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The episode starts with arnav being in shocked reaction.
Khushi: hello mister arnav singh raizada why r u not speaking, say about ur rest plans after reaching delhi. Next u will give me divorce right.
Arnav: vo khushi.
Khushi: say I am waiting for ur answer.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: fast.
Arnav: no khushi.
Khushi: but u will leave me right. r u insane or r u blindfolded.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: don’t u have so called common sense. u will leave me ah. She starts beating arnav badly.
Arnav opens the door and runs inside the house.
Khushi keeps on beating him.
Atlast arnav hides himself in his room
Khushi found him.
For a change khushi pins arnav to the wall.
Khushi: will u leave me and this is the love u have on me.
Arnav remover her hand and pins her to the wall.
Arnav:I know u did a drama so I acted .
Khushi: what?’arnav: don’t I know my khushi reality in nature and in drunken state.
Khushi smiles naughtily before that she shows anger in her face.
Arnav: I know u wanted to test me tha wheter I have forgotten our past and moved on. Yes khushi really I have moved.
Khushi: so u told that u will leave me for fun. This is not a joke mr raizada. She starts crying.
Arnav laughs.

Arnav: sorry khushi.
Khushi keeps on crying like a baby.
Arnav: sorry khushi.
Khushi: ok don’t ever say like this ok.
Arnav: ok my wife.
Khushi: u know akash helped me.
Arnav: oh he is the black sheep ha. I will look after him afterwards.
Khushi: leave all that. I need to ask u one thing. Saying this she goes near arnav and puts her both the hand on his shoulders.
Khushi: do u like me?
arnav: yes.
khushi:will u leave me?
arnav: no for sure.
Khushi: will u love me?
Arnav: for sure yes.
Khushi: will u kiss me.
Khushi: no actually I spelled it wrong it is miss not kiss.
Arnav: u know I wont dissapoint my wife so he goes near her.
Khushi: no arnav. No.
Arnav comes closer to her.
Khushi moves backwards. No poin so she again was pinned to wall.
Khushi: I will call everyone.
Arnav: everyone r busy with their romance why r u disturbing everyone. U should give me this gift for sure. No need. U permit I will do it.
Khushi blushes . arnav locks her lips.

Ishita woke first and saw raman sleeping.
ishita gets up and makes raman rest in her laps and carasees his hair.
Ishita: thank u raman. U have done manythings to me. u r care is very special for me.
Raman wakes up and sees ishita. he gets up.
Raman: how r u feeling ishu.
Ishu: very good and I don’t care about my health until u r there with me.
Raman: I think madam is in romance mood.
Ishita: chi , I am happy raman about ur care ok come.
Raman: where.
Ishita: come na.
Ishita takes raman out to another room.
Ishita in the projector plays the sonography cd of the baby.
Raman sees that and is shocked seeing 2 baby with developing head ,hand and tail.
Raman: ishita.
Ishita: yes raman u r going to get 2 babys raman. That too twins. So one like me and another baby like u. that is a boy and a girl I wish.
Raman hugs ishita.
Raman: why didn’t u say before itself idiot.
Ishita: though to surprise u and doctor itself conformed during last check up that is 10 days ago. I told doctor to not inform u as I though to give u a surprise.
Raman hugs ishita.
Raman: I am ver happy ishita.
Ishita: u me and the 2 babys r my world raman. We are all a small and cute family.
Raman was having tears.
He keeps on hugging ishita.

Ishita: raman enough yaar. My stomach is paining yaar
Raman: oh sorry. so u should eat double the food which u used to.
Ishita: ok and I have decided raman. Both the baby should do love marriage.
Raman:now itself planning ha. First let the baby come out and enjoy life then we will marry them. Now itself thinking to this extreme level yaar.
Ishita: ok ok.
Raman: u know we all should remain like this forever.
Ishita: yes. let us inform this to arshi and akgun.
They taps arshi door but they didn’t open . so they told the matter to akgun
Shagn: oh my god congrats raman and ishu.
Akash: u should leave them both free to do love marriage.
Shagun: hey akash, the baby is not even born and u r speaking about this
Ishu: I also spoke the same akash and does hifi with him.
Akash: but ishu see na both the friends are of same type.
Raman: yes mine ,khushi and shagun thinking r the same .
Shagun and raman did hifi.
Shagun: hey where is khushi?
Raman: they didn’t open the door.
Ishu: don’t know how khushi tortures arnav.
Akash: actually khushi is not drunken.
Shagun: what?
Akash explains everything to them.

Raman: khushi.
Shagun and raman tap khushi’s door.
Khushi: hey why r u disturbing in mid night see u tomorrow.
They keep on tap the door.
Arnav opens the door.
Raman and shagun get on the bed and start beating khushi continuously.
Arnav tries to help khushi but joins them in beating her.
Khushi starts crying like a baby. She acts as if in drunken state
Khushi: I have been cheated. My husband is itself not loyal to me. when u asked I gave u that gift right how can u?
Shagun: what gift khushi.
Khushi: vo actually.
Arnav closes her mouth.
Arnav: hey it is our personal. I am supporting my wife.
Khushi smiles.
Raman: we know that u r not drunken so dont try to be over smart.
Khushi gives a naughty look and runs around the house.
Raman catches her.
Raman: but khushi u acted very superb khushi.
Khushi: thank u.
Raman: what was that gift.
Khushi: nothing raman. I told it to irritate raman.
Shagun: hey hey.
Akash:what gift.
Raman: khushi gave some gift.
Ishita:really khushi what was it.
Khushi: aiyoo leave this topic.
Raman: ok. coming to the news. Ishu is bearing 2 babies.
Khushi: what really.
Raman: yes.
Khushi hugs raman and ishu.
Khushi: congrats raman and ishu.
Ishra: thank u khushi.
Arnav: congrats raman and hugs him and he congratulates ishita too.
All were happy and hade a group hug.



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  2. extradionary episode. do post it regularly

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