I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 24)


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The episode begins with arshi and other college mates reaching kullu manali.
They stayed at overnight at hotel.
Raman was planning to how to propose ishita.

The next day.
The group went to visit places.
They went to certain places and enjoyed a lot.
They went to the snow point.
Khushi: arnav come here na.
Arnav comes there.
Khushi throws snow on his face.
Arnav gets angry but he also throws snow on her. all was playing well in the snow.
Khushi again throws snow in face and runs.
She starts running .
Khushi: rahul help me from the laad governor.
Rahul: laad governor??
Khushi I kept the name at first day is itself.
Arnav: rahul catch khushi.
Khushi: rahul r u my friend or him?
Rahul was confused.
Khushi runs.
Rahul: fraud khushi..
Khushi slips and was about to fall but arnav catches her
They have an eyelock .
Janam janam plays.
Kannazhaga kal azhaga plays……..

Arnav: can I leave u.
Khushi: leave me.
Arnav: see behind u madam.
Khushi was shocked to see the end point.
She smiles wickedly and naughtily.
Khushi: arnav I know u r a very good man. U wont do like that.
Arnav pulls her up.
Khushi:thank u so much.
Arnav covers her face full of snow.
Arnav: this is ur punishment for throwing snow on me.
Khushi: ha ha ha. This is tour yaar we should enjoy. She again throws the snow on him and runs.
Arnav: naughty girl. But she is so cute . I like her very much.
Khushi plays with others . arnav to joins them.

At the same time .
Raman phones ishita.
Raman: ishita can u come to hotel green hotel?
Ishita: sure I will . which time.
Raman: at 7 pm.
Ishita: sure. Meet u there.
He cuts the call.
Ishita thinking why is he calling him.
She gets ready in a beautifull anarkali suit.
In hotel green.
Ishita calls raman. But he didn’t attend the phone.
Ishita: what happened to this raman ? why is he not taking the phone call.
She receives a message from raman.
Message: tell ur name to receptionist and follow the instructions..
Ishita: why cant he come in front of me.
She goes to the receptionist.
Ishita: ishita in an angry tone.
Receptionist: what?
Ishita: my name is ishita.
Receptionist gives a chit to ishita.
Message: come to room no 99 in ground floor.
Ishu goes to the room.
she opened the room.
The room was dark.
Suddenly only one of the candle light came.
Flowers were showering around her.
She liked that showering so much
She enjoyed it.
Ishita: raman were r u?
Then all the lights were owned.
It was full of serial lights and candles.
Ishita liked this setup too.
She moves forward that time a man holds her hand and took to a place with full decorated .
She was shocked and turned to the side of person .
She saw raman.
Ishita: raman what is this yaar?
Raman: ishita wait.
Raman: ishita I love u.
Ishita was shocked hearing this. but smiled inside without showing her happiness.
Raman: u r the best thing that has happened to me ishita. U understood me very well. U helped me a lot . I am loving u from the day I saw u. u understood my friendship with khushi and shagun also very well. I love u so much. I will look after u very well. Do u love me?
Ishita: raman what is this? what r u doing. U r my friend that’s it. I never had this idea. I thought u as a friend only not more than that. please understand me.
Raman was hurted a lot he turns back and leaves.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita says to hersef. Sorry raman I cant say my love to u now as I should ask abhi’s permission. He is my best friend to me.i wont tell my decision without informing him.so sorry I cannot see u hurted. I am really sorry.
Tears rolling down from her eyes.
She leaves the place.

In kullu manali.
All the college students prepared a camp fire and enjoyed.
All were dancing around it. It was a very awesome movement.
Khushi and rahul enjoyed a lot.
Arnav was looking at khushi’s behavior. He liked her the most.
After that everyone went to their respective room.
Raman phoned khushi…
Raman: khushi , ishita rejected my proposal.

He tell all the things happened there.
Khushi: very good raman.
Raman: I am itself upset as she rejected my proposal and u r saying it is very good. Whats the logic.
Khushi: raman she didn’t say that she hate u right.
Raman: but khushi.
Khushi: surely one day she will accept u . until that don’t talk to her that’s it.
Raman: khushi thank u so much. u and shagun r my best buddies and thank u for making my mind clear. Ok bye.
Khushi: bye.
Khushi cuts the call.
She went to sleep after cutting the call.

The next day.
They went to many places.
They went to sucide point.
Khushi: arnav I am going to do sucide.
Arnav: wow great yaar. Go yaar I will catch this live murder in my phone and post it in youtube.
Khushi: arnav I was only jokig yaar.
Arnav: I too told for just yaar.
Khushi: oh nice comedy but I cannot laugh.
Arnav: I didn’t ask u too laugh madam.

Khushi: oh.
Rahul: started here also ah? Come on guys enjoy the tour. Come lets go to another point.
Khushi: ok. I want to take certain pics so join u later. Bye. And arnav take me pics na please?
Arnav : ok.
Arnav takes her pic.
While taking photo khushi runs towards forest.
Arnav: khushi where r u going?
He follows her.
Khushi saw a deer suffering from hurt so only she ran inside the forest.
She do aids to the deer.
Arnav comes and sees this.
He take pics of the deer with khushi.
Arrnav: u r great.

