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So lets get into the story.
Ishita and raman plans to make their parents meet in the café.
Their bth parents meet and start arguing.
Ishita: 1 min. stop fighting. Why both the families r fighting like this.
Amma: ishu u stay out of it.
Ishita: amma this is my life ma. Aunty u dont know how much we love eachother. He is my life and everything to me.
Raman: yes ma. She is right. for ur fightings we cannot do anything. we cannot live without each other. Amma please accept us na.
Amma: no way.
Ishita: amma ok. I am not going to marry him. But if u make me marry me anyone then he is going to face hell or I wont get the happiness like staying with my love ma. Understand me right. If I am not happy u will be happy right. come on ma. See groom for me. I will marry as ur wish. Come on.
Raman: even I will say u the same ma.
Appa: I agree for this marriage.
Mr bhalla: I too agree for this marriage.
Ishita and raman were very happy.
Amma and mrs bhalla said at the same time
A and mrs : but one condition.
Amma: marriage should happen in tamilian tradition.
Mrs bhalla: marriage should happen in Punjabi tradition.
Ishita: amma marriage is going to happen after 2 years . we will keep this argument at that time ok.
Amma: ok.
Mrs bhalla to agrees.
Raman and ishita feeled relaxed after a long time and they both hugged each other.
Yhm plays………….

So this was the graduation day of the college of arshi that is last day.
Khushi was the topper of the college.
She received many awards.
Arnav was the second topper.
He too received award for the best leader.
So all of them finished their gradation and made their caps to fly in the air.
Khushi speaks to herself.
Khushi this is the last day . try ur best to prove arnav. Go khushi go.
Khushi with her graduation coat in her hand.
Khushi: arnav one minute.
Arnav: enough khushi. Leave now.
Khushi: u don’t have the habbit of listening please wait.
Arnav was going forward.
Khushi: I have proof cant u listen to me. wait na.
She was begging him to listen her. she washaving tears in her eyes.
Arnav crosses the road.
Khushi crosses the road without looking the vehicles but just asking arnav to listen her.
A car hit her.
Arnav sees this and was shocked.
Khushi was bleeding badly.
He lifted her and took to hospital.
She admitted her in the hospital and informed raman and shagun abour it.

Raman and shagun came rushing.
Raman: what happened to her?
Arnav explained everything to him.
Raman: how can u do like that arnav. She is just a girl. Cant u listen to her atleast once. I am very ashamed to say u as my brother. If anything happens to her u r finished.
Shagun and raman was crying.
Nurse comes and gives khushi’s belongings like watch ,dress and her handbag.
Raman: shagun take that video from her phone and show it to him.
Shagun shows home the video.
Arnav understood the whole situation.
He was badly hurted and filled with guilt . he was regretting for behaving to her like this.
He starts crying.

Doctor comes out of the ward.
Doctor: she is badly hit by the car. So more blood loss. We arranged blood from bank so u all donate blood to the bank. She is very serious. She is very badly hit on her head so she might loose her memory. So we r trying our best . her legs and hands are also badly injured. So that is not a problem. but we r worried about her head only.
Doctor leaves saying this.
Raman: r u happy now arnav. Get out of her life. Don’t come again to her life. Get out.
Arnav was very hurted and went out.
He was thinking how he hurted khushi. He decided not to meet her for his happiness.
He goes to his home and diverted his mind by going to read MBA in US.
Khushi was slowly recovering.
Raman and shagun look after her.
ishita also stayed with them and helped khushi.
arnav decided not to tell anjali about shyam. as it will affect her.
Khushi could recollect until childhood and couldn’t recollect her present days.so she couldn’t be that close to ishita.
She took many days to recover.

Raman and ishu finished their CA successfully.
Raman and ishu decided to postpone thir marriage for khushi and they started to run their own company.
Flash back endsss……………..
Khushi recollects everything.
Arnav came after doing his office work.
He was shocked to see khushi lying un conscious.
He lifted her and made her to lie on the bed. He calls everybody.
Arnav: khushi. He sprinkles water.
Khushi wakes up.
Arnav: khushi r u fine?
Nani: khushi what happen.
Khushi: no nani. I am fine.
Khushi stares at arnav.
Arnav thinking why is she seeing differently.
All of them leaves saying khushi to leave.

Khushi: arnav will u answer my question or not.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: why did u marry me? this time her tone was different from usual. She asked in anger and frustration.
Arnav: I don’t have compulsions to answer u.
Khushi: atleast drop me in raman’s home for few days.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi and arnav leave to raman’s home.
He leaves khushi there and leaves.
Khushi stares at him.
Khushi rings the bell.
Ishita opens the door.
Ishita: khushi u here?
Khushi: ishu congrats .
Ishu: thank u so much.
Khushi: ishu where is raman?
Ishu: inside.
She goes inside.

Khushi: congrats raman. U r going to become father.
Raman: thank u. come sit.
Khushi: can I stay here for few days?
Raman: its ur house. U can.
Ishu too comes inside.
Khushi starts crying.
Raman: khushi what happened?
Khushi: why u made me to marry that arnav.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi: u know na what he did In college days. He didn’t believe me at all. I loved him that much .
Ishu: khushi u remembered everything.
Khushi: yes. she wipes her tears.
Raman: how.
Khushi explains him everythin. What shyam did and everything.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi hugs raman and cries.
Khushi: u should have stopped my marriage right. why u didn’t do that.
Raman: u only told us not to interfere right.
Khushi cries.
Ishita: ok ok calm down. Relax khushi. Don’t take stress.

Khushi: ishu.
Raman: what r u going to do now?
Khushi: first say me. if he knows that I am innocent?
Raman: yes. i showed him that video when u were in hospital.
Khushi: what can I do raman.
Raman: do u want this life or not?
Khushi: what question u r asking?
Raman: do u want to live with arnav or not.
Khushi: no. how can I raman. He didn’t believe my words at all. I begged him that much. he made me to suffer for these many days.
Raman: then u don’t love arnav.
Khushi: I love him morethan my life. But I cannot accept him now.
Raman: enough for this today. U sleep.
Raman and ishu sleeps.
Khushi thinking what to do.



Credit to: akshaya

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