I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 25)


Hi guys. This is my 25 th episode .
Thank u all for ur support and please keep supporting me till the end of the story.
So lets get into todays episode.

Arnav and khushi finally came out of the forest.
Rahul: thank god u and khushi came out we were very worried.
Khushi: can we leave.
Rahul: yes.
All the group members left to member.
So finally their 3 days trip was over . they were returning to delhi.
Khushi was sitting near arnav.
Khushi: why I felt like holding his hand when I was scared? Why am I always feeling like to fight with him and then compromise with him? Why I feel lighter when I said my past to him. Why did I share with him everything as I know only him in this few months. Khushi what is happening to u? khushi was thinking all this. she also thinked that she was happy when she holded arnav’s hand.
Arnav was calling her but she didn’t reply her
Arnav: khushi beer?
Khushi: chi.
Arnav: how much time can I call u idiot? Do u want chips?
Khushi: yes I am very hungry. She starts eating it.
Arnav thinking what happened to her.
They reach delhi.
Shagun returns from her medical camp.
Raman and shagun came to pick khushi.
Khushi: shagun.
Khushi hugs raman and shagun.
Khushi: I missed u so much. shagun here after don’t accept any medical camps. Ok ?
Shagun: ok madam. Come lets go.
Khushi says bye to her friends and leaves.

Khushi: so raman , u didn’t go to ca class right for 2 days.
Raman: yes. I am not in mood at all.
Shagun: khushi told me everything. So sad for u raman.
Khushi: today I am going to sleep well in house.
Shagun: me too I am going to sleep.
Raman: today I am going to ca class.
Khushi: not now itself raman. It is only 7 am .
Raman: what a joke yaar?
Khushi: bye raman. Home came.

Khushi and shagun went to home and took rest.

At ca class.
Usually raman and ishita sits together.
Ishita already arrived and was waiting for raman.
Raman enters.
Raman: Aryan can I sit near u?
Aryan: of course buddy
Ishita felt hurted seeing raman sitting else where.
After the class was over.
Ishita: raman can u drop me.
Raman: sorry yaar. I am not providing any free service to anyone and I will drop only my friends in this bike not anyone else. So bye.
Raman leaves
Ishita felt hurted by his word.
Ishita: raman , why r u doing like this . ur words hurt me a lot. Why r u doing this to me. She has tears in her eyes.
She leaves to her house by auto.
At ishu house.
Abhi: welcome ishu. No one is at house . I am so hungry. Please do and give me onion rava dosa na please.
Ishu: ok.
She leaves to kitchen.
She does everything with anger and sadness.
Abhi: what happened ishu. Why r u this much angry and sad.
Ishu started crying.
Ishu: abhi I have never done anything without informing u. I love raman abhi. He proposed me yesterday.i refused as I didn’t inform u. he is avoiding me and hurting me a lot.
Abhi: ishu come here.
Ishu goes near him.
Abhi: hey idiot. I know ur mind. But that day u said u don’t love him.
Ishu: that day I saw u seeing me. That’s way I acted like that.
Abhi: I am very happy for u. u can surely accept his proposal. Y r u doing like child.
Ishu: ours relationship is like a brother and sister relationship and friends relationship. U also said to me only first before proposing anu. Now u r going to get married. I should respect ur faithfulness right that’s why
Abhi: oh oh!! ok enough of sentiments. I am going to play a game with raman.
Ishu: for what?
Abhi: for making my princess cry.
Ishu laughs
Ishu: abhi means abhi only.
Abhi: ishu I am starving.
Ishu: 5 mins ur fav onion rava dosa will be ready.
Abhi: ok.
She serves onion rava dosa to abhi.
She also sits to eat him.
Ishu: abhi what r u going to do to raman?
Abhi: wait and watch my sister. location is tomorrow after ca class.
Ishu: ok ok abhi.

At raman’s house.
Raman has a restless sleep.
He too feels sad for hurting ishita.

The next day at arnav’s college.
Arnav: khushi will u come out with me today evening?
Khushi: sure arnav ok.
Khushi thinking I am going to clarify my doubt with him.
At evening at raman ca class.
Abhi comes.
Abhi: can I speak to u raman.
Raman: yes tell me abhi.
Abhi: how dare u propose my sister? don’t u have any sense.
raman: abhi vo actually.
Abhi: enough. Why r u avoiding her now. Will u avoid her if she doesn’t love u. u know how much she got hurted. Go and convince her. she is in the park.
Raman: what r u saying. Why should I convince her.
Abhi: hey she loves u idiot. Go and convince her.
Raman: what.
He runs happily.
Abhi smiles happily.
Raman goes to ishita.
Ishita hugs him.
Ishita: u r the best thing that has happened to me. I love u so much. I am very sorry for that day. Will u please accept my love.
Raman: of course jansi ki rani.
Ishita: I love u my ravan kumar.
They both hug again.
Yhm plays.

In the same side arnav taking khushi outside.
Khushi: arnav where r we going.
Arnav: I am going to kill u that is why I am taking u to a secret place.
Khushi: very funny yaar.
Arnav takes her to a place.
He closes khushi eye and makes her walk in.
He opens her eyes.
She was very surprised seeing the garden.
Khushi : wow arnav very lovely place. Omg I have never seen a garden like this.
Arnav: khushi . I ……
Khushi: what arnav.
Arnav: I love……..
Khushi: u love.
Arnav: I love u khushi.
Khushi was shocked and widens her eyes hearing it.
Arnav: khushi I love u so much. I will look after u very well. U r my breath and everything. I cant live without u. each and every second when I am with u I am feeling that I am in other world. U r the one who made my world colourfull. Do u love me??
Khushi: I don’t know.
Arnav was a little disappointed and he turns that side.


Credit to: akshaya

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  8. I am very sorry guys . I can’t upload it on Friday and Saturday. So sorry I am going for sight seeing in Mumbai. So sorry. Surely I will post it on Sunday

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      But plz update that new ff which u start yesterday
      That is awesome

      1. Safu I typed that whole episode but it got erased. Please I would surely post 2 episodes at Sunday. Very sorry.

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