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The next day.
Raman comes to khushi room.
He was shocked to see no one there but only a note.
He takes the note and reads.
“ raman u gave me a new hope. I am going far away to search my life. Don’t search me. from khushi”
Raman was shocked hearing this.
Raman: ishu.
Ishita: what raman.
Raman gives her the note.
Ishita: what is this raman? Why is she doing like that.
Raman: I think she is not ready to face any kind of problems.
Ishita: we will inform arnav and akash about her.
Raman and ishu informs arnav and akash about her.
Arnav was very worried . he started searching her.

Arnav calls raman.
Arnav: raman did u say anything to her?
Raman: yes she asked me why I let her marry u?
Arnav: did she remember her past?
Raman: yes. she was crying a lot. Why r u doing like this arnav. Why u forced her to marry.
Arnav: u wont understand raman.
Raman: say me the reason.
Arnav: all because of shyam.
Raman: what?
Arnav: I married her to protect her form shyam. He planes to kidnap her and marry her when they spoke about my marriage and khushi marriage. I heard him when he was saying his plan in phone while he was speaking. So I decided to protect her raman. I thought that i could atlease protect her from shyam at present as I didn’t protect her in the past. So only I ordered marriage should happen quickly.
Raman: so sorry arnav. I thought u bad.
Arnav: what happened there.
Raman explains everything.
Arnav: we will complain in police station.
Raman: yes we will complain.
Arnav: I will personally speak to commissioner and arrange in searching khushi. If u get any information please pass it to me.ok.
Raman: ok.
He cuts the phone.
So a small leap for 3 months.
The climate was very cold over there.

The place was full of hills and covered by dense forest. The place was Shimla.
In a school
There was a beautiful girl in white chudidhar was taking maths class to 10 th std students .
The girl was none other than khushi.
Khushi: so students submit ur RDS note.
All the students submitted the RDS note.
Khushi: today u wrote ur maths exam right. by monday u will get ur papers.
A student: miss why r u correcting this much fast .please correst slowly na.
Khushi: I have time so I am correcting. U didn’t write the exams properly?
Student: yes mam.
khushi: class over. Everyone can leave.
She hears her students speaking while going out of the room.

Student: I think so this miss also got many punishments and scoldings from her miss so only she is being very strict to us. What nd all anger she have on her teacher she is doing to us.
Khushi laughs hearing this.
Khushi: yes my dear ankita. That is why I am behaving to u all like this ok.
Ankita: sorry mam.
Khushi: its ok u can leave.
Khushi also left the school and went to home.

Arnav’s home.
Arnav: khushi where r u . commissioner had set up special team or ur search but I still didn’t get u. It is all my fault. Please lord I have never prayed to u. I am just praying u to give my khushi back. I want to apologize to her. I want to live with her. without her I am nothing. Khushi please come back. I vow that any howi will find u and bring u here.
Arnav had tears in his eyes.
Anjali: arnav rahul have come.
Arnav: coming dhi.
Arnav comes down.
Rahul: hey arnav.

Arnav: hi.
Rahul: I know u r worried for khushi. But why u rejected our college reunion tour?
Arnav: no rahul. I have to search for her.
Rahul: u can come there and also right. maybe she may be there also right in Shimla. We r going to Shimla and that is final.
Arnav: ok I am coming but I will not enjoy in tour and spend my time in searching for the tour.
Rahul: be ready today at 5 pm. We r leaving in bus.
Arnav: ok.
Arnav ,rahul and his friends leave to Shimla.
The next day.
Khushi have 2 days holiday so she thought to go for shopping.
She goes to shopping.
She buys dresses for her.
Arnav was also at the same market.
Khushi and arnav crosses paths but doesn’t see each other.
Rabbave plays.
Khushi goes to hotel to eat
Arnav’s group also comes to the same hotel.
Khushi orders food.
They also orders food and starts eating.
Khushi receives a bill.
Hotel owner: u don’t need to pay bill.

Khushi: sir. U r not letting me to pay the bill everytime I come.
Hotel owner: u r like a sister to me . Go.
Khushi: so as ur sister I am tying u rakhi ok bhai.
She ties rakhi.
Hotel owner name is raj.

