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Shashi stands shocked.
Shashi: u .
Ankita: yeh me only. U easily separated me from my family.
Khushi was bleeding . arnav couldn’t control seeing her and runs and holds her and wipes the blood.
Shyam,Shashi and suraj r shocked seeing arnav there.
Raman and akash to comes out.
All r shocked.
Ankita: mr Shashi tell all what u did with me.
Shashi didn’t utter a word.
Shyam goes towards ankita.
Shyam: what he did with u. how come u and khushi r alike. Say now or else.
Ankita: I am not afraid of ur antics shyam. It is time to hell for u all. I will surely say.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: arnav.
Ankita: khushi is my sister, akash is my brother.
Khushi and akash r shocked.
Akash: how come u r my sister.
Ankita: I am khushi’s twin sister.
Akash: what?
Ankita: yes khushi and me are twins. When doctor operated and brought us this man bribed the nurse and took away me from my parents and asked the nurse to give me in orphan house. Say what happened Shashi. He bribed the doctor to say that I am dead.
Shashi: yes I gave u in orphan house. i don’t want either u or khushi. If u both r there then it will be very hard to get ur wealth.
Akash: chi. Why r u doing like this.
Ankita: wait akash. There r lot of things which u don’t know. u killed my mom and dad.
Khushi was shocked.
Shashi: how come u know all this.
Ankita says that flash back.

Maheswari’s was about to adopt me. they liked me very much when i was about to be 10 years.
My orphanage mam told about my parents from that nurse who brought me to that home. The nurse told everything about our parents and about Shashi to my orphanage mam.
Maheswari learnt about my parents and decided me to handover them to me.
The day before shagun’s birthday right.
Mom and dad came home late right.
Khushi: yes.
Ankita: maheswari’s took me to them and said about me.
Amma: r u really my daughter.
Ankita: yes ma.
They both hugs ankita and cries.
Appa: u r looking exactly like our khushi.
Amma: hey show khushi and akash pic to them.
Appa shows khushi and akash pic to them.
Ankita: amma she is looking exactly like me amma. We both r twins right.
Amma: yes beta. Tomorrow evening we will come and pick u to home. We will give them surprise.
Ankita: thank u amma.
Appa: thank u so much maheswari. U gave us our daughter.
Maheshwari: it is nothing like that. we have a son sanskar. My wife doesn’t have eligibility to carry a baby again so we thought to adopt ur princess.
Appa: I am very thankful to u.
Maheswari: its ok mr gupta.
Ankita: appa show me our family photo.
Appa shows the photo.

Appa: this is ur uncle Shashi and this is ur aunt garima an hteir kids akshat and radhika.
Ankita: appa I saw this uncle here.
Appa: where.
Ankita: u know today before I came here we went to shopping. At that bazaar I saw him and he was speaking to some men something about an accident to other of his mates as I broke their group and only went. They didn’t see me as I was wearing a shall at my head.
Appa: what? Wait I will call and ask him.
Appa phones.
Appa: hey Shashi where r u?
Shashi: hey I am in US Only. Why r u asking this questions.
Appa: nothing ok bye.
Amma: who left u in orphanage?
Maheswari: it is actually ur brother Shashi mr gupta. He only bribed the nurse and did this.
Appa: I didn’t expect this from my brother. I will show who I am .
Ankita: leave all that appa. I am atleast now with u.
Amma: not now. U will be with us only here after.
Ankita hugs amma and appa.
Ankita stayed with maheswari’s that night only.
But ankita couldn’t sleep as she was thinking about shashi’s word that is accident.
The next day accident took place.
Ankita then only realized that Shashi planned her father’s accident.
Then ankita was adopted by maheswari’s and she got a brother sanskar.
Flash back ends.

