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That man takes her to a hill top.
Khushi was trying to speak but couldn’t speak.
Man makes her get down.

Man: khushi one second listen.
Khushi made action that she wont listen.
That man opens her eyes but didn’t open her mouth or free her hand.
Khushi was shocked to see arnav.
She gave angry look.
Arnav: don see like that. it is like seeing a ghost.
Khushi tries to speak.

Arnav: please close ur mouth for sometime khushi. Let me speak na.
Khushi tries to speak.
Arnav: khushi listen. I did wrong on that day not listening u. I am very sorry for that. I was very anfry seeing u with that shyam. I know that I hurted u a lot that day. I know that how much u suffered due to the accident. I am so sorry for that. I am so sorry that I was the cause of ur accident. I am so sorry for spoiling ur life by marrying u.
Khushi made in action .
Arnav: then u r asking why I do married u right.
Khushi nods.
Arnav: I married to save u. shyam was planning to marry u by kidnapping u. I heard is plan so I married u. I am so sorry for blackmailing with raman and shagun as u wont understand that time if I say about shyam.
Khushi turns her face.

Arnav frees her hand and mouth.
Arnav: khushi.
khushi turns.
Arnav: khushi .
Khushi cries.
Arnav: khushi why r u crying? Don’t cry.
Khushi: these all things are also ok yaar. I am very angry at u for not supporting that day when shyam misbehaved with me again.
Arnav: khushi so sorry for that. I thought not to spoil dhi’s life and u directly told them. Will u love me.
Khushi: to be frank I wont love u?
Arnav: why?
Khushi: I never did stop loving u arnav. Never I can.

Khushi cries.
Khushi: but I cannot come there arnav.
Arnav: why.
He holds her face.
Khushi: I cannot face where that shyam is there. Everyone r looking me as a girl who blamed a good man. That day I couldn’t face anyone arnav. I couldn’t face ishu raman as I went out of their home without informing them. I am not ready to face any problems there. This is why I behaved rude to u and don’t want to.
Arnav: khushi look at me.
Khushi looks at me.
Arnav: I solved all ur problems there. Anjali dhi came to know about everything and she throwed shyam out of the house. He is in jail now.
Khushi: how?
Arnav: I showed her that video which u kept and the video of shyam planning to kidnap u. I took that video when he planned it. U can face ur ishu and raman yaar. They r ur friends only right. they will surely understand u.
Khushi: thank u so much arnav.
Arnav: I want to say u that these 3 months I was an man without life. Now only I got life after seeing u.
Khushi: oho arnav is again starting his film .

Arnav: u remember this also.
Khushi: hello mister I remembered everything.
Arnav: can we go to delhi.
Khushi: but I should take my things na.
Arnav: all ur things have been packed and sent to delhi already and I gave ur resignation at school and I finished the contact of ur house and handed over the heys to them also.
Khushi: how can u do that while u r here.
Arnav: that is arnav singh raizada.
Khushi: what about all our friends u came with.
Arnav: all left.
Khushi: then when r we leaving?
Arnav : our flight will leave in other 45 mins. Can we start?
Khushi: hmm yes.

They both leave. Khushi and arnav reaches delhi.
They go to raizada mansion.
Khushi was little scared and holds arnav’s hand out of fear.
They both enter the door.
Nani,anjali,ishita,raman,akash,shagun were present there.
Raman was at his peak of anger.
Khushi started shivering a little out of fear.
Raman comes towards khushi and slaps her.
Khushi was shocked.
Raman: why r u fearing idiot.
Saying this he hugs her.
Khushi hugs him happily.
Shagun also comes and joins them.
Shagun: where did u go idiot. Do u know how much I was worried.

Khushi: shagun how come u r here.
Shagun: I came for u only khushi. Arnav phoned me and told u that u r in Shimla so we came here by catching the next flight.
Next ishita hugs khushi.
Ishu: don’t take this idiotic decisions next time.
Khushi goes and hugs akash.
Akash: khushi . I was worried for u. why r u doing like this. done ever do like this.
Khushi: I wont do here after.
Khushi goes towards anjali
Anjali: khushi I am so sorry.
Khushi hugs anjali.
Khushi: dhi u don’t need to say sorry. because of u only I got my memory back.
Anjali: I didn’t know about shyam and I shouted at u so badly.
Khushi wipes anjali tears .
Khushi: u r dhi to us. U shouldn’t ask sorry to me dhi.
Anjali: ok khushi.

