I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 40


hi guys. Hope u guys like it and thank u so much for commenting. i am very happy that i reached 40 episodes.

Khushi woke.
Ankita was looking at her.
Actually guys ankita and khushi was lying next to next bed.
Khushi: anki what r u seeing. Can I call u anki.
Ankita: hey u r my sis. U shouldn’t have formalities.
Khushi: I don’t know that I have a sister.
Ankita: leave all that. so sorry for shooting.
Khushi: its ok. but it is paining.
Ankita: sorry.
Khushi: its ok anki. How is ur hurt.
Ankita: it is common for me to get hurts. I am an undercover cid agent. So I used to it. But that shyam over tortured me. by the way khushi u r shooting very good yaar. How can u without any practice.
Khushi: I know yaar. In ngo I learnt. My husband ,akash or anyone doesn’t know. I learnt it for self defence.
Ankita: ok madam. See arnav and suraj r coming.
Ankita and khushi smile.
Arnav: khushi.
Arnav goes to ankita bed.
Khushi gets anger.
Suraj: ankita how r u feeling.
Khushi: nothing suraj. Feeling good. I am used to it right.( in same voice of ankita)
Suraj: I shouldn’t let shyam torture u this much.
Khushi: what can u so suraj. Its ok.
Arnav: khushi . idiot.
Ankita understood khushi’s plan.
Ankita: arnav ( in same voice of khushi)
Arnav: khushi u r out of ur senses. How r u shooting like this. I was shocked to see u shooting. How bold r u. u shooted shyam khushi. How can u yaar.i cannot come out of the shock.
Ankita laughs.
Ankita: u know they thought me in ngo.
Arnav: really.
Ankita: yes arnav.
Arnav: love u so much khushi.
Ankita: love u so much jiju in a funny voice. She laughs.
Arnav: what jiju.
Ankita: I am ankita jiju. Ur wife is in the next bed.

Khushi holds suraj hands.
Suraj smiles.
Arnav with anger goes out.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi and suraj made a hifi.
Ankita: why r u torturing my jiju this much.
Khushi: just for a fun yaar and I can also play with my jiju right.
Ankita and khushi made a hifi.
Doctor came to check them.
Meanwhile raman took ishita to a sonography test.
Raman sees the 2 baby when they showed in the monitory screen.
Raman: ishu I can see the 2 baby ishu.
Doctor: raman take care of her. I will be back in a minuite.
Raman: how cute. This is my first experience ishita.
Ishita: even for me raman.
Raman slowly goes near ishita who is lying in the bed.
Ishita: what raman, no not here raman.
Raman without saying anything kisses ishita forehead.
Ishita: raman stop it. Doctor may come.
Raman kisses ishita hands.
Ishita: raman.
She was about to speak but raman closed her mouth with her mouth.
Ishu felt shy and turned.
Raman:u and the babies are the god’s gift to me ishita.
Doctor came.
Doctor: ok ishita . ur scan reports came. Both the baby’s r so healthy. All because of ur husbands care only na.
Ishita blushes and says yes.
Raman takes ishita out.
Khushi and ankita both got distcharged.
They went to akash’s home.
Akash ,shagun,raman ,ishu,arnav and khushi surrounded suraj and shagun.
Raman: hey we should find out who kidnapped khushi first.
Arnav: yes yaar.
Ankita: actually we r the one who kidnapped khushi first using my friends from cid.
Surj: actually the plan is we attracted khushi to that fighting place. There our guards kidnapped khushi and instead of her ankita was there.ankita replaced khushi.
Arnav understood why she felt uncomfortable due to his hug.
Suraj: actually Shashi and shyam found about my revenge on khushi and ishra and also included me in their plan. So I knew what they r going to do. I told that to ankita and ankita vowed to protect khushi. I could have went to police but Shashi is very powerful.
ankita: don’t take me wrong to have kidnapped u khushi.
Khushi: its ok anki. But one of that guard is so rude. He beat me.
Ankita: I ordered them not to beat u. how can they. I will warn them next time.
Khushi: ankita I have a doubt. Then why did suraj behave to me like that.
Flash back. Guys this is after khushi’s accident only.
Khushi walkin in the road. There someone hugs her from behind.
Khushi: hey leave me . who r u. what u want.
suraj: i am sorry yaar. shouldnt have fought with u.
Khushi pushes suraj and slaps him.
Suraj is shocked with the slap.
Khushi: how dare u touch a girl like this. u r going to deserve a punishment.
Suraj holds khushi’s hand.
Suraj: why r u behaving weidly with me yaar. I am ur lover yaar. enough of this drama yaar.
Raman and ishita went to buy something and saw khushi talking with that guy so they came.
Raman: what happened khushi?
Khushi: raman he misbehaved with me. he hugged me from behind and telling me that I am his lover.
Raman: how dare u. come to police station.
Khushi files police complain against suraj and leaves.
Suraj shouts .
I wont leave u 3.
Flash back ends.
Ankita: actually khushi. I will make u clear. We were loving from college days. that day we fought. So he hugged me from behind to convince me. he mistakenly thought u as me. I came to delhi just for an important work that time this all happened. I immedeatly learnt that suraj is in jail and told him about the twin sister. he was also shocked.
Suraj: we then came back to Bombay. i apologized to raman personally but khushi and ishita didnt believe me.
Raman: then why did u blame ishita that day.
Suraj: that day actually.
Ankita: he did it to protect u raman and ishita.
Suraj: I am ashok khanna’s brother raman. I don’t like my brother at all. Ashok Khanna u r business competitor wanted to destroy u so he asked me to do that. I thought that instead of me he would send anyother person to get the deal cancelled but I acted as I tried and got failed. So he failed. My brother is not a good person. So I stayed away from him.
Khushi: u r really great jiju. And anki u should be proud to have a husband like him.
Suraj: enough. Some coal is burning here.
Khushi laughs.
Arnav takes khushi to her room.
Arnav: khushi why r u saying all these stupid things . to irritate me ah?
Khushi:what the. What the.
Arnav: khushi stop it.
Khushi: arnav why r u getting jealous. I am asking u frankly.
Arnav: who is getting jealous.
Khushi: arnav listen. He is my jiju. U know I always waned a jiju arnav. U know i want a jiju like yeh hai mohabatein mihika’s jiju that is raman. I feel like the same. U know it will be jolly to have fun with jiju.
Arnav: ok madam. I am sorry.
Khushi: sorry accepted and
Arnav: and
Arnav keeps his hands on her shoulders.
Khushi shouts
Khushi: ouch. Arnav it is paining.
Arnav leaves his hands.
Arnav: sorry khushi.
Khushi: u should build sorry book for me arnav.
Arnav: u should too.
Khushi: why.
Arnav: cause u too got jealous seeing me with ankita ji right.
Khushi: right. ok . leave all that. it is all just for fun. Arnav give me tablets right. it is paining a lot.
Arnav gives her tablets and makes her to sleep in his laps.
Arnav smiled cutely seeing khushi sleeping.
Rabbave plays.


Credit to: akshaya

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