I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 38

Hi guys. i know today it is a short update but by next episode u will get a long episode. thank u so much for ur comments.

Arnav: raman track her using track my friend app.
Raman does what arnav do.
Raman: arnav she is there near our place only.
Akash sees the place.
Akash: come I know that place.
They all goes to the place where khushi is.

Khushi meanwhile escapes from her window and coms to the ground and runs from the place to road.
The goons mean while sees her escaping and follows her.
Khushi stops a car.
Khushi: please help me they r kidnapping me.
Shashi downs the window glass and is shocked seeing khushi there.
Shashi: khushi beta.
Khushi: uncles save me they r kidnapped me and I escaped uncle.
Shashi: get in khushi.
Khushi gets inside the car.
Khushi was very afraid.
Shashi was shocked and confused seeing khushi there.
Khushi heartbeat starts beating fast.
Arnav could feel khushi’s restlessness.
Arnav: khushi don’t worry. I will come soon.
Khushi thinks about arnav and arnav thinks about khushi.
In a room.
Khushi is seated in a chair in a beautiful saree of pink with matching accessory.
Arnav comes to the room.
Arnav: khushi u r very beautiful in this saree
Khushi blushes.
Arnav comes near khushi’s chair and bends.
Khushi heartbeats faster.
Arnav: khushi .
Khushi turns towards arnav.
Arnav: will u dance with me.
Khushi gets up.
They both share a romantic dance and they both were lost in each other eyes.
Arnav kisses khushi’s hand.
Samjhawan plays……….
Kadhal sadugudu ………….
Khushi comes out of the imagination.
Khushi: uncle, where r u taking me. can u give me ur phone I will call arnav and inform that I am being with u.
Shashi: I left my phone in hotelroom. I will take u to akash’s house itself.
Shashi takes khushi to another house.
Khushi: uncle this is not akash’s house na. uncle where r u taking me.
Shashi: do u think am I taking u to akash. No. u r wrong. But how come u have escaped from this place.
Khushi: uncle please don’t do this to me please. This is not the place . uncle stop joking uncle. pelase take me to akash.
Shashi get down and pulls khushi forcibly through his hands and went inside the place and pushed khushi downwards.
Shashi: shyam and suraj why have u made her to escape. See thank god I got her.
Shyam: shashiji khushi is here only see.
Shyam shows khushi tied in the chair.
The khushi who was lying down was shocked seeing herself. The same ditto of her.
Suraj and shyam was shocked seeing 2 khushi’s.

Meanwhile arnav,raman and akash reached that place and entered the room. The saw 2 khushi’s and hid themselves so that they can hear what they r speaking.
The trio was shocked seeing Shashi there.

The khushi tied in the chair laughs.
Shashi was shocked and didn’t speak a word.
Shyam: who is the real khushi.
Both the khushi’s at the same time.
I am khushi.
Khushi who was lying down : I am khushi.
Khushi who was sitting up in chair: I am khushi.
Shyam beats the khushi who was sitting down with his hand and says if u r not telling the truth I will kill u.
He beats her and khushi lying down was bleeded.
Khushi who was sitting top: stop it. I am not khushi. I am ankita kumari gupta. She laughs saying this.
Shashi is shocked.


i know u guys r missing ishra but i will show ishra scenes in next episode.

Credit to: akshaya


  1. ude

    Oh oh oh oh my cutie………….. Two kushi’s………✌………….Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww the sound interesting aki………….I can’t wait till tomorrow for ur next part…………I just want to know that who is ankita kumari Gupta……………and I really missed my ishra scenes a lot lot lot…………update the next part soon my dear sister…………love u………

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    2 Khushi????wow…….Its Interesting yaar……..But I missed ISHRA Sooo badly today…………

  3. Khushi

    Two Khushi;!!! Wow!! I am Khushi and there is two Khushi’s.. Khushi Khushi and Khushi.. ?? but seriously it was Awesome…
    And I am soooooo sorry yaar for commenting soooo late.. Actually I was busy the whole day.. Sorry yaar.. But u know I never missed a single part of ur ff.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode..plz plz plz post the next episode sooooonnnn.

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