I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 23)


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Khushi gets ready to go to tour
Raman: khushi be carefu. Ok bye.
Khushi: I will and bye.
The college tour begins.
Khushi: hello guys welcome to this tour. I am not as all leaders going to give advice or instruction but I say please this is a college tour so….. be happy. Do whatever u want.so happy journey.
Arnav: and this journey should be the best.
Khushi: so I am going to give u a suspense today.
All ask khushi what?

Arnav: actually khushi planned it.
Khushi: we r going to watch body guard salman khan movie which has released two days ago. ( guys this is a flash back which is taking 4 years back when it is at
Rahul: wow khushi u r great.
Arnav: hey I was the one who arranged the cd.
Rahul: arranging doesn’t matter idea only matters.
Khushi: ok ok lets start watching.
They all watches body guard.
Khushi loves salmankhan that much. she watched the movie with more eagerness.
Arnav was enjoying her face expressions.
That time only teri meri prem kahani song plays..
Khushi: what arnav staring like something.

Arnav: very cute.
Khushi: wow arnav seriously u r saying my salmankhan cute?
Arnav realizes what he said.
Arnav: I didn’t say salman khan .
Khushi: then whom?
Arnav: ahhhhhh kareena Kapoor. See she is looking too good.
Khushi: what…
Arnav: yeah I like kareena Kapoor.
Khushi: ok ok.
Arnav thinks thank god I escaped or else that’s it.she will kill me.
He continues watching the movie…

At the same side at ca class.
Raman: hello ishu.
Ishu: hi raman.
Raman: whats up yaar.
Ishu: nothing raman
Raman: why r u not speaking propery to me.
Ishu: nothing like that. not in good mood.
Raman: ok ok.
The class ends.
Raman: come ishu I will drop u.
Ishita: no yaar. I will go by auto.

Raman: u used to come with me only right.
Ishu: please yaar.
Raman: u have changed a lot. R u angry at me for not speaking to ur cousin.
Ishu: nothing like that. I know ur mother was unwell,
Raman: what my mother? Oh yes yes.
Ishu: ok bye I am leaving raman.
Ramna: ok bye.
They both leave.
Raman calls khushi.

Khushi: yes raman.
Raman: help me in my love yaar. She is not behaving as usual.
Khushi: raman I am watching my fav salman khan movie yaar, will speak to u later.
Raman: khushi If u consider me as a friend please help me.
Khushi: ok ok. I was just kidding movie was over. Clearly say what happened.
Raman says everything to her.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi: raman the best way is u propose her.
Raman: really.

Khushi: go ahead with courage raman she will say yes or no . other than that what will she say.
Raman: khushi ur my angel. After u come back from tour I will get u 2 plates of pani puri.
Khushi: I am not always a eating girl( in tamil naan onnum thinnipanaram illa) bye.
Raman: bye.

Arnav: khushi whats the matter.
Khushi: told u that raman loves ishita right he is asking ideas.
Arnav: hmmm.
Khushi: how much time it will take yaar.
Arnav: by 30 mins we will reach yaar.
Khushi: say anything arnav . about u?
Arnav: I have no mom or dad . they died in an bomb blast. For me everything is my dhi and nani. I have a a mama and Mamiji they r too good. This is my word.
Khushi: ur world is so nice.
Arnav: khushi ur asking this much right say about urself.
Rahul: khushi come here na.
Khushi: arnav one second will be back.
She goes to rahul seat.
Rahul: khushi u r a nice singer right please sing any song.
Khushi: I am not that much great singer as u think.
Rahul: please khushi.
Khushi sings teri meri prem kahani.

Rahul: u have an beautiful voice.
Khushi: thank u rahul.
Arnav: khushi ur voice is mindblowing. I think u sang this song thinking of anyone right?
Khushi: arnav this is not time to joke and I don’t love anyone ok.
Arnav thinks my doubt got cleared……


so sorry for this short update. next update will surely be longer.
please guys inform me if my story is boring.

Credit to: akshaya

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