I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 37


hi guys hope u guys like it. I am receiving comments less than before . say me guys if the story is boring.i will stop it. Actually guys I revealed only 75 percent of the flashback. Rest 25 percent is in balance. So It is linked to the upcoming episodes. I hope u will enjoy this story line. I know that u guys will have been confused by the promo but this episode will also be confusing. I will clear all ur doubts in the upcoming episode.

Khushi: I am very bored yaar we will go some where.
Arnav: ok madam we will visit statue of liberty ok.
Ishita: wow . ok arnav.
Raman: ok lets start.
They all get ready and go to visit that place.
All pair separate themselves.
Khushi and arnav take a selfie with different type of pose.
Arnav: hey selfie idiot enough of photos we will look around come.
They both look around the place.
Arnav was speaking a call.
There was a fight happening . khushi went to see what was the fight informing arnav.
Arnav sees khushi was no where and searches for her.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi then comes after looking at the fight.
Khushi: what happened?
Arnav: I was very worried for u khushi and hugs her.
Khushi felt uncomfortable and moves away from him.
Arnav: what happened khushi.
Khushi: nothing arnav. Her voice had a change.
Arnav: ok madam . once second wait some one is calling. He keeps on speaking in the call. That time khushi stayed alone and some one kidnapped her.
Arnav: then sees behind khushi was no where. Khushi.
He searches her everywhere.
Arnav: khushi.
He informs this about raman and akash.
Arnav starts cryig.
Arnav: she don’t know this place also yaar.
Raman: nothing is going to happen. We will get her soon.
Akash informs Shashi about that. Shashi smiles evilly.

On the other side.
One man: sir I did as u said.
Suraj: very good . bring her to the place carefully.
One man:ok sir.
Suraj laughs , u slapped me khushi for that only i punished raman and ishu but they escaped now u r gone.

On the other side.
A girl wakes up .
She runs around the room asking for help.
That was none other than our khushi.
Khushi: help. Help. She beatas the door.
A man opens and gives her food and water and closes the door.
Khushi: who is he. Why they have kidnapped me. i don’t know who is he. How am I going to escape. I don’t know this place also. arnav, akgun and ishra will be worried for me. I should escape from this place. Oh my god. She looks around the room. She sees bathroom and opens the door. There was an way to exit it had grills.
Khushi: think khushi. How to escape.
Khushi takes her hairpin and tries to remove the screws.
The next day.
In a house.
Khushi is tied in chair and kept.
Khushi regains consciousness.
Khushi: help help.
A man comes there it was none other than our suraj.
Suraj: wow khushi u reganed consciousness. How dare u slapped and disowned me. u got me arrested. Now u r going to pay for it khushi.
That time a man claps and comes towards her.
That was none other than shyam.
Shyam: khushi khushi I thought I was the one who tortured u but .
Khushi: how come u r out of the jail.
Shyam: u know a gentle person freed me.
Khushi: what.
Shyam: leave all that.
Khushi: please leave me. I want to go.
Suraj: for leaving u only ah we kidnapped u khushi.
Khushi: leave me. I want to go to arnav.
Shyam: arnav arnav arnav. What u have in him. Saying this he comes forward her.
Suraj: shyam. He holds shyam through his shoulder. Let him come. Not now.
shyam punches khushi face. Khushi face turned red and from her mouth blood started to flow.
Suraj was at his peak of anger seeing khushi like this. he holds his thumb very tightly.
Suraj: shyam u go out and call him. I will do first aid to her.
Shyam: ok.
Shyam leaves.
Suraj goes near khushi. Khushi turned her face.
Suraj: stop ur acting and show ur face.
Suraj wipes her blood.
Suraj also leaves .

Arnav, raman and akash went to police and complained about khushi.
Ishita and shagun was at home.
At the other side khushi opens the grill of the widow but the man opened the door so she pretended being in washroom.
Man: come out fast.
Khushi comes out.
Khushi: who r u and what u want? Leave me.
Man: u calm down. We have not kidnapped u.
Khushi: then this is called what.
Man: u wont understand.
Khushi: leave me I want to go to my family. It is been 1 day since u kidnapped me. please leave me.
Man: just shut and sit . we r not torturing u. I don’t know to what extend I will do.
Khushi: hey I wont yaar unless u say me how u kidnapped me.
That man beats khushi.
Khushi: so u r beating me ah. I know karate.
She beats that man.
Khushi escapes but there were more persons outside the room.
Khushi what r u going to do. she checks the man and sees his phone. She goes inside the bathroom. And locks the door.
She calls arnav.
Arnav picks the phone.
Khushi: arnav save me. they have kidnapped me.
Arnav: khushi where r u?
Khushi: I don’t know.
Akash takes the phone from arnav.
Akash: khushi u go to any cid or come to any police station.
Khushi: akash. I am so scared akash. There are many goons here.
Arnav: then how do u got the phone.
Khushi: I beat that man with my karate.
Raman: khushi escape through the window.
Khushi: I don’t know anything raman. I will escape and u trace my number and find where am I going.
Akash: ok . take care.
Khushi cuts the call. She kept the phone at silent and hide it .
Khushi escapes through the window.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Toooo much confusion..m.anyways awesome update.Hope Arshi meet soon.Show some Ishra nok-jhok abt to be born baby decisions.And Arshi scenes a bit romantic.I feel u lost the flow because of vacs and u r not being able to concentrate.All in all the epi was awesome, confusing(winks)….and as usual funtastic

    1. Thank u so much Veronica. Yes I agree with the fact that I have been in a long vacation. Veronica what r u studying and where r u living? Just asked to know about u

      1. Bcom 2nd year…..I am from Delhi but staying in Mumbai. I have been in Kerala-ernakulam.Karnataka-Bglre TN-chennai as my papa keeps on shifting. SoI dnt hav a permenant adress.Yah….delhi Iis ther.

      2. Wow that’s great. In Mumbai where r u living. U know I went 1 month vacation to Mumbai only . my bro lives there. He is in kalyan.

  2. Agree with veronica.. It’s really very confusing.. But interesting to read…. Waiting to know what will happen next.. Eagerly waiting for next episode..
    And plz plz plz put some Arshi scenes in between these scenes..

    1. Thank u so much khushi. Yes I will surely put arshi scenes

  3. I am confused yaar.. plz upload ur next episode before I am got mad

    1. Thank u so much Jo.

    2. Jo take care of urself. Y have u been hospitalized Jo?? Take care of urself

  4. Please my dr aki don’t stop this ff…… Its not boring……. Its interesting…… But today episode is little bit of confusing as viru and Tashu said……………but live ur episode a lot………..

    1. Sorry it’s love….

    2. Thank u so much ude

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey don’t stop this yaar………I love it soooooooo muchhhhhhhhh…………..

    1. thank u so much reshma pradeep.

  6. confusing yyaaaar. i agree with u veronica and dont stop it

    1. thank u so much sowmy

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