Ankita: what I did to u. u killed my amma and appa.
Shashi: yes I killed them . I wanted their, wealth. I need their property. I thought that khushi and akash would also have been in that car but they escaped. U know that Is why I turned akash against khushi and separated him from her . I thought that with akash I can get the whole property. But before that he again saw khushi. I failed . then I got akash signature some how now only khushi’s signature is balance. If I get. All of ur property will be mine.that is why I kidnapped khushi.
Khushi: chi what an person r u.
Akash: u will not get a single rupees from our property. U liar. What we did to u. if u have asked politely itself we would have given. Chi. What type of person u r.
Khushi: if u want money we would have given u . but u. killed my parents.
Ankita: I will not leave any of u alive. What have I done to u . why this punishment for me.
Akash goes towards ankita and pushes shyam and frees her.
Ankita hugs him .
Akash : nothing we will punish them for his misdeed.
Shashi: u cant do anything to me.
Khushi gets up in the meantime.
She was holding a gun.
She shoots shyam.

Khushi: this is the punishment for torturing me. she points the gun towards suraj.
Ankita: hey if u do anything to suraj that’s it.
Ankita takes the gun from khushi and stands between khushi and suraaj.
Khushi: he is an culprit ankita.
Ankita: he is not. He is my husband. he did it to protect u khushi.
Khushi hugs ankita .
Ankita points the gun towards the Shashi.
Khushi: shoot him ankita.
Ankita: no he deserves a big punishment khushi. He shouldn’t get death so easily.
Ankita instead of shooting Shashi.
Ankita: I am sorry khushi.
Khushi: for what.
Before speaking ankita shoots khushi’s hands.
Khushi: ouch.. idiot. Why r u shooting me.
Ankita holds Shashi in gunpoint.
Ankita: I am an cid officer. I know how to handle a case. Go and accept ur crime to the police here. if u r not going to do I will make ur family to suffer. I will take ur property and make ur family in middle of the road. I am ankita suraj Khanna. I will do anything . I am also ur blood. Decide wheter u want to suffer or want to make ur family sufer.
Shashi: I will accept my crime .
Ankita shoots the remaining bulets and gives to Shashi and ask him to accept he killed shyam.
Ankita: and u tried to kill khushi. So the same bullet is there in khushi’s hand. And khushi if police come and ask u, u should react according to that
Khushi then understood her plan. And due to over leakage of blood and she didnt eat anything for 2 days so she fainted.
Arnav: khushi.
Arnav and akash takes khushi to hospital.
Raman was standing still without giving any expression and he shows the live telecast to ishita and shagun through his phone.
Ishita was shocked. Shagun was also shocked.
Ankita takes Shashi to the police station and files case.
Suraj and raman leaves to the hospital.
Ishra, arnav.akgun,surita (suraj and ankita) all were at hospital.
Khushi is being treated.

Ishita and raman was sitting together.
Ishita: raman it is been 5 months. More 4 months then our 2 babies will be in this beautiful world.
Raman: yes dear. Same like our khushi and ankita. They should be identical twins.
Ishita: yes raman. I cant now also believe that khushi has a twin sister.
Raman:even I cant yaar.
Ishita: raman I was worred for u very much.
Ishita had tears.
Raman wipes her tears .
Raman: u should not cry or be worried and don’t take stress. I will be with u always .
Raman hugs ishita.
Ishita:I am afraid of khushi and ankita.
Raman: nothing will happen ishita. they both r bold girls.
Raman consoles ishita.
Yhm plays
Shagun: akash where is ankita.
Suraj: she is also admitted. Shyam gave her over torture eventhough I was with her.
Akash: suraj I have a doubt.
Suraj: I will clear ur doubt when they both r allright. Ok.
Akash: ok.

Arnav was looking at khushi from the round mirror at the hospital room.
Doctor was removing bullet and treating her wounds.
Akash ,arnav,suraj,raman.
Raman: they both sisters have a common thing.
Suraj: what.
Raman: they both r admitted at same time in the hospital.
Arnav: yes yaar. What an coincidence.
Akash: ok enough of this talks.
Doctor comes out after treating khushi and shagun.
Doctor: they both r perfectly allright and they both r sleeping so don’t disturb them. U an distcharge them by today itself.
Arnav: thank u doctor.


Credit to: akshaya

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