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hi guys. So sorry. I preponed the tour the Monday tour to Sunday. I have tried my best to give u all a long update. Please comment and encourage me.

Arnav: thank god we escaped from them .
Khushi: ok ok. say how is my dress .
Arnav: good.
Khushi: thank u.
Arnav: it is good because my dhi selected it .
Khushi: oh then u r saying me that my selection is not good ah raizada. She beats him.
Arnav: thank god u accepted the truth.
Arnav runs. She chases him.
Raman: hey what yaar now only we saw the birds romancing but now it turned into a fight.
Akash: u r right raman. We cannot predict them.
Khushi: go. I wont chase u.
Anjali: what happened khushi?
Khushi: dhi , he is saying I don’t select dresses well. i wont speak to him. He is really bad.
Nani: hey come on, let us exchange shagun. akash and shagun exchange shagun with anjali.
Khushi was smiling lovingly while they were exchanging shagun.
Arnav noticed this and was lost in her smile.
Nani: so everyone go and sleep everyone. Tomorrow morning engagement. I know it is very early. Tomorrow is a very auspicious day so we are doing all the rituals at same day. So everyone have a sweet sleep. Bye.
Khushi: dhi today I will sleep with shagun and ishu.
Anjali: ok khushi.
Arnav stares at her dhi with anger.
Anjali: khushi, it is not safe for ishu sleeping with u.
Ishu: dhi no problem for me.
Anjali signs ishu and shagun.
Ishu: yes yaar. Sorry. u will kick right in sleep.
Shagun:I should read for my exams yaar.
Khushi: ok. I will go to my room itself. Thought to sleep with u after a long time.
Shagun and ishu felt bad.
Khushi goes to her room.
Arnav also comes there.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: close the door.
Arnav closes the door.
Khushi got into the bed .
She started sleeping .
Her face showed that she was finally happy that she got her family back.
Arnav was admiring her sleep and started sleeping holding her hand.
Rabbave plays.

ishita was sleeping .
raman carased her head and covered her with full of blanket and massaged her legs and head.
He also then went to sleep .

Shagun was meanwhile attending the class which she missed through videos sent by her friends.
Akash closed her laptop.
Akash: its time to sleep and not read. U have lots of work tomorrow.
Shagun: but akash.
Akash: go. Sleep.
Shagun and akash went to sleep.

The next day.
Khushi woke. She was shocked to see arnav sleeping holding her hand.
She gets her hand up and went to bath.
When she came out .
Arnav woke and was having his coffee.
Arnav: khushi, please don’t show anger ya. We r doing this marriage again as we were not happy at that time and now also if u r angry like this. please. Sorry. I just told it for a fun.
Khushi: ok ok. I am forgiving u.
Arnav: thank u my dear wife.
Khushi: go and take bath and get ready soon for engagement ceremony.
Arnav goes to bath.
Engagement ceremony takes place.
Khushi and arnav exchange their rings.
That ceremony takes place with so much fun.

