I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 4)

hi hope u guys like it.
The episode starts with khushi preparing for the presentation.
The next day
Khushi: shagun all the best , do well ur exams.
Shagun: thank u and all the best.

Raman’ s house .
Mrs bhalla and mr bhalla have went to temple tour . only raman and ishita.
Ishita: break fast ready raman, we should go to office soon.
Raman didn’t even respond.
Ishita: raman day dreaming ah?
Raman: no ishu, I was thinking about our first meeting.
Flash back starts.
Shopping complex.
Raman with shagun and khushi came to purchase dress.
Khushi: raman u should select dress for me and shagun .
Raman: ok u select for me here , I will go and select.
Raman goes into the section of chudidhar and starts searching dress for them.
Suddenly a girl with lots of dress in her hand bumped into raman.
Dresses fell down and raman catched her when she slips..
Yhm plays. They have an eye look. Raman got mesmerized seeing her beauty.
Raman then picks up the dress fallen and give it to her.
Ishita: thank u.
Flash black ends…
Ishita: raman come out of it,have ur break fast.
Raman: that day when I saw u , I lost my heart to u.
Ishita: raman stop romancing , we have important client meeting ,I am having the file.
Raman: keep it safe.
Ishita: ok.

In arnav’s office.
Khushi entered arnav’s cabin
Arnav: prepared for meeting ?
Khushi: yes sir ,here is the presentation u gave and the corrected
Arnav: clients are on the way so be ready in 20 mins.
Khushi: yes sir.

The presentation goes well. All congragulate khushi for her presentation.
Asr company gets a contract of rupess 70 crores.
In raman’s office:
Raman: clients are on the way ,get ready in 10 mins ishu.
Ishita: I am ready raman.

After 5 mins
Suraj comes in.
Suraj: ishita mam can u give me the file please,raman sir asked me to bring the file.
Ishita without thinking gives the file to him.
Suraj to himself: see ishita what I am going to do with this file.

Clients comes into the conference room.
Ishita starts the presentation.
She ends it.
Raman : ishita give the file.
Ishita: I already gave the file to suraj. He only took the file saying u asked him.
Raman: I didn’t get any file. Let me call him .
Suraj enters into the conference room.
Raman: give me the file suraj.
Suraj: what file sir?
Raman: the file which ishita gave u.
Suraj: she didn’t give me any file
Raman got angry and asked 5 mins permission from the clients and took ishita with him out.
Raman: ishita what r u doing, the file is important or else we would have loss.
Ishita: raman I gave it to suraj.
Raman: ishita u r very careless.
Ishita: :raman it is not my fault. It is suraj’s fault but u wont blame him.
Raman: I have confidence that suraj wont do this.
Ishita: then u feel that I only did it?
Raman: no ishu , not like that.
Ishita: stop it raman, u r blaming me for the one which I didn’t commit.
I am never ever going to come to this office . u keep ur office with u.
Ishita leaves angrily
Raman convinces the client to give one week time.

Asr office.
Arnav : khushi u have done a good job.
Khushi: thank u sir. Sir can I go home now sir. Feeling tired doing all the work whole night.
Arnav: u can take leave today and tomorrow. Tomorrow evening there is an celebration for this and my dhi’s birthday. Join us tomorrow.
Khushi: I will attend it for sure tomorrow,sir but can I bring my friend shagun?
Arnav: u can.
Khushi: thank u sir.

Khushi goes to home.
Khushi calls ishita.
Khushi: ishita can u take me out to a place?
Ishita: ok khushi, I will,don’t u have office?
Khushi: half day leave.
Ishita: I will pick u up in ur home by 10 mins.

Ishita picks khushi.
Khushi: ishita go to chandini chowk.
Ishita: ok khushi. I am very angry at ur friend.
Khushi: what happened.
Ishita says everything to khushi.
Ishita: I dont have evidence to prove that i am right. that day camera was also not working in our room
he did it planned.
Khushi starts laughing.
Ishita: why r u laughing idiot.
Khushi: u know right he is not a good person from the starting why didn’t u take preventive measure.
Ishita: I dint think about it. I want to prove that I am not wrong.
Khushi: I have evidence.
Ishita: what is it khushi.
Khushi: suspense..i will show u tonight with shagun.
Ishita: please khushi.
Khushi: u know that I wont break suspense.
Ishita: we came to chandini chowk ,say where u want to go.
Khushi: go straight ,take left and then right,there would be a big bangla.
Ishita goes to the place.
Ishita: what is this place,but a very nice house.
Khushi: my home.
Ishita: what ?
Khushi: lets go in.
Ishita: r u having keys .
Khushi: yes.
They go in.
Khushi on the switch of the main board.
The bangla looked so beautiful.
Ishita: khushi say whose place is this?
Khushi: my place only. Here only my life started. Me my parents and my bro used to stay here. Our house was happier and we were happier. I don’t know what happened to this happiness as it broke down.khushi starts crying…
Flash back…………………


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  6. Nice yaar.. And Akshaya,, u know it took long time to post ur episode 6.. I was waiting for it.. Please post it everyday.

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