I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 27)


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So lets get into the story.

Both the couples enjoy a nice time.
After that they went to their respective homes.
Khushi and raman went to shagun’s house.
Khushi: why is shagun crying?
Khushi goes there.
Khushi: what happened shagun?
Shagun: mom and dad are not picking my phone.
Raman: for that why r u going.

Shagun: see the news.
Raman ons the news.
Khushi gets shocked seing thee news.
The tour bus which shagun’s mom and dad are going had fallen down and bursted due to snow falling on to the bus.
Khushi starts crying.
Khushi hugs her and cry.
Khushi: shagun.
Shagun: why this is happening to me.
Raman couldn’t speak a word also.
Khushi: don’t cry shagun. don’t cry.
Shagun keeps on crying.
Raman didn’t cry and he went outside.
He cried outside.
He remembers his past moments with shagun’s mom and dad. How they looked after him. How he used to stay there without going to his house.
He cries .
Raman: don’t break down raman. They both need u. don’t cry. Console them.
He goes inside the house contolling his tears.
Khushi was also crying .

Khushi: don’t cry shagun.
Raman comes there and hugs both.
Raman: don’t cry. What can we do. Please don’t cry.
Saying this he also cries..
He consoles them.
At night
Raman: shagun, khushi eat this. u didn’t eat anything rom morning.
Khushi: no need raman. Give it to shagun.
Shagun: raman please.
Raman: if u don’t eat u will get back them? How idiot r u? don’t u have any sense. Eat this food. He feed it to khushi and shagun. he mixed sleeping tablets for their both so that they can sleep.
Khushi and shagun went to their room and slept.
Raman: thank god. Their sorrow will reduce.
Arnav calls raman.
Arnav: raman , why khushi is not taking the phone.

Raman: arnav don’t disturb her for 2 days.
Arnav: what happened?
Raman: shagun’s father and mother have died.
Arnav: what?
Raman: yes.i compelled them both to eat. I mixed sleeping tablets with their food. So they r sleeping now.
Arnav: ok tomorrow I will come bye.
Raman: bye.
Raman calls ishita and informs her.

The next day.
Arnav and ishita visits them.
They both console shagun.
Raman ishita was speaking in hall.
Shagun was in her room.
Arnav and khushi was in other room
Khushi cries.
She hugs him and cries.
Khushi: my mom and dad died when I was in 10 years in old. They look after me when akash left me.they took after me like their daughter. They paid my fees. They gave me all love they could do. i am very worried about shagun. she has broken very down. I don’t know how can I console her.
Arnav: everything will be fine khushi. Don’t cry. All will be fine.
Arnav consoles khushi.

At the same time

Raman was also crying infront of ishita.
Raman: u know they respected my friendship with them and made me to stay in their house how much days I want. U know I used to stay here more than my house. U know they care for me like I am their son. I am very worried about shagun and khushi. They both….
Ishita: raman , they will surely come out of it. Don’t worry.
Ishita consoles raman.

After few days.
Shagun was still upset.
Khushi and raman was with shagun fully.
They gave confidence to shagun.
Shagun began to go to college.
She started to do her routine life.

Arnav and khushi had college holiday as their 2 nd year of college is over.
Arnav: khushi I am going to say about u to my dhi and mama.
Khushi: really. Wow. I am very excited.
Arnav: tomorrow come there to lunch.
Khushi: superb . u should pick me.ok?
Arnav: sure. What dress r u going to wear.

Khushi: chudidhar.
Arnav: wear saree right.
Khushi: arnav….
Arnav: ok. u can wear ur chudidhar ok.
Khushi: haa ok.
Arnav: bye will meet u tomorrow.

She goes to her house.
Shagun was reading for her exams.
Shagun: khushi u came ha?
Khushi: haan. Give me ur book.
Shagun: what r u doing.
Khushi takes her books.