Next is mehandi ceremony.
Khushi puts mehandi from anjali.
All were wearing mehandi and were happily dancing.
Khushi: shagun.
Shagun: khushi.
Both danced on the song dholo bhaje.
Akash: I don’t know that my wife and sister will dance this much.
Raman: this is the starting akash. If they both start they wont stop.
They both were dancing very happily all of them joins them
Ishita goes to join them.
Raman holds her and takes her outside to the pool.
Ishita: raman what yaar?
Raman: u r pregnant madam and u r going to dance.
Ishita: I know but I will do light steps.
Raman: u want to dance right. there it is not safe ishita. everyone r dancing. If anyone hits u then that’s it.
Ishita: I don’t know. I want to dance.
Raman plays the song.
He brings ishita closer and makes her dance very carefully.
Both were lost in each other’s eyes.
Khushi comes in search of raman.
Khushi: oh u made fun of me right. wait I will show this romance dance to everyone. She takes video of it.
Raman and ishita finished their dance.
Ishita was feeling very shy.
Ishita: raman, water. She started to breathe heavily.
Raman: wait. He gives her a glass of water and makes her calm down.
Raman: better?
Ishita: yes. we will go out.
They both go out.
Khushi was having the mike.
Khushi setted up a projector and she connected it to her mobile.
Khushi: so ladies and gentleman, today we r going to see a video of a dance. Hope u enjoy it.
Raman and ishita was seated there.
Khushi plays the video.
All were stunned seeing the dance.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi starts to run.
Raman: idiot how dare u do this?
Khushi laughs and runs.
Arnav was between them. He holded her hand.
Khushi: arnav leave me na.
Arnav: I am supporting my bro yaar.
Khushi: arnav.
Raman comes and catches her.
Khushi: sorry. compromise.
Raman holds her ears.
Raman: knee down and hold ur ears and ask sorry.
Khushi does it and says u r an idiot raman and again runs.
Raman: she is always like this. arnav very much thank u. it has been 4 years u know since she lost this happiness. I am very happy that my friend is having u as a husband.
Arnav: hey . she is my responsibility yaar. I will keep her always happy.
Raman: ok. marriage boy go and get ready for haldi ceremony.
Arnav: ah yes yaar.
Arnav goes to get ready.
Khushi gets ready in a merron and white saree. She was looking so gorgeous in it.
They made arnav and khushi seated opposite.
They made a shall in between them.
Shagun first applies haldi to khushi.
Anjali applies haldi to arnav.
Nani then applies to arnav.
Ishita applies to khushi.
Anjali and nani applies to khushi.
Ishita and shagun applies to arnav.
Arnav and khushi was fully covered by haldi.
After the ceremony.
Khushi goes to clean her face.
She came out after cleaning the face.
Arnav came there and he already got his face cleaned.
He locks the door and comes near khushi.
khushi: what yaar. I should get ready for sangeet next.
Arnav makes her sit.
He takes the haldi bowl and apply to her cheeks, hands and legs.
Khushi smiles.
She does the same to him.
Then they both get ready for sangeeth.
Anchoring was done by ishita and raman.
Ishita: hello . I know the marriage is taking place within our family itself. Now we r going to start the sangeet by the performance of nani . so all put ur hands together for nani.
Nani dances for the song chikini chameli.
All claps their hands.
Raman: now we r going to call our most romantic couple that is akash and shagun on to the stage.
Akash and shagun dances on janam janam.
Ishita: so guys I think this is enough as next is the marriage ceremony. So stay tuned till that.
Khushi gets ready in her bridal dress. She was wearing the green and pink lehanga which she wored during her marriage in ipkknd. Arnav wore a brown kurta.
Arnav ties khushi mangalustara
Mangalyam thantunanenam plays……….
Khushi had tears in her eyes.
Arnav wipes her tears.
They both exchange the garlands
They take the 7 rounds.
Khushi: I will look after u arnav very well and be with u at everytime at any situation.
Arnav: I will look after u happily and give u all happiness I can. I will be ur support whatever the situation might be. I will share ur pain and will be with u in both good and bad time.
They both finished taking rounds and got blessing from all the elders.
Lastly they all took selfie and did the gravehpradesh rituals.
Khushi does it and arnav carries her in his arms as according to the ritual and takes her to the room.

Raman: ishu we r leaving to US by 3 days so we should start preparing for the departure.
Ishita: I know raman but how much days we r going to stay there?
Raman: how much ever days u want. I think we will mostly come to delhi after ur delivery.
Ishita: raman but who will look after the company.
Raman: I have appointed mihir( raman’s cousin). He told he will look after it.
Ishita: then ok.
Raman:come madam sleep.
Ishita: we will go and make fun of khushi and arnav.
Raman: they r itself together after long days but ok. we will go.
Anjali,raman, ishu, akash and shagun knocked the door.
Arnav opens silently.
Arnav: shoo. She is sleeping.
Anjali: what happened to her chote.
Arnav: her head was paining so I gave her tablets and made her to rest.
Akash: ok take care of her.
All of them leaves.
Ishita: I thought I can make kid of them.
Raman: even I thought the same.
All goes to sleep.
Arnav: khushi wake, everyone went.
Khushi was acting as she was sleeping.
Arnav: u r acting to me itself ah?
He tickles her.
She laughs.
Khushi: thank god we escaped them or else that’s it.
Arnav:yes. u r acting well.
Khushi: hello mister I am asr’s wife.
Arnav: oh really.
Khushi: yes . she smiles naughtily
Arnav: khushi. Did u think that I will come back to u that time when I doubted u with shyam.
Khushi: yes. I know that one day u will come to me. because I know that I am not wrong. So.
Arnav: did u miss me?
Khushi: missed u ah? My life was not with me arnav. I was crying each and every day u know at college days. I couldn’t study also. khushi starts crying.
Arnav: khushi. Calm down. Why r u crying now. This is our marriage day so u should be happy and not cry.
Khushi: promise me that whatever happens, whatever blame is on me, u will stay with me and will be my moral support.
Arnav: promise. Now don’t cry.
Arnav wipes her tears.
Arnav: then what madam?
Khushi: what?
Arnav: what r we going to do now?
Khushi: what a question u r asking. Obviously we r going to sleep.
Arnav: I thought we can speak for sometime.
Khushi: I am tired yaar.
Arnav: ok we will sleep.
They both go to sleep.


Credit to: akshaya

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