I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 31

Hi guys. Hope u guys like it. I am very happy today as I got a very good friends here. they r arshi dhi,ude,khushi, reshma Pradeep, varsha,safu,hayathi,ammu,Anaya ,kv,kumud,vavasi,jasmine rahul,jo, kajal,veronica . sorry if I forgot any others name. I got these many friends. I am so happy about it.i want to specially thank a friend that is suva. She is my best friend from 3 rd std. Guys to be frank I got many akkas( dhi’s) in this page where in real life I don’t have any dhi. Eventhough they r cousins we don’t speak to each other. I am very thankful to u that u fulfilled my one wish that is by accepting me as ur sister and for being as my sister.thank u so much for this and keep supporting me with ur supports. I was at cloud nine when I saw varsha,khushi and ude commenting on arshi’s dhi page about me . I was very happy to get friends like u. thank u so much for that. I don’t have any other words to say exept this.

Guys this track will end by tomorrow’s episode and soon u will get more arshi and ishra scenes for sure.
Rahul goes to hotel.
Arnav: where were u rahul?
Rahul: no saw my childhood friend so went to his house and had a talk.
Arnav: I didn’t see her here also rahul. What can I do.
Rahul: arnav.
Arnav: it is my mistake rahul.
Rahul: arnav its ok. she will come to u definitely.
Arnav: how yaar.
Rahul: I cannot hide it from u arnav. I saw khushi here.
Arnav: what.
Rahul: at hotel I went to ask why is he giving free bills for that girl. That girl is our khushi. I followed to her home and went to her home.
Arnav: really u saw khushi here?
Rahul: yes. do u want to see her?
Arnav: yes.
Rahul: come.
They both leave to khushi house.
Actually khushi’s house ad glass window. She opened her window and kept.
She was doing jelibi and eating.
Arnav sees this through the window.
Khushi: why he came here? should I meet him. Aiyoo. Please help me.
She was doing more and more jelibi.
Arnav: she didn’t change.
Rahul: yes yaar. Come we will see her tomorrow.
Arnav: wait yaar, I didn’t see her for 3 months yaar.
Rahul: when u both unite look for a whole day. Not now. Come. If she knows then that’s it.
They both leave.

The next day was also holiday for khushi.
Khushi: aiyoo why I am afraid to go out of house. I am very afraid that if I see arnav? Aiyoo. Please help me god. I am not ready to face any problem. I like this life. Khushi stop this thinking.
Khushi goes out to a temple.
Khushi: god please don’t make me face any problems. I want to lead a happy life.please give me the courage.
Arnav: god please make me to find my wife. I miss her so much.
Khushi was shocked to hear arnav’s voice. She turns and sees and is shocked to see arnav there.
Khushi don’t know how to react.
Arnav: khushi. U here?
Khushi didn’t react.
Arnav shakes her.
Arnav: khushi u here?
Khushi: hello mister I am not khushi I am sanaya irani.
Arnav:oh sorry I thought u as my khushi. U know my khushi will also be like u only. U r duplicate copy of her.
Khushi: oh.
Arnav: I am searching for her for 3 years.
Khushi: 3 months yaar.
Arnav: how can u know my wife left me before 3 months.
Khushi smiles and then stares at him and goes.
Arnav: khushi wait yaar.
khushi goes out of the temple.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: like this only I begged u right that day. Did u believe me.
Arnav: khushi I am sorry yaar. I didn’t do it wantedly.
Khushi: but now I am doing it wantedly only so u can please leave mr raizada.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: I said leave.
Arnav leaves.
Khushi goes to her house …

At raman’ home.
Ishita : raman see na how fatty I am becoming. All because of u. doctor adviced to eat 2 hrs once only but u , u r torturing me to eat 1 hr once.
Raman: everything for our baby ishita. come lie down.
Ishita: I am bored yaar. Always sleeping and eating I cannot yaar. Please yaar. If u look after me like this then that’s it . even after delivery also I will be lazy.
Mrs bhalla: its ok ishita puttar. U can be like this after delivery also.
Ishita: mummyji but this raman wont look after me like this after delivery also na.
Raman: who told like that. I will take care like this for whole life.
Ishita: really?
Mrs bhalla leaves their room
Raman: really. Ok leave all that. u don’t have any wish?
Ishita: now only u r asking me about my wish. Mr bhalla u should have asked me this at the day of marriage. Now only u r asking this. so bad of u raman.
Raman: sorry yaar. What u want.
Ishita: I need to go out to a tour .
Raman: then we will go it as a honey moon what do u say.
Ishita: thank god my husband got his sense at least now.
Raman: ishita.
Ishita: we will go.
Raman: where?
Ishita: U.S?
Raman: why US? Oh shagun is there na?
Ishu:yes. it has been 7 months seen shagun left to US. I miss her so much.
Raman: if doctor permits long travel, I will surely take u .
Ishita: ok. when will we go to doctor?
Raman: tomorrow?
Ishita: ok .
Ishita smiles.
Raman: now sleep. I will do u leg massage.
He does her leg massage.
Yhm plays……