Khushi: u r superb now. So u can run now very well.
She makes the deer to stand and let the deer go.
Khushi: arnav what r u doing here?
Arnav: khushi u know I am going to take a movie so I am seeing location here for it. Ok yaar.
Khushi: really arnav. U never said about it at all. All the best for ur movie.
Arnav thinking she is a very big tubelight.
Khushi: hey I am not a tubelight. u r .
Arnav: who said I am. u r tubelight. By the way how u know I called u tubelight.
Khushi: that’s a secret arnav. By the way who is the heroine for ur movie?? Kareena Kapoor? She laughs saying this. but how will she come and act that too in asr film.she is a big star. She wont act in ur film. Then whom? She laughs saying this.
Arnav: I am looking for a girl u know who has hair like u but she is so cuter than u. u know she always jokes and always fight with me.
Khushi: who is that girl arnav( she is saying this in dramatic tone as she is acting as she don’t know who is that girl)
Arnav: u know I am going to beat the girl for her acting .
Listening this khushi runs.
Arnav chases her.
They go more dense into the forest.
Arnav: khushi we have lost our way . stop.
Khushi stops.

Khushi: compromise I cant even run further.
Arnav: ok . I don’t know how to go. U only brought me to the place right. u should only take me outside.
Khushi: ok mr laad governor.
Arnav: laad governor?
Khushi: come lets leave. Wait I will see the map through mobile.
Arnav: r u idiot. How will we get phone network from the mid of the forest?
Khushi shows her phone.
Arnav: ok ok.
They called rahul and inform about him and they said that they don’t need to search them as they will come there using map.
They both are walking and walking.
Khushi at a point.
Khushi: arnav I cannot walk yaar. My legs r paining so much yaar. 5 mins break.
She sits in the ground.
Arnav sits next to her.
Arnav: I asked u a question in bus itself right. tell about urself and ur family.
Khushi: hmm. My family consists of me , my bro and my dad and mom. My mom and dad died when we were going to shagun’s birthday party. That time i got down of the car to buy chat for shagun and raman that time a lorry hitted our car. The car blasted. My mom and dad was on spot dead. She cries saying this. do u know how it will be to see parents death infront of our eyes. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have asked my parents to take me to the party. The party was happening very far from the city. U know my brother didn’t come with me so he luckily escaped.
Arnav: khushi stop crying right.
Khushi: my brother went for money. My uncle played something so he also left me. That time raman and shagun fought for me and took me to shagun’s house. They looked after me like I was their child. Raman was my brother. He adopted me like that. u know he is very great. I was lucky to have a friend like raman and shagun. she says this all cryingly.

Arnav consoles khushi.
Arnav: its my fault to make u remember that bad moments. I am sorry.
Khushi: its not ur fault. I am feeling light after sharing this to u.
Arnav: come on madam. Lets leave.
Khushi: thank u arnav.

Arnav: its ok.
Khushi: my legs r paining so much yaar. More time rest please.
Arnav: they might be waiting for us. They may be worried.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: ok lets go. Arnav can I ask u one thing?
Arnav: what? Do u want me to lift u.
Khushi: hello mister , I have legs I can walk.
Arnav: then what?
Khushi: can I hold ur hands. I am very afraid of forest.i was afraid to ask to u at beginning itself.
Arnav: ok. hold it. And don’t need of this formalities ok. u r my friend no no. u r more than a friend to me.
Khushi holds his hands.
Arnav smiles seeing her innocence.
Arnav thinking khushi don’t let go of my hands. I love u so much.
Thali pogathey plays………..
Janam janam plays………….


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. If abhi is her best friend then why does she need his permission bcz friendship is like understanding…. Anyway it’s nice episode…. feeling bad for raman…. .

    1. Shree actually abhi and ishu r cousins . they both r best friends and share a brother and sister relationship. I will mention clearly about it in next episode and thank u so much.

  2. Wow!! Nice episode… I thought some romantic moments between Arshi.. But there was no romantic moment… But it’s ok.. Even u have said that u love Arshi more than Ishra.. So, I am sure u have thought good things for my Arshi..?

    1. Thank u so much khushi. I have a good plan for arshi and ishra . and sorry for not showing romantic scenes as I thought it is college trip and I thought to make more fun. So sorry khushi. I will try my best on my upcoming episodes. So sorry yaar.

      1. Hey, Akshaya,, no need to tell sorry, yaar.. I just tell u.. It’s ok.. I am sure u will post interesting romantic scenes in the upcoming episode… Why u said sorry to me for many times?? I felt really bad for this.. Forget this sorry word..?

      2. Thank u khushi. I forgotted the word. Here after I wont use that word to u. And thank u so much

  3. Wow so nice… keep going yaar…. but a small suggestion.. i think.. everything s going veru quickly..
    Haha.. i mean.. it eneded so quickly… nice story akshaya….

    1. Thank u dhi so much. Even I am feeling the same but this flashback episodes is too big so thought to end flashback as soon as possible.

  4. As usual u ar great akshaya……….poor Raman but what to do………love arshi part a lot………… After reading the precap I was feeling sorry for Ishu…..but I know that they are some how getting closer……..because it’s a flashback…….
    Anyway love the episode from depth of my heart……….

    1. Thank u so much ude

  5. Wowww nice yaar

    1. Thank u hayathi

  6. Very nice episode akshaya… I am loving the increasing closeness between arshi, poor Raman, had to leave heartbroken…ishita don’t make Raman wait for long….. Waiting for next episode……

    1. Thank u anaya so much

  7. Superb……..Its Awesome……. loved it soooooo much……

    1. Thank u reshma pradeep

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