I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 3)

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In khushi house
Khusi gets ready to go to office while shagun is preparing for her phd exams
Shagun: don’t get nervous khushi, u will surely get the job.
Khushi: yes I know . u should get full marks in this exam.
Shagun: yes my aim is also for this .
Khushi leaves to office.

In bhalla home.
Ishita: raman wake up it is 10 am .
Raman: u itself woke now and saying me
Ishita: I woke up at 7 am . come on get up . here is ur tea.
Raman wakes up and have tea.
Ishita: raman give me a cupboard to keep my things.
Raman: wait I have ordered a new cupboard. Today he will deliver.
Ishita: thank u ravan kumar.
Raman: ur welcome madrasan.

In asr office
Khushi enters the office.
Khushi asks receptionist
Khushi: they have called me for a job ,whom should I meet
Receptionist: wait I will ask md sir.
She asks and directs khushi to go to md room
Khushi: may I come in sir.
Arnav: come in. show your profile khushi.
Khushi: she shows him.
Arnav: good , u r the topper of ur institute.
Khushi: thanks.
Arnav: y u have 4 years gap .

Khushi: sir it is my personal issue. Please don’t ask that.
Arnav: why u want this job.
Khushi: to repay my loans.
Arnav: ok . I will give u 1.5 lakh salary but u should do two works.
First u r the accountant manager and second u r my pa.
Khushi: ok sir.
Arnav: u may join today itself.( in an angry tone)
Khushi: thank u sir.
Arnav: first maintain the accounts of the profit and loss for past 3 years.
Khushi: yes sir I will do it.
Arnav calls aman to show khushi work place.
Khushi sat at her place and started working.
Raman phoned khushi

Raman: how is ur office dude.
Khushi: very good,I am getting a salary of 1.5 lakh per month an I am the accounting manager an pa of my boss.
Raman: very good, u should give me treat,by the way who is ur boss.
Khushi: sure raman,my new boss is arnav ur cousing.
Raman was shocked but didn’t show off
Raman: khushi bye,I am in office.

At raman’s office
Raman: ishu khushi got the job as accountant manager and pa of arnav.
Ishu: what raman arnav is her boss?
Raman: yes,even I was shocked.
Ishu: leave it raman , everything would be fine.

Raman: ok, give that file to sahana (employee) and ask her to mail the file.
Ishita: ok boss.
Actually raman owns a office, he asked khushi to join here but she refused .

In arnav’s office.
All of them became friends with khushi.
khushi: khushi u need datas then only u can maintain accounts right.(talking to herself)
she decides to ask arnav.
She enters into arnav’s room
Khushi: sir I want the datas for maintaining accounts
Arnav: cant u ask when u came last time? Shouting at khushi and scolding her.
Khushi: I forgot to ask sir, sorry.
Arnav: here have it.

Khushi: sir what are my jobs to do as a pa.
Arnav: read this schedule and act accordingly as my pa.
Arnav gives 2 sheet for khushi.
Khushi then leaves the room and was dumbstruck seeing the work as pa.
Khushi goes to her place.
Khushi to herself: how dare he shout to me like that . The thing is I just forgot. He is an evil here after I am going to call him as laad governer.
A person near her
Shrawan: who r u scolding,by the way I am shrawan.
Khushi: hi my name is khushi, u came late today ?
Shrawan: yes
They started talking.
After sometime
Khushi goes into arnav’s cabin.

Arnav: what u want now?
Khushi: sir ur lunch . have it.
Khushi keeps lunch on arnav’s table and went.
Khushi came to her place and started eating her lunch.
Shagun called khushi
Shagun: hi madam what r u doing
Khushi: hey eating ya ,u?
Shagun: studying only.how is ur first day
Khushi: in hell
Shagun: y ya ?
Khushi: all because of the idiot laad governor.
Shagun got shocked.

Shagun: who is laad governor
Khushi: that arnav my boss.
Shagun: ok buy khushi enjoy in hell.
Khushi: shagun……………..
Shagun cuts the call and resumed reading and thinking how can she know arnav name is laad governor.
It was evening 5 pm were khushi finished all her works and entered arnav’s cabin.
Khushi: sir I finished my works which u gave me . can I leave
Arnav: no u cannot leave.
Khushi: y sir,I finished my work right
Arnav: check this file there are errors in accounting after finishing this u may leave.
Khushi: sir but office timing is till 5 pm only right.

Arnav: don’t dare to speak to me like this. Do what I say .he shouted in anger .
Khushi went out and started her work by scolding him.
They were so many errors she was there at office till 9 pm but too she cant complete.
Arnav was doing a presentation for a meeting.
She entered arnav’s cabin.

Khushi: sir I want time till tomorrow morning,there are lots and lots of errors.
Arnav: ok take time and be ready for a meeting, u should explain the accounting stream of our company as u r the accounting manager. I am ready with the presentation take this with u and prepare.
Khushi: ok sir . I am ready to do the presentation. I am leaving.

Khushi leaves the office. Raman,ishita and shagun came in car to pick her.
Raman: why this much time khushi
Khushi: due to the ladd governor. He is an stupid u know a devil.
Ishita: stop It khushi, u got one to scold now.
Khushi: u know he gave me 2 sheets of his diet and his doings which I should do ah.1) green tea2) morning breakfast sandwich3) sugarfree jaelebi4)
Shagun: stop it khushi
Khushi: he was behaving very harsh with me. I am also trying my best level to not speak. If next time he scolds are shouts at me I will show him who this khushi kumara gupta is.
Raman: u will show that this kushi kumara gupta is a waste ah
Khushi starts beating raman . they go to a hotel and finishes the dinner and drop shagun and khushi.
Khushi does the work and preparation whole night.


Credit to: akshaya


  1. isa

    I know everybody wants to be a writer but u guys r cluttering the website with silly stories. That no one wants to read so PLEASE STOP.

    • akshaya

      thank u isa. i would surely try to improve my writing skill.
      thank u so much. u have given me a postive approach towards my goal.

  2. suva

    Don’t stop writing ff akshya its gud actually U don’t get worried if someone tells anything about ur ff wrongly

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