I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 22)

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So lets go into the story.

khushi: so the story is going like this ah raman. Wait I will make u to accept.
Raman comes out.
Khushi: raman, u know that someone is in love.
Raman: shagun ah?
Khushi: no raman wait. He saved that girl pic in his mobile as wallpaper. What can I say this.
Raman: definitely love yaar.
Khushi: so u love ishita?
Raman was shocked and made naughty face.
Raman: khushi nothing like that.
Khushi: say me the truth.
Raman: yes I do love ishita
Khushi: what.
Raman: yes I love her from the day I saw her.
Khushi: u naughty. U didn’t say a word to me or shagun right. take ur punishment. I am going to say to aunty.
Saying this she runs.
Raman chases her.
Khushi does something in his phone.
Khushi: aunty see this na.
Mrs bhalla: what khushi?
Khushi: see his wallpaper.
Raman tries to catch the phone.
Mrs bhalla: raman u love me so much ah puttar.
She becomes emotional.
Raman: what happen why is she emotional? She should get angry right.
Raman gave a confused look.
Mrs bhalla hugged him.
Raman couldn’t understand anything.
Mrs bhalla: come puttar have parathas. I am very happy today.
Khushi: aunty will u not give me parathas.
Mrs bhalla: khushi this is ur house u can do whatever u want.
Raman takes his phone from mrs.bhalla.
He then understood that khushi set mrs.bhalla photo as wallpaper.
Khushi: what happened domobu?
Raman: domobu? What is this new name yaar?
Khushi: I used to call him like this .
Raman: oh. Y r u talking about him now? U idiot why r u scaring me like that.
Khushi: this was ur punishment for hiding a thing from me.
Raman: ok ok. come lets eat.
They had their dinner and went to sleep.

In arnav’s college.
Arnav: khushi why didn’t u give name for tour to kullu manali?
Khushi: not interested yaar. I cannot leave my friends and come.
Arnav: khushi.
Khushi: arnav please understand.
Arnav: ok yaar.
He leaves.
Arnav I know how can I make u to come .
He calls raman and asks hi to come here.
Raman comes.
Arnav: raman see ur friend is not coming to tour.
Raman: superb decision khushi we will enjoy together.
Khushi: raman I thought u will ask me to go but why this sudden change.
Raman: u know that right. then y r u doing acting like this. go to tour.
Khushi: raman please yaar.
Raman: yes u r going . that’s it. Arnav give her name too.here is the money for the tour.
Arnav: ok raman.
Khushi: u r always like this raman. She starts beating. Raman runs she chases him.
Khushi: I am going to say about ishita to aunty wait I will call her.
Khushi calls aunty.
Khushi: aunty how r u?
Aunty: fine dear.
Khushi: aunty u know raman.
Raman: khushi compromise. I will ask arnav not to give the name. he says this in action .
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: aunty u know raman is roaming in my college without going to ca class. He is cutting the class often.
Aunty : is it . wait I will talk to him.
Raman: she didn’t sau about ishita but she got me in a burden of scoldings. Idiot.
Khushi gives the phone.
Aunty scolds raman.
Raman: ma today our ca class leave if u want u call and ask. This khushi is always like this. she always wanted me to be scolded. Ok bye ma.
Aunty: bye.
Khushi: go and ask arnav
Raman goes to ask but arnav comes.
Raman: hey arnav don’t pay the tour khushi is not willing to come.
Arnav: I payed and registered her name.
Raman: superb arnav.
Khushi: raman.
Raman: khushi what can I do if he has payed ?
Khushi: ok I will go.
Raman: bye have to meet ishita in café. Bye.
Khushi: bye.
Raman leaves.
Arnav: how did u convince raman?
Khushi: I blackmailed him.
Arnav: with what.
Khushi: can I say u a superb topic. He is in love.
Arnav: what ? raman? In a shocked tone.
Khushi: yes with ishita.
Arnav: wow that’s great. Get ready for tours. We r leaving on two days right.
Khushi: more 2 days are there right.
Arnav: ok ok madam.

In café .
Raman was waiting for ishita
Ishita entered with a man.
Raman was shocked but didn’t notice.
Ishita: hi raman.
Raman: hi .
Ishita: he is my cousin abhi.
Abhi: nice to meet u raman.
Raman: nice to meet u abhi.
Ishita and abhi sits.
Ishita: raman u know abhi is my role model. He is very great.
Raman: oh..
Ishita: raman y r u not speaking anything?
Raman: nothing. Mom called me can I leave.
Ishita: ok raman bye.
Raman leaves.
Ishita: he never behaved like this to me.
Abhi: he is jealous of me.
Ishita: for what?
Abhi: I think he loves u.
Ishita: what? It cant be . he is my best friend that’s it.
Abhi: sure.
Ishita: sure. U first concentrate for ur next month marriage.
Abhi: sure and u concentrate in ur friendship.
Ishita: nice joke.

In ramans home.
Raman was very angry.
He was hitting the wall out of anger.
Khushi comes.
She laughs.
Khushi: raman who is that man.
Raman: khushi how yaar?
Khushi: first thing when u r angry u will hit urself in a wall which is ur childhood habbit or else u will scold others.
Raman: abhi ishu’s cousin.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi: so sad for u raman. Wait I will clarify ur doubt.
She calls ishita and puts the phone in speaker.
Ishita: hi khushi
Khushi: hi ishu. How r u ?
Ishita: fine. whats the matter ?
Khushi: I called u asit is very boring here.
Ishita: oh.
Khushi: what r u doing?
Ishita: I am in home selecting dress for my cousin for his date.
Khushi: what date.
Ishita: actually u know my cousin abhi’s marriage is held next month. He is going out with his fiancé.
For that only I am choosing a dress.
Khushi: oh.
Ishita: khushi why did raman leave without speaking anything? I told more things about raman to abhi.
Khushi: no yaar. His mother was suffering from fever , so…….
Ishhita: ok bye . amma calling.
Khushi: ok bye.
Raman: thank god.
Khushi: this is the first and last time I am helping u.
Raman: ok yaar.
Khushi: shagun y this much medical camps yaar. Missing u so much.
Raman: even I miss her so much.

In ishita home.
Ishita speaking to herself.
May be abhi is right. he might be jealous. But why. Does he really love me? But I don’t love him. I am having just friendship with him.
But I accept that I seriously like him very much. is it love? No ishu u cant be at love. I should maintain a distance with him.


Credit to: akshaya


  1. Varsha

    Great going..
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    U left it a long time ago??

  2. Khushi

    Nice episode yaar.. And i am waiting for the next episode.. And please post it everyday..please…

  3. ude

    Why soooo late episode………?????
    But I’m happy that u posted it on my birthday……….???????☺???
    Now telling about today’s episode it’s really awesome ? super? fantastic ?marvelous ✋heart touching? and mind blowing ?episode love it soooo much mmmmhhhhhhaaaaaa

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