She keeps it away.
Khushi: shagun, I know u r not feeling good and ur fathers and mothers death is not easy to digest. But u can keep them alive in urself right. u can think of them right. if they r dead to the world also they will live inside ur heart. Focus on ur aim. Ur parents aim is that u should do phd right. focus on that. keep ur mind free and read. Don’t think about anything. Forgot all. Read now.
She gives her the book and leaves.
Raman and ishita was busy preparing for their ca exams , so they sometime had group studies. So firstly they were focusing on their career.

The next day.
Arnav was waiting for khushi.
Arnav: khushi come fast yaar.
Khushi comes in the saree gifted by arnav.
Arnav was shocked and surprised.
He was lost in her beauty.

Un vizhigalil vizhunda natkalil plays…….
Khushi came and sat inside the car.
Arnav: wow khushi. U r looking so beautiful in this saree. This red saree suits u so well.
Khushi: u only gifted me na. this is ur most important day. U r going to say about our love to ur sister na.
Arnav: ok ok.
They both drive to arnav’s house.
At arnav’s house.
Anjali welcomes them.
Anjali: welcome khushi
Khushi: Namaste anjaliji.
Anjali: call me dhi.
Khushi: ok dhi.

Anjali: come in.
They both comes and sits in the sofa.
Khushi: dhi can u call shyamji ur husband also here please.
Anjali calls shyam.
Shyam comes downstairs.
He was staring at khushi’s beauty.
Khushi: dhi and jijaji we want u to say one thing.
Anjali: what?
Khushi: dhi actually we both are in love and we want to marry .
Anjali: what ? arnav u didn’t say anything to me. How can u. this is not even fair arnav. Don’t talk to me.
Arnav: dhi so sorry. please .
Anjali: I am very happy for u both. Congrats.

Anjali hugs khushi and arnav.
Khushi and arnav takes blessing from Anjali and shyam.
Shyam was very angry. He went upstairs after blessing them.
He was scolding her.
Shyam: why r u doing this to me khushi. I like u so much. I will do anything for u. just wait and watch how I am going to get u.

Anjali and khushi talk a lot.
Then arnav takes her to his bedroom.
Arnav: khushi this is my room.
Khushi: very cute arnav.
Arnav: khushi see this is the place where u r going to stay after marriage. See behind this cupboard there is a room. This room is my personal room. Come lets go in.
They movied the cupboard and arnav gave his password and they both entered the room.
Khushi was shocked seeing her photo .
Khushi: hey these are my photos right.

Arnav: yes. u and my dhi r the most important persons of my life.
Khushi: what my clip , my hair. Arnav r u mad?
Arnav: khushi yes I am mad for u.

Khushi smiles.
They both come out.
Khushi: take a photo and we will keep it as a memory when we said our love to our dhi.
Arnav: great idea.
Khushi and arnav takes pics in different poses.
Khushi: arnav, I want to give u a gift to u for all my happiness.
Arnav: what gift?
Khushi: close ur eyes.
Khushi kisses arnav in his cheeks.
Arnav was very surprised and overhelmed.
Arnav: I have a habbit u know to give them the same gift.
Khushi: no arnav.
She runs.
Arnav chases her.

Khushi jumped into the bed arnav thought to catch her and jumped into the bed.
Both fell into the bed and the bed broke( as in ipkknd)
They both laugh.
Khushi gets up and arnav helps her in getting up.

At ishra.
Ishita and raman was studying.
Ishita: raman how much years yaar. Studying is so boring.
Raman: 2 years only my darling. Then we will start a own company.
Ishita: really. Nice idea. But don’t say any time limit as passing ca is not that much easy. We cannot say how much years it will take more years ok.
Raman: see ishita we will complete this In more 2 years. Challenge.
Ishita: challenge. Really we both will start a company.
Raman: we both will be the head of the company.

Ishita: thank u so much raman. U r the best lover and best best husband in the world.
Raman: when did I become ur husband.
Ishita: when u made me wear the chain.
Raman: I want a grand marriage u know with all the family.
Ishita: surely it will happen and now let us concentrate in studies ok.
Raman: ok ok.


Credit to: akshaya

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