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Hi guys. Hope u guys enjoy it. Got my net connection back. Will post my episode in if by today night .
The next day.
khushi wakes up.
arnav was seated opposite to her in the chair and was having laptop in his hand.
He sees khushi and khushi also sees him. They both have a eyelock.
Rabbave plays.
Arnav: u r beautiful now only or always.
Khushi: this khushi kumara gupta singh raizada is always beautiful .
Arnav: oh.
He gets up and come towards her.
Khushi runs into the bathroom .
Khushi: today u bath last.
Arnav laughs at her antics.
They all assembled and had breakfast.
Ishita: shagun,khushi we need to go to shopping.
Khushi: why ishu?
Ishu: we need to buy dresses for our travel. We need to be in western outfit right.
Khushi: for me my normal dress id enough.
Raman: hey then there they will kid u yaar.
Khushi: ok I am going for shopping.
Shagun: akash.
Akash takes his credit card and gives her.
Shagun: thank u darling.
Arnav: hey akash why u gave her credit card?
Akash: for shopping.
Ishita: raman?
Raman: what.
Ishita: see how akash is. if she calls akash he is giving his credit card. If I say u r asking what?. What husband r u? give ur credit card.
Raman: don’t u earn ishita?
Ishita stares at him.
Raman gives his credit card.
Khushi: arnav.
arnav gives his card.
The trio leave for shopping.
Raman: hey what yaar.they will do shopping a lot. Why these girls are like this spending our money eventhough they are earning.
Akash: this is called girls pshycology.
Arnav: yes u r right akash. There is a book called girls pshycology.
Akash and raman : really.
Arnav:leave me yaar. If khushi hears this topic then I am dead.
Khushi was standing behind him.
Khushi twists arnav’s ears.
Khushi: so in ur so called girls pshycology book what I ma doing will be clearly mentioned.Don’t talk to me
Arnav: hey I didn’t say anything.by the way why did u come here?
Khushi: forgot my mobile. Bye. I ma leaving and I don’t need ur credit card. She gives arnav’s credit card tohim.
Khushi: I have money. My mom and dad have given me money. I will go to my home and take money and go.
Arnav: hey I just said for a joke yaar.
Anjali and nani meanwhile comes from temple.
They see both fighting.
Anjali: what is the matter yaar.
Khushi: dhi I am leaving tell him I don’t want his money.
Arnav explains anjali.
anjali: ok khushi,he said u like that right. arnav give me ur credit card.
Arnav gives her the credit card.
Anali: khushi spend how much ever money u want. U have permission till 5 lakhs.
Arnav: for me no problem.
Khushi: I don’t need this much money dhi.
Anjali: u r spending. That’s it.leave.
Khushi leaves.
Khushi ,ishu, shagun buy dresses. Khushi spends only 50000 rupees.
Khushi thinks what to do.
Khushi: ishu ,shagun u go I will come after sometime.
Khushi comes home late.
Arnav: u spent how much ever dhi told u. what u did with it.
Ishu: u know she spent only 50000 for herself. I don’t know what she did with rest of money.
Akash: what u did with that?
Anjali: say na khushi.
Nani: say khushi.
Khushi: nani actually I gave that money to orphanage. I know a orphanage where there are more childrens. I told their principal to buy them clothes and spend the money for their education.actually arnav gve his debit card insread of credit card so I took the money from atm and gave them.
Nani: very nice of u khushi.
Anjali: really khushi u r superb.
Akash: I am proud to have a sister like u.
Khushi: enough yaar. I did what my heart tells. I thought that it will atleast help them so I gave them.
Arnav: ok show ur dresses.
All of them show their dresses.
So 2 days pass by all arranging for the journey.
So the day of departure.
Khushi was wearing a short top and jeans.
Ishita was wearing a long frock with jeans coat.
Shagun was wearing jeans and a pink tops.
Totally our 3 girls were looking gorgeous.
They all leave to airport.
They boarded the flight.
Khushi and arnav sat next to each other.
Raman and ishita was seated next to each other.
Shagun and akash was seated next to each other.
The fight journey was very boring and they all reached US.
In airport.
Arshi,ishra and akash and shagun went to akash and shagun house.
Actually Shashi garima radhika and akshat r living in California. Akash and shagun r living in new York.
Khushi: shagun u maintain the house very well.
Akash: hello I am maintaining the house ur bhabi is always studying.
Raman: wow akash.
Shagun: ok leave this topic. Boring topic.ishu raman u take the room which is straight to kitchen and arnav khushi u stay next to that room.
Khushi: ok ok.
All leave to their respective rooms.
Arshi room.
Khushi: I am hungry.
Arnav: hey before coming to the house only we eat right. how can u yaar.
Khushi: what type of husband r u? if ur wife says if she is hungry means u will behave like this only.
Arnav:ok ok madam. Come sit.
Arnav takes a parcel and gives it to khushi.
Khushi opens it.
Khushi: sandwich.
Khushi starts eating it playfully.
Arnav smiles at her naughtiness.
Khushi: u should pay fine for seeing me like this.
Arnav: I already have liscense fro seeing u khushi.
Khushi: oh. Ok. bye I am going to sleep.
Arnav: khushi it is our honeymoon yaar. U should ot always eat and sleep.
Khushi: what this is honeymoon. Coming with friends Is a honeymoon ah?
Arnav: we will go somewhere yaar. Thre r many places.
Khushi: ok ok. she gets hiccups.
Khushi: I will go out and drink water.
Khushi searches water but couldn’t find.
Khushi sees a pepsi bottle.
She drinks the pepsi bottle.
Akash sees it.
Akash: omg. She drank wine. I kept it in a coke bottle.
Akash: khushi stop.
Khushi: hey the taste is so good yaar.dont stop me.
She drinks the whole bottle.
Khushi: akash why is my head is rotataing.
Akash: shagun.
Shagun comes.
Akash: she drank it shagun
Shagun: what? But how?
Akash explains her.
Shagun: khushi.
Khushi cries like a baby.
Shagun: one idea akash. Arnav only can manage her.
Akash takes khushi and leaves her in the room.


Credit to: akshaya

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