I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 35

hi guys hope u guys like it. Sorry for not replying u all yesterday. So sorry. hope u guys like this episode

akash leaves khushi in her room.
Khushi: akash. This is not fair, u r leaving with a demon yaar.
Arnav: there Is no demon here. I cannot see anyone.
Khushi: see there u will see a big demon.
Arnav sees it and then realizes that she said him as a demon.
Arnav: how dare u say me as demon.
Khushi: u r it yaar. U cheated me. she starts crying like a baby.
Arnav: what happened khushi why r u behaving like this.
Khushi: u were flirting with that reena when u didn’t believe me. how dare u. I hate u yaar.
Arnav: I did it to irritate u. what u drank?
Khushi: go and marry that reena.
Arnav: khushi what u drank?
Khushi: pepsi.
Arnav calls everyonr and akash informs about khushi drank wine.

All were surrounded by her by a circle.
Khushi: don’t speak to me arnav. akash ask ur friend not to speak to me. I hate him.
Akash: ok ok. cool down. Arnav don’t talk to her.
Khushi: u r such an sweet bro but I made u to get scoldings from amma and appa.
Akash: what r u saying khushi.
Khushi: yes akash that day amma made halwa na. u know I love halwa. I eat it before showing the food to god. Amma though akash did it nad scolded him.
Akash: naughty girl.
Arnav: I cannot judge her yaar . I will take her inside.
Khushi doesn’t obey him.
Arnav: sorry khushi.
He takes her shall and ties her mout and eyes.
Ishita and shagun laughs.
Khushi tries to free herself.
Arnav locks the door.
Ishita laughs.
Ishita: I didn’t see khushi this much naughty.
Ishita goes to room.
Raman,akash and shagun was talking in hall.
Ishita feels dizzy and was not able to walk.
She faints and is about to fall.
Shagun comes there to se what is ishita doing and sees her falling down and catches her.
Shagun: akash , raman come here na.
Raman and akash came and was shocked. They help her and made her to lie in the bed.
Raman sprinkles water on ishita.
Raman: ishita.
Ishita wakes.

Ishita: raman I am felling so dizzy.
Raman: nothing. Shagun get her something to eat na.
Raman makes ishita lie in his lap.
Akash was watching this.
Shagun brings juice to ishita.
Raman makes ishita to drink juice.
Ishita gets better.
Shagun and akash left.
Raman: ishu.
Ishita: what raman?
Raman: r u feeling so tired.
Ishita: yes raman.
Raman: don’t worry I am there with u. u and baby will be fine
Ishita: I know raman.
Raman: if u get dizzy try urself to be in bed so that u wont fall down. Just miss or else u will have fallen down.
Ishu: ok raman.
Raman: sleep.
Ishita sleepis in raman’s lap.
Raman carasees her hair and also slept.

Akash and shagun.
Shagun: even I want a baby akash.
Akash: first ur studies ism important shagun.
Shagun: I can take care of both.
Akash: ur parents dream should get fulfilled shagun. just one more year then for sure.
Shagun: ok.
Akash: don’t think of anything just read. U should be the topper.
Shagun has tears in her eyes.
Akash: what happened.
Shagun: I am very lucky to get husband like u. u care for me. u r helping in my studies. U r my support to achieve my parents dream and mine. I love u akash. I am saying this from my heart. Really. She cries.
Akash: wow. For the first time after marriage u r saying I love u shagun. u know how much days I was waiting to hear this from u.
Shagun blushes.
Akash: ok madam continue ur studies.
Shagun: u be here na.
Akash: ok.
Shagun kept her head on akash’s shoulders and started reading.
Akash smiled at her beauty.

Arnav frees khushi.
Khushi: laad governor. U don’t have any manners. U cheated me and why I am talking to u.
Arnav: khushi that time I did it to irritate u. ok. sorry for that.
Khushi: ok. u know how I felt seeing that girl with u. I was heartbroken arnav. I didn’t say to anyone but she started crying.
Khushi: when u left me that day the whole world turned dark to me. I didn’t also eat properly. I couldn’t do my routine life properly. I felt like u know i don’t have anyone in life for me.
Arnav wipes her tears. Arnav was also very hurted.
He didn’t speak a word.
Khushi: but I just ask u. don’t leave me arnav. Don’t leave me. wherever u go take me there also. don’t leave me alone. Wherever even death also.
Arnav closes khushi’s mouth.
Arnav: don’t say like that. I will be with u everytime. Promise khushi.
Khushi: I love u arnav.
Arnav: I love u khushi
Khushi hugs arnav.
Arnav feels very hurted for hurting khushi this much.
Khushi faints due to over drunkness. Arnav holds her and makes her sleep in the bed.
Arnav: u don’t deserve me khushi. I hurted u this much. u kept all ur feelings inside ur heart. I will go away form u when we reach delhi.
Khushi gets up and slaps him.
Khushi: how dare u say like that arnav. I didn’t expext this from u. how dare u tell me that u will leave me.
Arnav is shocked.


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  1. very nice episode yaar akshaya…..oops khushi slapped Arnav…..waiting for the next update……

    1. Thank u so much sahla

  2. Nice
    Ishita and raman omg its amazing

    1. Thank u so much safu

  3. jasmine Rahul

    this is not fair.u r not updating on IF at all.i’m rly sad

    1. Jasmine rahul I am very.sorry yaar. I am in a responsibility to take care of my aunts kids for 2 days. I cannot post it in if and tellyupdates today as I should take care.of them
      I didn’t do it wantedly yaar.so sorry. I will post more episodes when I am free in if.

      1. omg my little sister is tacking care of two kids…………even you olso a kid na……….soooo cute

      2. Yes yaar. They both r of age of 5 and 9years. My aunt went to Bangalore so they left them here. They r not giving me the laptop to type also yaar. So can post tomorrow only and in if surely I will post tomorrow. So sorry jasmine rahul. I am feeling very bad for not posting yaar
        So sorry

  4. Oh!! Wow!!!! …….
    The episode was Awesome…
    But the part when Arnav told that after reaching Delhi he will leave her that was soooo shocking yaar..
    But when Khushi slapped him I felt relief
    Arnav deserved that slap.. How could he say like that??? Oh!!!! Awesome awesome episode
    And sorry for commenting soooo late..
    I am eagerly waiting for the next episode… Plzzzz post the next episode early with cutest Arshi scenes plzzzz

    1. Thank u so much khushi.

  5. Superb akshaya
    The episode was awesome..
    You are a great writer….there is no words to explain..
    Upload soon pa

    1. Thank u so much ammu

  6. Khushi slap arnav nice yaar. khushi act was very funny…

    1. Thank u so much jo

  7. hey my little Aki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how awesome ur epi is……………super duper………………….
    and my Ishra scenes was awesome too……………how raman takes care of ishu…….
    really heart touching………and akhash + shagun part was also heart touching…..
    arshi is also sooooo sweet……..arnav deserves that slap………how could he even think to leave kushi………
    finaly i have to say is…………………………………
    you made me cloud nine…………………..
    you deserve a bbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggg hug my little and cute sis………………
    love u a mlot

    1. and I’m sorry for late comment……….

    2. Thank u so much ude .

      1. Sorry ude dhi

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome……… Loved it……..ISHRA is Amazing……..

    1. Thank u so much reshma pradeep

  9. jasmine Rahul

    its ok.But when u r free plz post more than 2 parts

    1. Sure yaar. I will post more than 2 episodes

  10. Super dr…Ishra scene is sooo cute and lovely…Nice episode☺

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