The next day.
Khushi goes to her school.
She sees arnav in her school.
Khushi: I told u right not to follow me. how much times I can say. Please leave me.
Principal: khushi why r u speaking to him like this. he is giving donation to our school so give some respect to him.
Khushi: oh sorry sir in a angry tone.
Arnav:mam I need to see how this mam is going to teach.
Principal: u can surely see how she teaches in the class. Khushi take him na.
Khushi feels frustrated.
Khushi takes arnav inside the class.
Khushi: students this is mr raizada who gave donation to our school.
Khushi: so students corrected ur paper. All got good marks and no one has failed in this exams. So very good improvement . so lets get into the class.
She teaches students meanwhile arnav was admiring her.
Khushi saw this and was frustrated.
Khushi: class ends.
She leaves the class room and takes half a day leave and goes to her house by walk.
Khushi: why I am getting this much anger. Khushi calm down.
Some one comes from behind and closes her eyes and ties her hands.
Khushi: hey u don’t know who I am. Why r u playing with me. I am khushi kumari guptasingh raizada. Hello.
Man: just shut up and come.
Khushi: u know who I am. I am wife of arnav singh raizada. If he comes to know he will surely kill u. idiot. Release me na.
Khushi shouts help help.
That man puts a plaster in her mouth.
He takes her to a hill top .

NO PRECAP. Stay tuned to learn who is that guy.

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  1. Absolutly our arnav

    1. Thank u rose

  2. Nice but pls continue with it don’t end it

    1. Hey kumud I won’t end it yaar. I have more plans. Thank u so much kumud

  3. Awesome
    I loved ishra scene
    Plzzzz update that another ff.

    1. Thank u safu so much. I will post it soon. I typed half of it. Other half I should type today and post. So sorry for this delay

  4. awesome update akshaya….khushi is damn cute…..waiting to know who the person is…..by the was I am Anaya(Sahla is my real name), and you are a very nice friend….I am also sooo happy that I have made friends here……

    1. Wow sahla very cute name yaar. Here after I will call u sahala and I am so happy that I also made many good friends here

  5. Aki dr is it arnav………….oh I don’t know……….. It’s mind blowing dr……….
    And u know what I too don’t have any little sisters for my self except my two cousin sisters………..so I’m really happy that I got my own little sisters………..not only one, two but three little sisters……………….. That is u, kushi, and varsha………….I’m soooo happy……… Love u my little sister………..

    1. Thank u sooooo much for regarding us as ur lil sis… Even I have di…. Allah has fulfilled my dream by introducing with u people yaar…. Thanks to Allah… .
      And thank u all.

    2. Ude dhi thank u so much for accepting me as ur sister. I am very happy for that. I am also very happy to get a sister like u and varsha small sister and khushi I cannot call u sister as we r in the same age group

    3. Thnq so much ude dhi, kushi dhi and akshaya( I won’t call u dhi as u said not to do so)… I love to have sisters like u.. I don’t have sisters or brothers.. I feel so lonely.. But I have a lot of cousins.. But never talk with them.. I have cried many times when I feel lonely.. From now I never feel lonely.. U know y?? I have 4 elder sisters who love me.. Its Arshi dhi.. Ude dhi.. Kushi dhi and akshaya.. Love u all so much.. Thnq a lot for considering me as ur lil sister..??

      1. dont feel bad varsha. we all r here for u. where do u live in chennai????

      2. Actually this yr I am shifting to chennai.. In ramapuram.. And what about you akshaya?

      3. same chennai in west mambalam

  6. I.hope it’s arnav… what happened to her??? After meeting arnav also she wish to be here.. not fair… pls unite asrhi fast….

    1. Hey she would say the reason in today’s episode. And sure I will unite ur arshi soon.

  7. Akshayar awesome.. Yaar
    Superb episode…

    1. Thank u ammu so much

  8. Oh!!! Wow!!!!! Last part was Amazing amazing amazing
    Of course he is my Arnav…❤❤❤❤ wow!!! Can’t wait for the next episode.. It’s sooooo interesting yaar…. Please please please post the next episode as soon as possible…

    1. A lots of thank u khushi and sure I will post the next episode soon and thank u so much

  9. Wow wow akshaya.. Its awesome.. Mind blowing episode.. I am feeling sad to see Arshi separation.. But I am sure u will fulfill ur Lil SIS’s wish by upcoming episodes.. Can’t wait more.. And thnx once again for being my sister..

    1. thank u so much varsha. even i am very happy to get a sister like u. dont worry that u dont have sisters. we all r there for u and once again than k u so much

  10. Nice epi …..but pls unite arshi…

    1. thank u suva so much

  11. I think that’s Arnav only………Its Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!

    1. thank u reshma pradeep so much

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