankita: happy birthday khushi.
Arnav: enough of this sentiments.
Suraj: first cut the cake.
Ankita: first enough of this drama.
Khushi: how dare u say me that u don’t love me and I am an evil sign for u mister raizada.
Ankita: yes u to mr khanna.
Arnav: escape.
Arnav and suraj started running.
Khushi chased arnav meanwhile ankita chased suraj.
Raman holds arnav.
Raman: khushi come fast.
Arnav: r u a brother.
Raman: yes I am helping my sister only na.
Akash holds suraj and calls ankita.both ankita and khushi starts beating their husbands.
Arnav: happy birthday khushi. I thought to give u a unforgivable gift.
Khushi: thank u arnav.
Khushi hugs arnav.
Raman does hiccups.
Raman: I am also here.
Arnav: get out.
Raman: arnav in a dramatic voice.
Raman leaves.

Suraj: happy birthday ankita.
Ankita: thank u so much suraj.
Suraj: this is my gift.
Suraj gifts ankita a honeymoon package.
Ankita: paris
Suraj: yes.
Ankita: thank u so much suraj. U r the best husband.
Suraj: ok madam. We will go to the room.
Ankita and suraj leaves to the room.
Khushi arnav also enters the room.
Khushi and ankita both cut the cake and feed them to each other and other.
The party was awsome.
Suraj did a conference call in his laptop to sanskar.
Sanskar: happy birthday ankita. Where is khushi.
Ankita:thank u bro . khushi coe ehre na.
Khushi comes near ankita.
Sanskar: wow ditto of ankita. Happy birthdaykhushi.
Khushi: thank u and u r anki brother right.
Sanskar: yes.
Khushi: then u r my brother also.
Sanskar: ok sister.
Khushi: then bro.
Sanskar: nothing ok bye.
Khushi and ankita: bye.
Suraj cuts the call.

Raman: khushi ankita.
Raman and ishu gives a 2 sets of simple platinum necklace for both ankita and khushi
Khushi: thank u so much raman. Love it a lot.
Raman: happy birthday my devil.
Raman and ishu hugs khushi and ankita.
akash and shagun gifts khushi and ankita a bracelet made of platinum.
Akash and shagun wish them and leaves to their room.
Arnav: khushi we will gift this hearing to ankita come.
Arnav and khushi gifts a platinum hearing to ankita.
Suraj and ankita gifts a ring to khushi.

All the respective couple leave to their room.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav goes near her.
Khushi takes a diary.
Khushi: I have written all the faviourite incidents in the diary. U asked my wishes right. all the things are there in this diary. I have written a lot about u. take this diary.
Arnav gives a naughty smile.
Arnav: khushi here is ur gift.
Khushi opens it.
Khushi finds the flight ticket to goa that too that day afternoon.
Arnav: we r going to goa khushi.
Khushi: how do u know that one of my wish is to go to goa and enjoy.
Arnav: I already read ur diary.
Khushi: arnav. I thought to give it on my first birthday after our marriage . but u liar.
Arnav: ok come. Sleep. Tomorrow we should leave and all of them r leaving.
Khushi: what.
Arnav: we will go to goa for a 5 days trip and return to delhi.
Khushi: ok.
Both arnav and khushi went to sleep.

Ishra room.
Raman: why my wife is sad.
Ishita: nothing raman. Arshi r going to goa. Anruj are going to australia tomorrow. What r we going to do here.
Raman: I am going to enjoy foreign girls beauty with akash.
Ishita: idiot raman.
Ramna: chill yaar. I thought to give u also a gift.
Raman gives her an envelope.
Ishita opens the envelope.
Ishita: hill station tour. Wow raman. That to munnar and thegidi. I havent seen that hill station . thank u so much. I feel like .
Ishita hugs raman in joy.
Raman: ok ok madam.we r also leaving tomorrow to kerla in india . 5 days trip.
Ishita: thank u raman so much.
Raman: ok my dear wife. I gave u happiness right, instead I need a gift from u madam.
Ishita kisses raman cheeks.
Ishita: ok raman. First I will pack clothes.
Raman: first sleep. I will pack.
Ishita sleeps and raman packs dresses.


Credit to: akshaya

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  4. Oh ho!! Soooooo nice yaar.. I was soooo shocked while reading the first part… But it was AWESOME…. And their birthday moment was AMAZING…. Really very niceeeeee..
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    1. Thank u so much varsha. Shagun is doing ms there so she have college and exams. That is why they r not going.

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