Khushi goes towards nani.
Khushi sits in her knees and holds her ears
Khushi: nani please forgive me. I shouldn’t have done like this.
Nani makes khushi stand and hugs her.
Nani: no khushi. I am not angry at u. don’t here after do like this. ok.
Arnav: hello madam I am here. u forgot me?
Khushi goes towards arnav and hugs him.
Khushi: sorry arnav for giving u pain.
Arnav: hey don’t need of this sentiments. I should also ask u sorry.
Akash: ok come we will eat lunch.
All of them comes and sits in dinning table.
Ishita: me and raman r going to US.
Khushi: wow.
Raman: ishita u said that shagun is there so u want to go. Now shagun itself came here right.
Ishita beats raman.

Ishita: I don’t know. I want to go. U r cheating me. first u didn’t take anywhere to honeymoon and now u r ….
She cries like a baby.
Raman: I joked ishu. We r going with akash and shagun. ok.
Ishita: ok.
Akash: we are leaving in 5 days.
Ishita: wow.
Khushi: if raman and shagun r going then I will also go.
Arnav: then what about me yaar. In childish voice.
Anjali:u too go with her na chote.
Arnav: for u only dhi. I am going. See she didn’t even call me also.
Khushi:sorry my dear husband. U can also come with me.
Arnav: ok ok.
All have dinner. They all go to their respective room.
Raman and ishita was also staying there only.
Khushi and arnav went to their room.
Khushi: I want to marry again arnav.
Arnav: what?

Khushi: I didn’t enjoy my marriage at all. All the rituals I did it very sadly yaar.
Arnav: so u want to marry right.
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: wait.
He calls everyone there.
And informs about khushi’s wish.
Akash: how can we do marriage in 5 days yaar.
Everyone asked different questions and khushi was very upset as they didn’t allow for remarriage.
She made a saddy face.
Akash: hey I cant see my behen like this. stop this acting everyone.
Khushi: what?
Everyone smiles.
Anjali: we have already arranged everything khushi. So tomorrow u r getting married and now we r beginning with shagun.
Khushi: but dhi.
Ishita: come on khushi wear this dress.
Khushi was at cloud nine.
Khushi was smiling happily.
Khushi changed her dress in her room.
Arnav came there staring at her.
Khushi: arnav how do u know my wish.
Arnav: ur heart and mine heart r the same khushi. Even I felt that our marriage didn’t happen happily.
Khushi: thank u so much arnav ji. I am very happy for it. She was jumping. U should give any gift to me.
Arnav: what u want.
Khushi: ur love always.

Arnav: I already gave u. any other.
Saying this he comes forward.
Khushi moves backwards.
Khushi: what?
Arnav: I am going to give u an unexpexted thing saying that he goes near her and locks her lips with her lips.
Khushi gave a surprised look.
Khushi: I didn’t ask u this gift?
Arnav: but I wanted to give u this from the day I saw u.
Khushi blushes.
Arnav: oh my god my khushi is getting shy yaar. Wait I should take a video of it. Then tomorrow u will not remember it.
Khushi: wow so funny yaar.
Arnav: don’t u like this.
Khushi: I loved it.
Raman gives a hiccups.
Khushi and arnav was shocked to see everyone there.
Shagun: wow how romatic my friends husband is.
Akash: then u r saying I am not romantic.

Raman: superb romantic film yaar.
Khushi blushes.
Ishu: khushi…….
Arnav: hey come we will start the ceremony.
Arnav takes khushi and leaves from that place.
All were laughing seeing arnav taking khushi.


Credit to: akshaya

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    So, u won’t post the next episode tomorrow.
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    1. Kushi sorry dr…………now only I saw that question u asked from me…………mmmmmmmm………..u can call me ude dhi as Aki does…………and kushi what’s ur real name?

    2. Thank u so much khushi and I will surely post on Sunday .

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