I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi episode 28


Hi guys . so sorry for this late update. My tour was extended 1 day extra that is till Sunday. So sorry. so lets get into the story.

The episode starts with arnav dropping khushi at her house.
Khushi: thank u for the wonderful lunch and bye have to go in.
Arnav: bye.
Khushi leaves.

The next day was Sunday.
Khushi gets a message from arnavs mobile
“ come to our college back stage”
Khushi was confused by the message and without thinking she left to college.
Khushi went to the back stage and was shocked seeing shyam there.
Khushi: jiju where is arnav?
Shyam: don’t call me jiju khushi. Call me shyam and I am not ur jiju but ur going to become husband.
Khushi: what r u saying? Jiju where is arnav why r u playing like this.
Shyam: I am not playing khushi. I liked u from the day I saw u. u r very beautiful. Please accept me. I love u so much khushi.
Saying this he hugs her.

Khushi was struggling hard to release her.
She thinks that she is not his jiju and kicks him with her leg.
He falls down.
Khushi: don’t u dare touch me. I am in love already and my love is arnav and not u. ur love is anjaliji. Be with her and don’t ever come before me for this things or else u will face who I am.
She leaves while saying this.
Khushi gies to raman and cries .
Khushi says everything to raman and ishita.
Raman: how dare he? Wait I will see him. He starts to go.
Khushi: we will give a last warning raman next time if he behaves like this I have a plan.
Raman: what.
Khushi: I will do it and say.
Ishita: khushi be confident. U know about u. don’t be scared of anyone.
Khushi: thank u ishu so much.
Khushi leaves the place.
Raman: I don’t know why is khushi suffering this much. I think she should say to arnav once again if he behaves like that.
Ishu: yes raman.

The next day.
Khushi receives a call from shyam asking her to come to a place.
Khushi: he wont stop khushi. It is better to show u who u r khushi.
She calls raman and asks him to hide in that place.
Khushi places a camera in her button of her kurta.
Shyam comes there.
Shyam: I thought u wont come there but u here? r u going to accept my love.
Khushi: u leave Anjali and come I will surely accept me.
Shyam: really khushi. U accepted me? I cant believe this.
Raman speaks to her through her Bluetooth which she have hidden through her hair.
Raman: khushi arnav is behind u. he is watching all this. his expression changed listening that u r accepting shyam and asking him to leave Anjali.
Khushi thinking I should do this to save myself and Anjali.
Khushi: but u should give divorce to Anjali. Sign this divorce papers.

He signs the divorce papers.
Arnav sees this and gets shocked seeing this. he leaves in his car heartbroken.
Khushi: why u don’t want Anjali ?
Shyam: I am there only for money.
Khushi: what.
Shyam: I married her for money and not for anythingelse. I don’t love her also.
Khushi: what is the guarantee that u will leave me and go like u left Anjali. Don’t u have common sense. Don’t u dare touch me.
Shyam holds her hands.
Khushi slaps him.
Raman comes there.
Raman beats her.
Raman: how dare u do this to my friend. Don’t u feel ashamed. Don’t u have any manners.
Shyam: I don’t have anything and why r u so worried about ur friend this much. do u love her.
Raman was at peak of his anger.
Khushi: don’t u know any other relationship other than this kind of relationship. U know he is like my brother or my father. He took the responsibility to look after me like his daughter. Don’t u dare speak about him like this. if u ever come before my eyes then u r gone. Leave.
Shyam leaves.
Shyam was smiling and leaving.
Shyam was happy as his plan worked out.
He made arnav to come there when he called khushi to that place hoping that arnav will mistrust khushi.

Khushi cries.
Khushi: I should go and now convince arnav.
Raman: I alerted u right.
Khushi: this evidence is important raman. This may be useful again if he behaves like that.
Raman: don’t worry. I am sure arnav will understand u .
Khushi: I too wish the same.
She leaves to arnav’s home.

Meanwhile raman and ishita meet in a park.
Raman: ishu I love u so much.
Ishita: I love u so much my fear.
Raman: come we will sit there.
Ishita and raman both sit in the chair.
Raman puts hand on ishita.
Raman: my sweetie what will our parent know if they come to know about our love.
Mrs bhalla: I will say u raman.
Raman was shocked hearing his mother’s voice.
Raman: ma.
Amma: ishu what is this?
Ishita turns and was shocked seeing amma there.
Amma: ishu I warned u too not stay close with the bhallas. See how their son flattered u.
Mrs bhalla: hello u r daughter only flattered my son.
Amman and mrs bhalla keeps on arguing.
At last amma drags ishita and goes.
Mrs bhalla take raman and goes.
Raman and ishita was looking very upset and they both saw each other’s faces while going.
Dil kahin ruta nahin sad version plays..

Meanwhile khushi goes to arnav’s house.
Anjali welcomes her.
Anjali: khushi what a surprise visit.
Khushi: dhi arnav is up only right.
Anjali: yes.
Khushi: I will go up.
Khushi goes to arnav’s house.
Khushi goes in.
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav: why r u here?wanted to spoil my life like my sister’s?
Khushi: arnav. Please listen to me.
Arnav: how dare u cheat me? U betrayed me khushi.
U don’t know how much I loved u? u left me and went to shyam. Why r u doing like this. if u have any anger u can show on me right. what wrong did my sister do? why r u spoiling her life.
Khushi: arnav listen to me.
Saying this she goes to hold his shoulders.
Arnav moves away from there.
Arnav: no . stop it . he shouts. Get out of this house and my life. Get out now.
Khushi: arnav listen to me.
Arnav: I said go.
Khushi was hurted and she was crying .
She left that house crying.
She went directly to her own house which khushi’s papa and mumma gifted her suring her birthday.
She cried like something.
Khushi: raman was correct. I shouldn’t have acted more when arnav was there. But how can he speak like this. why is this happening to me only amma .
She was at that place for a long time.
Raman felt worried and starts searching her.
he calls arnav and arnav says him that he don’t know.
Raman and shagun came to that house.
They saw khushi crying there.
Raman: khushi?
Shagun: khushi what happened why r u crying?
Khushi says them everything.
Shagun hugs her and consoles her.
Shagun: khushi calm down. Nothing is going to happen.
Khushi: he is not even ready to listen my words.
Raman: khushi . stop it yaar. Don’t cry.
khushi: I wont leave that shyam. He planned and only did like this.
raman: come we will go home.
Raman and shagun takes them home.
Raman: I will also stay here.
Shagun: y?
Raman tells everything to them.
Shagun: superb yaar. Nice fight between the families.
Raman: shagun.
They all get in.
Next day.
Khushi sees shyam.
Khushi: r u happy now?
Shyam: yes of course.
Khushi: I am very ashamed on meeting people like u. why u want me and arnav to separate.
Shyam: I don’t worry if u get to me or anyone else but I wont make arnav to get u.
Khushi slaps him and leaves

few days pass by.
Arnav ignoring khushi. He shouts at her. he blames her.
Khushi gets hurted. Khushi tries her best to prove him but he is not ready to listen her.
Raman and ishu were very separated due to the family fighting.
They were denied to meet.
But raman and ishita used to speak through a secret phone.
Raman and ishita decided to make the family meet and speak.


Credit to: akshaya

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