Raj: ok behen. Don’t u have any brothers.
Khushi: yes I do have bhai.
Raj: ok I should go behen if u have time come to my house right.
Khushi: u should also come to my house bhai.
Raj: ok.
While they both were talking.
Rahul: see this hotel owner is asking that girl not to pay bill wait I will go and ask.
Rahul goes there while they both were talking.
He was shocked to see khushi there.
Khushi leaves.
Rahul: why uncle u gave her free dinner?
Raj: she has done manythings to our village in the past 5 months. She has improved the literacy rate over here.
Rahul says to his friends that he will be back and follows khushi.
Khushi reaches her house.
Rahul rings the bell.

She opens the door.
She was shocked to see rahul there.
Khushi: rahul? U here? come in.
rahul comes in.
rahul: what the foolish u r doing here khushi.
Khushi: i am here working as a teacher. What happened?
Rahul: don’t u know the situation there?
Khushi: why?
Rahul: all r worried there.

Khushi: rahul.
Rahul: khushi do u know how much arnav is missing u. day by day he is feeling very guilty for behaving like that to u. khushi running away is the solution for everything?
Khushi: rahul understand me right. I don’t have any courage to withstand any problems. U know I didn’t get happiness from the day I was born. Its like being in he hell. I don’t have any courage now to face it.
Khushi starts crying.
Rahul: khushi don’t cry. I am ur friend right.
Khushi: promise me that u wont say about me to anyone.
Rahul: promise. Ok.
Khushi: how come u r here.
Rahul: college reunion tour.
Khushi: wow. Everyone is here?
Rahul: yes everyone except u. and arnav also is here.
Khushi: I didn’t ask about him.
Rahul: I am just informing. Ok bye. I have to leave.
Khushi: bye.
Rahul leaves to his hotel.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Nice
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    1. Yeah safu I will post it tomorrow. Thank u so much

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  2. Superb akshaya
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  3. Oh! Akshaya! Seriously amazing story yaar! But why there is 3 months leap?? When I was reading today’s episode I was soooo happy by ur story but when I saw there was 3 months leap then I was a lil upset.. Cause while reading I thought many more cute moments between my Arshi..? but it’s ok yaar.. I also liked ur this thought a lot… Please forgive me if I hurt u..
    I just want to tell u about my feelings as we r friends now..
    U please don’t feel bad for my comment.
    Your this track is AWESOME.. But I need something.. Promise me that u will fulfill it..
    I want more and more Arshi love scenes.?
    Sorry yaar..
    But u please try to give many Arshi scene for me??..
    And a request plz plz plz won’t stop the show so early.. I want u also reach 100 episode like Arshi..

    1. Thank u Khushi so much. I promise u that I will give u best arshi scenes after their reunion. This drama is a matter of 2 episodes till that u enjoy this one also. U don’t need to ask sorry an no sorry or thanks in friendship. U r encouraging me a lot and I will surely try my level best to bring this ff 100 episodes like arshi dhi. Thank u so much and I promise to fulfill ur wish .

      1. Truly agree with u kushi………… Akshaya must reach 100 episodes as arshi dhi did…….

      2. thank u guys so much. i will try my best to reach 10 episodes

      3. 100 episodes

      4. Yeah kushi say something about u dr…..

    2. khushi from which state r u and thank u so much for becoming my friend yaar. i am very happy to get a friend like u. what r u studying??

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      1. same pinch khushi. i also have completed my 10 th std 1 month ago

  4. jasmine Rahul

    I commented on pt2 of ur ff on IF.U need to change d title everytime u update on IF.4 eg now its written intro.U need to type Part2.By the way I’ve posted 2 ffs on TU.Pyar to hone hi tha and Luv n emotions

    1. Thank u so much jasmine rahul. Yes for sure I will look that I will change the name in if

  5. What A 9s Episode, Superb Dr.

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  6. Nooooo ishra scene…………..that’s not Fair………..just jocking………
    Episode is awesome above awesome!
    But excepting arshi’s reunion soon……..
    I don’t want to say again and again because u know that I love ur ff…

    1. Hey ude so sorry for not giving ishra scenes. But in next episode I will surely give u and thank u so much ude. Ude which state r u from??

      1. Akshaya I’m a girl ? who is 17teen years old………. And I’m studying in 12th grade………..and what about u?

      2. I’m a Sri Lankan……….

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      5. No not much…….but little bit I can understand Tamil…………..and I too can understand Hindi little bit……..
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  7. Its Superbbbbbbbb…….. Loved it soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh………

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      1. U can call me dhi…….
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